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 Power Tier

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PostSubject: Power Tier   Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:18 pm

|P o w e r T i e r|
- - - - - - - - - - - -

What is a tier? A tier is the rank your character recieves based on age, powers, history, personality, and your roleplaying skills. It ranges from 5-5 to 0-1+. However, in the long run, it is your skills in roleplaying that play the largest part. However, this isn't to say that tier doesn't matter. If Kenpachi were to fight Hanatarou, who would win? Most likely Kenpachi due to his immense power. Even if Hanatarou's Roleplayer's skills are better, the scale is still tilted towards Kenpachi.

Level 0: Advanced Rank

Tier 0: This is to describe God-like characters. No one will be given this.

Tier 1: Extremely powerful characters such as the Spirit King and Aizen when he was in Mothra Mode.

Tier 2: Extremely powerful characters such as the Captain-Commander, and other faction leaders.

Tier 3: Exceptionally strong charactes such as captains or the Cero Espada.

Tier 4: Exceptionally strong characters such as Kenpachi and Ichigo.

Tier 5: Exceptionally strong characters such as the Primera Espada.

1st level: Captain Rank

Tier 1: Veteran Captains/Espada 4-1/Ex-captain/Vasto Lorde/Elder Suguiras with Kyuu Kyou/

Tier 2: Seasoned Captains/Espada 7-5/Stage 4 Human with developed powers/

Tier 3: New Captains/Espada 9-8/Beginning stage 4 humans/Privaron Espada 100-103(Not quite as strong as espada 8-9 however)/Suguiras with Kyuu Kyou/

2nd level: Luitenant Rank

Tier 1: Veteran VC's/mid-level Ajuchas Transformed Arrancar/Stage 3 Human High Development/Maxed Mod Souls./ Privaron Espada 104-106/Elder Suguiras with Zenou/

Tier 2: Seasoned VC's/Ajuchas/Gillian-transformed arrancar/Stage 3 Humans with moderate development/Privaron Espada 107-109

Tier 3: New VC's/Gillian-class menos/Vizard Control 3/ Stage 3 humans with low development/Suguiras with Zenou/

3rd level: Officer Rank

Tier 1: Veteran officers/Strong Hollows/New Gillian/Seasoned Mod Souls/Stage 2 Human Veteran/Elder Suguiras with Zenou/

Tier 2: Seasoned Officers/seasoned hollows/Stage 2 Human moderate

Tier 3: Newly appointed officers/hollows/Stage 2 Human beginner/Suguiras with Zenou

4th level: Member Rank

Division members, weak hollows, Beginner quincy, New mod souls, beginner humans

Tier 1: Veteran Division Members/Trained Hollow/Trained Quincy/Suguiras with a Sacred/

Tier 2: Seasoned Divison Members/Weak Hollow/Weak Quincy/

Tier 3: New Division Members/New Hollow/Quincy with no powers/Newborn Suguiras/

5th Rank: Beginner

This is the lowest level on the tier. The strongest example of this would be that your able to see spirits and use your reiatsu in a weak attack. The lowest level of this would result in not even having the ability to notice spirits, the average is to hear, smell or see traces of Spiritual Activity.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

|P o w e r T i e r|


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Power Tier
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