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 Daigoro Ito

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PostSubject: Daigoro Ito   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:45 am

||G E N E T I C S||

Daigoro Ito



Appears 21

||P E R S O N A L I T Y||

Daigoro, at first glance, could be a person of many different moods. He is subject to occasional personality changes mid-conversation, depending on how he is spoken to. Usually, he is kind and caring, without a smile on his face, completely unbefitting someone in the position that he has chosen to take within the Gotei 13.

He has this crazy ideal that all life should be taken as somewhat equal, and will try to avoid killing innocents or bystanders where he can. He'll try to see the full story, and not just attack based on a 'random accusation'. That said, he won't deny orders, even if they go against his morals. Also, he still won't hesitate to kill a normal Hollow. He views their simple, instinctual intelligence as 'incomplete'.

He has this strange and wonderful dream, something about wanting some sort of peace to be made between all the races, stopping the war, that sort of thing.

He is reckless in his battles, and will follow any lead that he is given, no matter where they take him. He says that it's 'better to follow a bad lead than to not follow a good one.' Even if it was a wild goose chase and it wasted too much of his time, in his mind, it was well worth it.

He is loyal, no matter who he is loyal to, unless he is unable to follow up with his loyalties due to... unforseen circumstances. He won't betray them, perse, he'll just show his own loyalty in a different way and hope that he keeps the loyalties and trust of both parties involved. He knows that he'll have to make a choice about it someday, and he's dreading the moment.

He is also generally sarcastic and joking, however he is never malicious towards someone unless he sees some side of them that he doesn't like. He automatically locks onto the good within people, no matter who they are, and will reject somebody if he sees no retrievable good in their heart. His one dream is peace, as mentioned before, and he will do anything to make that goal possible - except for merciless or undeserved killing.

||A P P E A R A N C E||

Daigoro stands at about 5'11", and has a slim build without much muscle mass behind it. He has rather pale skin, but not so pale as to burn too easily. He used to have long, deep red hair that reached his feet, until he decided that it was in his best interests to shorten it - it now reaches the small of his back. The long white cloth that he used to hold it together hasn't changed, however, and still spirals out of the low ponytail that he wears it up with, to his feet.

His eyes are a slightly brighter shade of red than his hair is, and they seem to have a longing, thoughtful look out of them - seeming to gaze off into the distance, yet be looking closely all at the same time. They seem to have lifted during his time as a Shinigami, looking happier than they originally had done.

On the back of his right hand, exists the tattoo. It is the gateway to his seal, or what's left of it. It is a black, stylized-tribal tattoo of the head of a howling wolf, and appears in stark contrast to the pale skin that surrounds it. It taks up most of the space on the back of his hand, and is a constant reminder of his own weakness.

His body is weaker against spiritual pressure than most vessels. Strangely, rather than being simply stopped in his tracks by high levels of spiritual presure, Daigoro's body responds in the exact opposite way, in the basest sense of things. His body is forced backwards, and away from the pressure. Unfortunately, he has no control over anything except for the starting angle. This is where his seal comes in.


||Z A N P A K U T O||

Zanpakutô Spirit:
Ookami is as his name describes. He is a large, white wolf, with red streaks that cover his body. His height is up to about half of Daigoro's, and his weight is equal to that of a small car. His fur itself is very bushy and soft, and he appears to be someone who'd bite your head off in an instant.

His voice is also quite sharp and rough, and the look in his eyes is the same as can be seen in Daigoro's, seeming to be looking off into the distance...

Ookami has several facets to his mind, like Daigoro. He is, generally speaking, completely and utterly paraniod. It was his original reason for sealing away Daigoro's powers in the first place. He rarely trust's Daigoro's opinions, and when he does it's usually for something big. This rampant mistrust is also the reason for Ookami frequently giving Daigoro the most important information in riddles and puzzles, hoping that once Daigoro understands the riddle, his mind is ready for the information.

Now, it seems, Ookami trusts Daigoro a little more.

Daigoro and Ookami's relationship is... fragmented at best. They bicker often, and don't usually see eye-to-eye. However, on the times that they do understand each other, they can work wonders as a team, and few problems are difficult afterwards.

Then, there is Fenrir, the other spirit that resides within Daigoro's zanpakuto, and the spirit that was sealed away with the rest of his power. While Ookami governs Daigoro's shikai, Fenrir's realm is that of his bankai. He is a grey wolf, with more of a cold aura surrounding him than Ookami. While he shows an equal amount of wisdom that his brother, Fenrir is more reluctant to give away his information.

He is still willing to allow Dai to access his power, but he quite often warns Dai against doing what he wouldn't normally do - he may seem cold and cruel, but he only acts this way because he cares.

Inner World:
Daigoro's inner world is a large forest - and Daigoro and Ookami reside in a clearing in the very centre. The forest around them is dark, and filled with images of Daigoro's worst fears. As his mind begins to clear and sharpen, the darkness will begin to recede - but it will never leave him until the day that he dies.

Fenrir lives within the same clearing, but is a spirit that only shows himself when Daigoro's heart is clouded with anguish or confusion, and the sky above is stormy and dark.

Sealed Zanpakutô:
Kiba Ookami is a kodachi, a short sword that is less than one foot long. It has a simple hilt, coloured red with white streaks, no tsuka and no distinct markings on the blade. It is exceptionally light, weighing only fifteen ounces.

It used to have an ability when sealed as well - a limiter on Daigoro's powers, which both protected him from residual reiatsu, as well as having to be broken for use of bankai. The seal still exists to a degree, except it only protects him from high spiritual pressure, and nothing else. The power it takes is negligible, but the tattoo has stayed - it just is unbreakable. If Daigoro's emotions flare up, it is shown by the usual white lightning crackling arond the tattoo, as if the seal would be released...

Sealed Abilities:
While sealed, Kiba Ookami is siphoning a small amount of Daigoro's Spiritual Energy. This energy forms itself as a thin barrier around his body, increasing his natural defenses to the point where he can ignore the effects of any Kido up to level 50. Anything stronger is unaffected. This effect is removed when Daigoro enters Shikai.

Shikai Description:
With the callout of it's release phrase, Kiba Ookami is swept downwards to Daigoro's right, and doubles in length with a small burst of reiatsu. It does not grow any heavier with this change, staying at 15 ounces. It is at a length of two feet long.

Shikai Abilities:
Seishou-Hakaisha (Energy Cutter) [Blade Form]

  • Description of Attack - Seishou-Hakaisha is an ability that is able to split the bonds between Reiastu particles or basic spirit particles with ease. It appears as white-and-red energy, and when in [Blade Form], is focussed down the blade-edge of Kiba Ookami. This limits the range - but increases the cutting force. It is also quicker to activate in a hurry - in case it's needed for sudden defense.

    With the awakening of his true strength, Seishou-Hakaisha does not need to be focussed from beneath the palm - it simply needs to be thought of, and it will happen.
  • Type - Defensive; Melee
  • Range - Daigoro's own sword limits.
  • Limitations -

    • In [Blade Form], the range of the ability is far more limited than [Crescent Form].
    • Seishou-Hakaisha can either cut through reiatsu particles or basic spirit particles, one or the other. If they are too intertwined, in the body of, say, a spiritually-powered individual. The force needed to split both sets of bonds will take too much of Daigoro's own strength, and kill him in seconds.

Seishou-Hakaisha (Energy Cutter) [Crescent Form]

  • Description of Attack - Seishou-Hakaisha is an ability that is able to split the bonds between Reiastu particles or basic spirit particles with ease. It appears as white-and-red energy, and when in [Crescent Form], is first activated in a form similar to [lade Form], but is then unleased as a crescent of energy. This ability has more range than [Blade Form], but lacks the power, and loses more power as it flies further.

    With the awakening of his true strength, Seishou-Hakaisha does not need to be focussed from beneath the palm - it simply needs to be thought of, and it will happen.
  • Type - Defensive; Ranged
  • Range - 15 metres
  • Limitations -
      Seishou-Hakaisha can either cut through reiatsu particles or basic spirit particles, one or the other. If they are too intertwined, in the body of, say, a spiritually-powered individual. The force needed to split both sets of bonds will take too much of Daigoro's own strength, and kill him in seconds.
    • In [Crescent Form], the power of the attack has decreased without Daigoro's physical cutting force behind it - and it will continue to lose strength as it flies through the air and uses energy.

Ripurîzuburçdo (Reprise Blade)

  • Description of Attack - This ability is effectively the opposite of Seishou-Hakaisha. It uses Daigoro's reiatsu to rebuild the bonds that Seishou-Hakaisha has broken, by webbing Daigoro's reiatsu btween the free particles, and using it as a magnet to draw in any particles that may be floating nearby. It can only rebuild spirit particles, not reiatsu-based objects. Daigoro activates this in a way similar to that of Seishou-Hakaisha, but the energy is pure white.
  • Type - Unknown, presumed defensive.
  • Range - Daigoro's sword range.
  • Limitations -

    • It can only rebuild what has been destroyed by Seishou-Hakaisha.
    • It can only force spirit particles back together, not reiatsu.
    • It takes time for the web to attract spirit particles out of the air - and it is weaker than the finished product until that moment.

Release: Hitokuchi, Kiba Ookami (Bite, Wolf Fang)

Skill Level: Kidou: Beginner
Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Adept
Skill Level: Shunpo: Advanced
Skill Level: Hand-to-Hand: Advanced

Bankai Description: Runa Ookami (Lunar Wolf)

As before, the blade itself simply doubles in length, nothing else changing, not even the weight. It is now a total of four feet long. Dai's uniform takes a sudden colour change, and inverts itself to appear in the same style as that of Arrancar, a pure white.

Bankai Abilities:
Kantoku urufu (Overseer Wolf)

  • Description of Attack - This is the first art of the attack. It is the most basic, and involves Daigoro summoning a giant, spectral wolf. This wolf is made out of red-and-white energy, similar to that of Seishou-Hakaisha. It simply stands watch over Daigoro, and does not seem to do anything at that point - in fact, it is more like a overlooker towards Daigoro's actions. It does not seem to do anything. It stands at about 15 feet (4.5 metres tall)
  • Type - Passive; Summon
  • Range - About 1 metre away from Dai maximum.
  • Limitation - The wolf is unable to attack, defend or take any actions. It is simply a catalyst for effect.

Senchurion'urufu (Centurion Wolf)

  • Description of Attack - This is the second art of Daigoro's bankai. Daigoro slowly steps backwards into the body of the Overseer Wolf, and absorbs the energy that is standing around him. It changes it's shape, and suddeny the energy becomes far more humanoid, with Daigoro at it's core. It creates a tower shield on it's right arm and a halberd in it's left hand. Daigoro moves the wolf with his own movements. This wolf, now standing on hind legs, is about 25 feet (7.5 metres) tall.

    This wolf is now capable of attack, and can use wide, sweeping blows to defeat large numbers of enemies at once. The tower shield is a nigh-invincible defense, but decreases in size and strength with every blow - taking about 35 before it completely disappears. If the shield doesn't take the hit, the wolf does, and Daigoro feels the pain in the region where the hit would've taken it's damage. Also, the wolf decreases in size. Like the shield, it can take about 35 hits before it completely disappears, and Daigoro's bankai ends. If this happens, the halberd simply dissipates.

    Daigoro also has the option of changing the halberd into a second tower shield at any time, allowing for a more widespread defense.
  • Type - Anthromorphic
  • Range - Daigoro's own boday
  • Limitations -

    • Daigoro's movement speed is horribly reduced while he's in this form.
    • Shunpou and kidou are unavailable to Daigoro while he's in this form.
    • If Daigoro is to be knocked over in this form, he is unlikely to be getting back up again.
    • Daigoro's attacks are wideswept and powerful, but they cannot target single targets, and are easy to dodge.

Kippari no Okami (Wolf of Finality)

  • Description of Attack - A lead-on art from [Centurion Wolf]. This ability takes effect over the entirety of the time that the shields are up.

    When hit with an attack, the shields decrease slightly. That's not all that they do. In fact, these shields also perform an energy transfer, of sorts. Once the attack has hit, any kinetic energy taken from the attack is suddenly converted into spiritual potential energy. This energy is then stored within the body of the wolf, until it's needed.

    The time that it's needed? When the shields are shattered. That's when the true form of [Wolf of Finality] appears. Once the final blow has been struck, the wolf disappears, leaving Daigoro standing on the ground, completely alone, save for the reiatsu amassing itself on his arm. This Reiatsu then takes a form...

    The form it takes is of the last weapon or ability that struck it, and uses all of the energy that has been stored up by Runa Ookami . This is an exact mimicry of the attack that destroyed Daigoro's shield, at least it is physically. Hell, he'll even say the name of the ability for added effect. This attack/ability can only be used once, and Daigoro cannot use the ability again, unless it is what shattered his bankai... again. If the attack was something melee, like a punch or a kick, Daigoro will punch or kick the target with all of the gathered energy within.

    Once this ability has been used, Daigoro is no longer in Bankkai, and cannot use it again for the rest of the thread.
  • Type - Passive; Counter
  • Range - Depends on the final form taken.
  • Limitation - Daigoro cannot use the formed ability out of this bankai ability. Although it is a near-perfect mimic, any effects that are long-lasting with the ability do not occur.

||A S S I M I L A T I O N||

A zanpakuto spirit is supposed to be a guardian, a way to learn and use your powers. To a Shinigami, their zanpakuto spirit is their power, and their guide. That is who they are, and that is who they are supposed to be.

But to Daigoro Ito, there is a new way to live with this. A new form, a new ability… And it’s all due to his zanpakuto’s spirits. Ookami, and Fenrir. Two conflicting personalities stuck within a single blade. The governor of Shikai, and the governor of Bankai, both working within a single entity. Normally, the spirit changes between these forms, so to have two separate spirits within a single form is rarity indeed.

But because of this rarity, something else has been made possible. Assimilation. An ability beyond the idea of bankai, and a form that fuses his shikai and his bankai spirits into one true form. That’s not to say, however, that it’s complete with that. In order to truly exist, one more thing must occur. Full-body trust. Three spirits in one form. Daigoro, Ookami, Fenrir. A new face, a new body… The form that the triad takes on, it is unrecognizable.

Then comes Daigoro's Feralmind. The stress of his emotions, they're too much for his body to take, and his mind snaps. Because of the stress of using Assimilation, the same happens with this - and Dai can only hold onto his sanity for ten posts, before going completely and utterly insane. He's still able to retain his sanity if he is knocked out after those five posts, but until he is knocked unconscious, he shows no understanding of friend or foe, and he will attack until death.


Activation of Assimilation requires one condition, and one condition only. Daigoro must be in Bankai, with at least one shield formed. He is able to have a single shield left, but he must still have that one shield. Holding it out in front of him, he allows his own bankai to be deactivated, and lowers himself to the ground, holding a glowing, newly-formed Zanpakuto.

This zanpakuto is different to Kiba Ookami, in a way. The sheath is black and red, and the zanpakuto itself is about as long as his bankai when originally formed, four feet long. The glowing blade is then brought to his chest, and slowly melded into his heart. As he does this, he calls out the phrase,

"Doka, Tamashī no Toraiado" (lit. "Assimilate, Triad of Souls")

A blast of Reiatsu suddenly bursts out, blowing his hair back into a different form. His previously-red eyes suddenly change their shade to a pale green, and a strange symbol appears on the middle of his forehead. This symbol is not the source of his powers, just the catalyst. If that symbol is hit directly, it messes up his powers for a single post.

His reiatsu changes colour too, from white-and-red to black-and-red. He no longer carries a weapon, with light claws protruding from the end of his fingers.


Improved Movement Speed - Daigoro's shunpou is increased in speed. He can move great distances with a quick motion, and his reflexes are higher and finer tuned as well.

Improved Attack Strength – Daigoro finally gains his own powers to attack, being able to strike with a power far greater than he was able to when he was normally in Shikai or Bankai.

Claws of Reiatsu - The claws on his fingers are imbued with Reiatsu, and cut both deeper and take longer to heal. They aren't a poison, they simply burn when they cut. One post use, three cooldown. Unable to be used within Feralmind.

Free-Building - As his bankai was able to create defensive weaponry out of his Reiatsu, Daigoro's Assimilated form is able to create offensive weaponry in the same fashion. He can form anything out of his Reiatsu, so long as it is weapon-like. This weapon can be readily changed, counting as a single use of the ability. One post use, one cooldown. Unable to be used in Feralmind.

Ray of Destryur - By forming a ball of energy on the symbol, he can fire off a highly-tuned and intense beam of light from the symbol on his forehead, in a fashion similar to that of a laser. This laser is able to cut through nigh on anything. One post use, five cooldown. When in Feralmind, one post use, three cooldown.

Eyes of Loss and Fortitude – This is an ability only available when Daigoro has snapped, and is now in Feralmind. His eyes change, yet again, to animalistic eyes, capable of seeing further and in lower light levels. His senses are also improved drastically.

Cutting Shears – Another Feralmind-specific ability. Daigoro imbues his claws with Reiatsu again, and swipes them at a target, firing them off at the enemy. They slash through the air, and explode on impact. One post use, three cooldown.

Liberty or Death – This is the final ability, useable both in Feralmind and out of. If Daigoro sees no way out of being captured, he will take in every last iota of energy he has to spare, and actually draw Reiatsu out of the air around him, in a fashion similar to that of a Quincy. He will then release it all at once, in a half-mile diameter sphere around his body. This ability will drain him heavily, kill any opponents that are low enough and stupid enough to be caught in the sphere, and reduce Daigoro to a smouldering mess on the ground – near-dead. If he is not saved, he will die.


Feralmind is a side of Daigoro that has never been properly explored. It was not explored during his time in the Gotei 13, and it's only ever really been explored basely in the Kokuryuteshi. It is still widely unknown exactly what causes the change, although it is speculated that the change is, in fact, caused by Daigoro's own emotions taking over his mind and causing him to snap temporarily.

When in Feralmind, Daigoro becomes more primitive. His train of through changes, and his own being takes a back seat to pure instinct. It is possible for him to fight these changes, if the emotions aren't strong enough, or the Feralmind is interrupted by a different, or an exceptionally strong emotion.


||T H E | S T O R Y||

Born in 1583, Daigoro was taken away by his father, a now disgraced Samurai Executioner, or Ronin, who vowed revenge on the clan who had killed his wife. His father died two years later, just before he could kill the leader, but Daigoro picked up the spear and thrust it through the leader's heart.

13 years later, Daigoro was enlisted into the Western Japanese army, and stayed by his general, Mitsunari Ishida, till the end. He was honoured as one of the most intelligent soldiers of his time, earning himself the nickname, "the Wolf of the West". Daigoro was one of the last few soldiers to die before the execution of Ishida.

Daigoro was led to Soul Society, but mistakenly put into Rukongai because of his father's low social standing with the rest of Japan as a Ronin. He lived in District 79, and killed just to survive. His most notable killing was the Senkigo Gang, where he killed every single gang member, just because they tried to kill the members of his 'family'. This was about 30 years after his death.

It was about this time in his life that Daigoro began to see that what he was doing, even if it was to survive, might have been morally "wrong". He decided that maybe instead of allowing the killing to continue, he could unify the people. So he decided to try to become a Shinigami. Once he had enrolled in the Academy, he got to work.

Throughout his time in the Academy, Daigoro found his own skills lacking when it came to Kidou. He could focus the necessary energy, but he was never able to get the spells to fulls power, or get them to shoot perfectly. So, instead of trying harder at it, he simply gave up on it. He told himself that there wasn't any need for him to use Kidou perfectly, and he never really trained it afterwards.

On the other hand, once Daigoro discovered shunpou, he found that his forte lay with that skillset. He knew it would be rough, but his mind was set on learning this skill. During the entire time in his training, he focused on that, and his hand-to-hand skills as well. By the time he had left the Academy, his speed and reflexes were trained to his current physical limits.

And so he decided that he would join the Second Division - a rash decision on his part - as it involved him being forced to kill on orders. But instead of chaning out to another Division, Daigoro tried to use this as a catalyst to make his work better still.

Discovering his shikai itself was a complete accident. He was in the middle of one of his training sessions, working by himself on a few different moves that he had created himself, crossing his shunpou and his swordplay, when Ookami himself decided that Daigoro was ready, and released his shikai. The shock caused Daigoro to fall over in fright, until Ookami explained what had happened, and how his shikai worked.

Bankai, on the other hand, was by agreement and agreement only. After a simple talk over with his Zanpakuto spirit, he discovered Bankai... and their agreement became a clause. Dai earned bankai, not through force, but through democracy. Maybe that's what makes his defense so strong?

Roleplay Sample: (This is from another site, with a completely different character... But it's one of my best posts to date...)

It was theirs. After all of this trouble, the first part of his goal was in sight. Markus' eyes glowed with enthusiasm, and he turned bck to his men, making sure that they were all there... He walked faster than ever before, leading the soldiers in a march that casued the buildings alongside to slowly begin to shake, and small pieces to fall off onto the ground below. They neared the West City HQ, just in time to see their fat fuck of a head being swung awaythrough the window. He sighed and shook his head. Really. That was just brutal. He hoped the man enjoyed his sentence in Hell. Because it was probably better than this world, at any length.

Next came the announcement. And he simply had to stifle his laughter at what came... He looked around him, and any soldier still attempting to fight laid down their arms... And they... wow, they actually retreated. Maybe it was just him, or maybe Spade's voice was quite... convincing. He couldn't help but giggle, before he regained his thoroughly powerful composure, and stood before the HQ, holding out an arm to stop the advance of the Cretarian Army.

He raised his hand, blessing the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and himself with several swift movements. He looked up at the room once more, before suddenly realizing that his cellphone, was, in fact, ringing. He sighed, and picked it up, putting the technology to his ear.


"Head of West HQ is dead. I did the broadcast. My part is done. Now hurry up and lead your non-supporters into the trap. We need to be able to tell which of you to take out. Make it obvious."

"Make it obvious, huh? You got it." The man grinned wildly, hung up and slipped the phone back into his pocket with a sigh. How to make it obvius... He tapped his chin a few times - the soldiers around him, some were loyalists, some were not. The men he'd left behind - they were all loyal to his cause, and just wanted to return home to their families without the worry of war. He thought for a few seconds, before smiling. He knew. The loyalists were the only ones who knew of his plan... So the others would fall for the bait within seconds.

He slipped out his phone, and dialed Spade's number once more, put the phone up to his ear, looked up at the building, and gaped in horror, the phone dropping onto the grass and laying in a bundle of softness. He stepped forward, and suddenly shouted out in a fervent mix of rage and worry.

"Spade!" He grimaced, and turned to his men. [color=Cyan]"We must help that man. He is a prime suspect in a possible coup of the country. He must be detained!"[/colr] The non-loyalists were instantly taken in, and they rushed into the building to "detain the suspect". They moved quickly, alright, and Markus, along with his loyalist soldiers, couldn't hold in their laughter. Especially when they could see that all of the Central officers were now leaving the building as rapidly as the Cretarian forces were entering it. It appeared that everyone was safe... Until the sounds of cracking wood alerted him to something... even more hilarious.

The building just crumpled. It looked like God had literally reached down and pressed onto the top of the building, and flattened it - as causally as accidently pushing down a stack of books with your ass, or knocking over a stack of dominoes. He sighed, and shook his head, putting a hand onto the forehead that was now sweating harder than anything he'd ever known. He pointed over to the Central City officers, and shoute to his men.

"Aid them. They are loyal to our cause. They need to survive." He nodded a couple of times, and knelt down to pick up the cellphone that lay eeping it's dialtone on the ground. He wiped it off, and dialed thirteen digits. They were the hotlink to the Prime Minister's office. And that was his target for this coup. Ten seconds later, a voice suddenly materialized into Markus' ear.

"Markus? I expected you to call sooner. An extermination of a populace shouldn't take that long."

"My apologies... Sir." There was a slihtly mocking tone in his voice - but tis guy was too dm to notice it. "I managed to show our power without mass murder, however. If you wish, you may come and see my work? It would be best for me to show you, personally, how I and my new... ally... managed to take this city by force."

"Are you sure that it is safe?"

"Positive. Sir, I can guarantee that you will not be killed by any Amestrian soldiers."

"Very well. I will be there soon." The phone hung up, and Markus smirked, and threw his head back in rapacious laughter.

"No, you won't be killed by... Amestrian soldiers..."

TIME SKIP - Some time later

Well, there it was. A Cretarian helicopter landed right in front of the burning HQ, and out of it, stepped a heavy-set, powerful man. This guy... shouldn't have been a politician. He should've been a wrestler or something, but he chose politics, and that was what happened. All it took was a couple of good points, and they were eating out of his fucking hand. Markus sighed, and lauhed, all the while shaking his head at the Prime Minister.

He looked up with a grim smile, the Prime Minister did. Markus had directly disobeyed his orders. He hadn't wanted survivors, and he hadn't wanted the city to be taken. He just wanted to show off Creta' power. He walked over to Markus, who looked utterly ridiculous, in his opinion, and started at him blankly.

"What is this, Samaris? I tell you to come and kill all of these Amestrian fuckers, and I find you staning here... With THEM?!" By THEM, he was, of course, referring to the Central soldiers that were getting their wounds tended to by his army. He grimaced, and watched Markus carefully. There was something different about the Commander today. Maybe it deserved a courtmartial.

Markus shook his head at the man with another laugh. His face suddenly changed from it's mocking stance to one of... true and pure apathy.

"You don't understand, do you? I didn't want to kill anybody. But it was necessary to take this city." He reached down to his hip, and pulled up one of the muskets, already loaded and ready. All it would take was a spark, and a lethal ball of lead would find it's way into the Prime Minister's forehead.

"All of this was needed. At this moment, one-hundred soldiers, all loyal to me, are storming your building, and subduing every one of your advisors. No, they're not going to die. Because I don't want any more blood on my hands, nor do I want to create more widows. I understand you're a widower yourself, correct? Well, it's a pity, you can't join your wife in Heaven,

because your next destination is Hell's burning depths. Die, muderous scumbag."
Markus raised the musket to the Prime Minister's head, and pulled the trigger. The hammer clicked, sparked, and ignited the black powder, propelling the ball out of the barrel at a high-ish rate of speed. The round went straight into his head, and through his brain, blood slowly trickling out of the hole.

The man's body collapsed, and Markus stepped over it, towards the helicopter. He had to do this quicky, otherwise someone else might get to it first. He turned to his second-in-command, and shouted.

"The moment I sit in his chair, I'll call you. That is the moment we retreat from West City, and that is the moment that we bring this country into peacetime!" He raised his fist into the air, and then turned to Spade.

"You're not coming back with me, are you buddy?" He laughed - he hadn't expected it, so that was fine by him. "Just remember not to shoot us, alright?" Another laugh, and the new Prime Minister of Creta, Markus Samaris, climbed into the helicopter, and rose into the air, ready to take his place as the leader. It was time to make this country into a peaceful one.

It was time to take everybody back into a place where they knew they were safe.

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PostSubject: Re: Daigoro Ito   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:47 am

Approved, 0-3


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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PostSubject: Re: Daigoro Ito   Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:11 am

Bumping the tier. Still 0-3 normally, but 0-2 while in Assimilation.


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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New Ability Added. Underlined.

Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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Re-approved, same tier.


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Daigoro Ito
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