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Sugiura Dimension

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Royal Palace

This castle has about the same size as Las Noches, but is build in a more peaceful, serene style, a mixture of western castles and old japanese ones. Here, the royal family of the Sugiura resides, with the king and queen, serving as their advisors and guardians in time of need. A strong boundary field makes it hard to break into this place.
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Throne Room
11Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:45 pm
Main Admin What a Day [Private]
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The Dead City

If one were to search behind the Throne Room of the Sugiura Palace, one could find a long, steep cliff down into the earths belly. Being completely dark, this completely straight down cavern with no ledges whatsoever is the entrace to the Dead City. Should one manage to go down the entire straight tunnel downward, a city can be found. With houses made out of wood and stones, dimly lit by laterns and torches, the city looks somehow medieval. Thick layers of dust seem to cover it, and the few moving shades here can be two things: Your imagination, or an Undead. This is the base of the Dead Apostles, a long forgotten city that sank into the ground. In the middle of it, a large 'lake' is carved out of the stone, surrounded by the city. A single bridge leads to the middle, where on a lone floating island, a Cathedral stands, which houses the True Ancestor in the times he or she is in the Dead City. While the lake is empty, it is forbidden to go down and touch the stone ground of it for some reason. From the center island, one cannot see the surrounding city for some reason, and the ceiling of the city looks like a clouded, gray sky. Everything in the world seems to stop existing, so that only the Cathedral and the bridge back into the lie that is the reality exist. This is known to have driven many Undead insane that tried to enter the Cathedral.
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Hulle Granz Cathedral
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Castle Town

A ring-shaped, big town around the Royal Castle, which is seperated from the city by it's own high protective wall. This ring city is the capital of the Sugiura Kingdom, and resembles a mixture of the Edo Period with a city of the 21th century - technology is there, but well hidden. Electricity is produced from friendly Guardian Beasts for the people to use.
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120Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:50 pm
Shirou Emiya The First Meet [Past RP]
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Many small villages clutter the landscape of the Sugiura Dimension, with peaceful lives. In recent times, Hollows started invading even these lands, to the people are nearly never seen without their Sacreds now.
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Guardian Beast Lands

Most of the Sugiura Dimension is a wild land - snowy mountains, deserts, green plains, and jungles. The original owners of this world, the Guardian Beasts, reside here, some being humanoid, others being literal beasts, some with intellect, some without. A Sugiura can set out into these lands to get their own Guardian Beast partner once they are strong enough.
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