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 Shiro, the True Ancestor

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PostSubject: Shiro, the True Ancestor   Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:52 pm


Name: Shiro, the True Ancestor
Former Human Name: Shiro
Former Guardian Beast Name: Aura
Element: Light
Age: Death: 17, Current Age: ~400-500 years
Gender: Female
Orientation: True Ancestor of the Dead Apostles

Appearance: as Shiro:

The first thing anyone will notice is the fact that Shiro is an albino. Her hair is silver-grey, almost white, and rather short, but also looks very soft. The albinoism came with blood-red eyes as a human, but her Undead body now has violet, almost grey eyes. Her skin is almost white, and without any kind of flaw. Her face looks distant most of the times, but that only hides a very warm and caring smile that she shows to those who know her.

as Aura:

As Aura, her clothing shifts to a long, white dress. Her hair also becomes long and flowing like water, turning into actual white and less silver, and her eyes turn blue.


Death/Awakening: Their life till their death, their awakening, finding of the real body, destruction of it, and further history.

Weapon: Dancing Mirage - a long staff with multiple gold rings and a shining gem floating between them on one end. Mainly a tool to enhance her spiritual abilities, and not a tool suitable for direct combat.

Human Powers: In human form, Shiro is mostly a healer. She can conjure bright, pure light from her hands and the long staff she wields. This light can cure others or strengthen them. Her own body is only on human level, making her unable to actively fight while in human form. She is mainly a supporter. She rarely if ever uses anything but the healing spells, though, since she hates combat. Her spells are:
Repth - a standard, weaker healing spell that is easy to cast and reaches the target just as fast. Only works on the targets Shiro wants it to work on, it effectively poofs into nothing if the enemy jumps into the way. This applies to ALL of her spells.
Ol Repth - A spell that can heal bigger wounds and bleedings, but is ineffective against mortal wounds and poisons.
Pha Repth - A long casting time and Reiatsu cost, but it results in a healing spell able to heal even normally deadly wounds. It slows down the effect of poisons in the body, too.
La Repth - A Repth spell that targets more than one ally.
Ola Repth - An Ol Repth spell that targets more than one ally.
Phal Repth - An amazingly strong healing spell that targets multiple allies. Very high costs, for very high results.
Rip Teyn - A spell that can cure poisons from someones blood stream.
Rip Synk - A spell that can lift dark confusions, insanity, and curses from people. To cure extremely strong versions, the spell needs to be applied again and again until the target can keep it's sanity without it.
Rip Maen - Insanely powerful spell. This consumes nearly all of Shiros Reiatsu at maximum, and can kill her if she uses it in any other state. This spell can breathe life back into someone who died recently, healing body and soul.
Ap Do - Increases the speed of the target. A magic circle appears underneath the target once it's used from which the helpful effect flows up, so it can't be blocked off normally. This goes for ALL of her buffing spells.
Ap Corv - Incrases the targets physical strength.
Ap Vorv - Increases physical defense.
Ap Torv - Gives the target better accucary and eyesight, bettering the reaction time in the process.
Ap Corma - Makes the target stronger with spiritual arts like Kido or Cero.
Ap Vorma - Makes the target more resistant to Kido, Cero and other energy/spiritual moves.
Gi/Or/PhaRue Kruz: Raises high-pressured water from below the enemy out of nowhere in an attempt to crush with high pressure, or make the enemy suffocate or swallow a lot of water to hinder them. Higher levels create more and faster water to make dodging harder. The water is, obviously, deep blue.
Gi/Ra/PhaVak Don: Rains down fireballs from the sky on the enemy. Higher levels more resemble a small shower of flaming meteors than fireballs. This fire, unlike the Azure Flame, is burning red.
Ra/Or/PhaJuk Zot: Raises a mass of leaves, thorn vines and earth clumps from underneath the enemy to strangle and trap him, and inflict minor injuries. The highest level creates a hybrid of tree and thorn bush all together with beautiful but also slightly poisonous flowers. Starting from Or-level, these flowers appear, and their poison, should their sharp petals cut someone, cause minor blurry vision or slight dizzyness.
Me/Om/PhaRai Kruz: Shoots yellow lightning bolts from a seal underneath the enemy, which may appear under the earth if used on ground, making it shatter the uppermost layer of stone, ground etc. This lightning can shock and cause minor to strong paralysis, depending on level and duration of exposure. Complete paralysis would need a full PhaRai Kruz to hit the enemy, so it's very unlikely.

Monster Form:
Shiros monster form is about the size of a big lion, with the wings on her back allowing her to fly quickly without the usage of spirit particles under her feet. On each paw, sharp, retractable claws can be seen.
Monster Powers: Shiro is still able to use her magic, although she lacks the Dancing Mirage, thus being unable to enhance them with it. Her magic power in general is reduced, but she obtains stronger physical power, sharp claws, wings for incredible mobility and is overall simply stronger.
With her ability to manipulate light, Shiro can create purely optical illusions of herself. Those trick only the eyes. By condensing light, she can also enhance the cutting power of her claws and extend them to the level of swords at maximum output, each with intense power. Since Shiro is a pacifist, though, she rarely if ever uses this form.

First Guardian Beast Form:
First Guardian Powers: These powers exceed Bankai a bit for normal Undead, and almost always have a time limit. A Joker in this form is stronger than other Undead in it.

Second Guardian Beast Form:
Second Guardian Beast Powers:

RP Sample: The better this is, the higher the chance for a high tier!

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Shiro, the True Ancestor
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