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 Alamarri Sin Fortuna (Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Alamarri Sin Fortuna (Incomplete)   Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:09 pm


Name:Alamarri Sin Fortuna
Age: 875
Gender: Female

Orientation: Is an Usurper


Personality: Alamarri is very forthcoming and has a particularly strong sense of honor and duty. She's headstrong in her actions and will not back down unless ordered too by those she deems superior. In the face of an enemy, she is relentless and vicious but she retains some weird code of honor. such as not hitting a downed opponent or killing someone who is generally weaker than them. On the off-side she spends most of her time in meditation strengthening her mind and sorting out her own thoughts as she has difficulty coming to grips with her own feelings. On a casual side she is very outgoing though this is a side she is hardly comfortable with, She expresses this attitude only with those she feels safe with.

Abilities: (Aero/Wind) Barrier- A small sort of defensive technique which creates a barrier of high-velocity winds in a spherical clock-wise fashion that can possibly re-direct or even deflect physical blows. Alamarri is renowned for her combat prowess as well as her beauty. which is why this technique came to be. It allows her to re-direct the course of combat to her favor and come out un-harmed thus retaining both of her renowned qualities.

Hollow Barrage- Using her reiatsu to manipulate wind once again. Alamarri creates a giant tornado of F2 quality. Using the wind to lift herself through the tornado. Alamarri will constantly spin sending out volleys of bala in every direction though this attack has no aim it's random destruction is evident. Once at the top of the tornado alamarri will use it's momentum like a slingshot to propel her to her momentum @ an unprecedented speed charging energy into her sword before making contact once contact has been initatied alamarri will fire a cero @ point blank range.

Gaspless- A deadly technique where Alamarri tries to enclose her opponent in a vortex of wind that shapes into an orb upon completion. If the target is caught in this technique the wind will perform a series of attacks in the vortex. 1st comes a downburst which will apply pressure to the target and attempt to keep them stationary while the rest of the attack works itself out. 2nd will be a battery of gale-like slashes from razor winds cutting the opponent in numerous places an innumerable amount of times. finally th orb will attempt to close in on itself taking the opponent with it. to the person inside it will will feel like a self sustained tornado enrapturing them in it's wind currents battering the person senselessly before launching them in a random direction.

Sealed Zanpakutô: it is a 4ft 8 in katana with a black/red designed hilt and a black pommel other than that it is your blade.

Release: Disperse! Tornado (spanish accent)

Resurrección: Her appearance truly doesn't change much during her ressurecion other than hollowfied hands and being shaped into claws. Her mask fragment disappears and she gains two hollowfied dragon-like wings. they are yellowish in color and are 3x the length of her body. She gains a small Tail appendage that barely reaches the floor. Also she no longer carries a sword but a long Naginata that is almost 3 ft longer than her (alamarri is about 5'6).

History: Most of Alamarri's Life as a human is not remembered. All she can remember is a great fear as she lost her life. that fear fueled a rage which gripped her until hr chain broke. Thus, the hollowfication began. Alamarri's hollowfication was odd in the fact she did not stay a hollow very long. shortly after realizing what sh had become her anger drove @ herself again and again so much that she didn't realize she was being assimilated into a massive force of hollows congregating together to form a gillian. Yet while being absorbed into the mass her frustrations within her mind kept her at bay.

It wasn't long before the gillian was completely formed and it stood in unison for several hours. Alamarri broke out of her trance and her state of mind exploded superseding all thoughts within the gillian. Overcoming it's natural base of instincts, her emotions stirred it forward altering it from it's uniform appearance. As her anger pulled herself to devour all nearby forms of hollow.

RP Sample: (Show us what you got)
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PostSubject: Re: Alamarri Sin Fortuna (Incomplete)   Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:39 pm

Because it's not done and your absense as of late i am moving this to unaccepted
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Alamarri Sin Fortuna (Incomplete)
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