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 Keen Tesuka

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PostSubject: Keen Tesuka   Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:09 pm

Name: Keen Tesuka

Age: 15

Appearance: http://public.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p8j9a2uXMIql_U2S17SueH8YCKco-i9hibe3BfCCFYdDVFdHiaGdjYYpp8vgXH4HjAXhX3n22BBzTj1dVS97V7Q/Elaina%20Aizen.tif?psid=1
she is about 5ft 9 in tall with long white hair that runs down the length of her back. she wares a flower in her hair that has black petals with blue botums, every other petal is white with a red tip. her eyes are soft and bright cyan, they tend to atract atention,. Her skin is a pail tan but not too white...
her dress she usualy wheres is white with a red zig zag line going across her chest or as some would say across her boobs... It has cyan blue vine like markings seperating white from black. many say she lookes gental and frail, but she's tougher than she looks.

Background: She was raised by her parents in a normal life, besides having a lot of extra money. Her parents died in a car acsadint, only a year ago.Her life started in a rich family and she was like a princess. her life was perfict, a house, money, and loving parents. the most memaral good moment in her life was when she was five she saw a soul reaper, well she still dosn't remember what it was. but its was odd.
Her worst memory was seeing the crash her parent's death. She was geting out of the car and another one came and hit the front end where her parents were siting. she tryed to give them cpr but it didn't work she saw her parents die in front of her. She was 14 at the time. her mothers diying woreds were "Keen, It's going to be alright. I still love you, and I always will no matter what." and she then looked into her mother's eye and that was the end to their lives. And the beginig to her lone life.
she has enough money to last untill she is old enough to get a full time job.
The flower she wares was a gift from her mother the day her mother died. She is still a littl cauchus about cars and never goes with people she doesn't know verry well.
She still lives in the big house her parents used to live in. She has had no problem dealing with the house life but she still has emotional scarrs.
she discovered her powers after her parents died. She had a fan with two wolves on it a white one and a black one, the day her parents died she was crying and a tear fell on the fan and two ice wolves came out. Her two ice wolves take care of her, and she loves them back.

Personality: She is verry shy and dislikes cars, do to her past. She likes to sing out by the water and never lets any one see her cry. She has a somwhat cold personality. Her life has had a big inpact on her life, she often cries at night on her parent's bed. She is like a delakit rose she falles under the slightest tap. But she is deturmend to live on and proove her self. Her wolves tend to come out when she cryes they comfert her and she loves them like she loved her parents. They are her family. She loves her life for what it is, with or with out her parents. She dosn't hate her life for what happend, to her parents. She beleves she lived for a reson, and thats why she lives a good life now even after the acsadint. she is verry shy when it comes to boys, but feels right at home with dogs.

Likes: Ice skateing, singing by the water, and winter storms

Dislikes:CARS!!! (because of her parents) , lonlyness, and braty girls

Fear: of diying in a car crash or not being able to live a good life.

Powers:she can call upon two wolves made of ice One is black with blue eyes and belly named yang. The white one with red eyes and belly is named yin. They freez the ground they walk on, they shift into differint animals they are yin and yang bad and good. yin has a verry mischavis attitude and yang is calm and layed back. They have the powers of ice and frost often freezing enimyes to death. The wolves can change into anny animal including two dragons like horymaru. They have the ability to freez enemies solid.

Strengths: hiding her spiret energy, sneeking, and cheering people up

Weakness: her cold personality, shy to fight, cars...

RP Sample: Sen sen lept to her right and evaded Scorpi's claws and then she attacked with her whip and slashed scorpi's tail. Sen Sen seeing her danger released her zanpokto "Stalk and Kill TORA!!!" she yelled as she threw her swored into the air and became a blue and black tiger hollow
She fell to the ground as scoirpi pinned her down she struggled and then scorpi heled her tail blade to her throught sen sen kicked her with her hind legs and got up... and pounced but scorpi doged slashing her side blood splatterd the sand.

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PostSubject: Re: Keen Tesuka   Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:13 pm

Denied~ I want to see two paragraphs for the appearance, and the personality as well. As for History I want to see at least four paragraphs. Add details please.

Does the wolves do anything? If they do explain it.
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PostSubject: Re: Keen Tesuka   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:34 am

Also, that's not a picture. Save the picture then upload it to photobucket/tinypic/ect.

Also your history is quite scrambled. Please arrange it in chronological order. Also, you did not say how you discovered your powers.

Also, I don't see personality.


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PostSubject: Re: Keen Tesuka   

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Keen Tesuka
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