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 Yuri Hisui Tsukuyomi (W.I.P; Until The Feeding Desire is Finished)

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PostSubject: Yuri Hisui Tsukuyomi (W.I.P; Until The Feeding Desire is Finished)   Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:04 pm

||Yuri Tsukuyomi||
"The Dark Enforcer"
Resolution of the People
||Back to the Basics||

Race: Shinigami

Aliases: "The Dark Enforcer", Tsukuyomi, The Silhouette

Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: Karakura

Martial Status: Single

P osition: None

Previous Position: 3rd Seat, Captain

Previous Squad: Gobantai; Fifth Division

Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male

Age: 636- But, looks about 23

Height: Six Foot Two

Weight: One Hundred and Seventy Five pounds

Eye Color: Amethyst Purple

Hair Color: Charcoal Black

Reiatsu Color: Purple
(Shifts into Blue flames in shikai and above.)

Personality-wise, Yuri comes across as sarcastic and cynical, possibly due to the way the nobility treated the people of the Lower Rukongai District 80. He seems to enjoy teasing others, especially his Childhood Friend Flynn, although he does develop a strong bond of friendship with the former, becoming something of an older brother figure. Yuri's has a more fully-formed personality. He is an empathic young man who prefers to solve smaller problems from individuals rather than the larger, more political ones. This also makes Yuri less prone to depression and hesitation. He is not afraid to take difficult matters into his own hands, and throughout his travels comes to decide that taking the law into his own hands is the only way to ensure that the villains of the world are punished. His personality is that of a rational, but too serious person. He strikes as an arrogant young man that doesn't hold back any words. But he is actually really kind. His serious personality is due to him being raised by the Streets of Rukongai. Yuri sees himself as Sarcastic, and Quite Stubborn. Yuri also has a sadistic side, as one can expect considering his experiences.

Interaction with People: Yuri is more of a Nonchalant person now that he is out the Gotei. He is more athletic some reason; He tends to don't give a damn what other people think of him, as They are only invalid opinions anyway. There are a few people whom he has a weak spot for, and that is his main weakness. The problem is, they're not that easy to get. With anyone new he comes in contact with, Yuri is slightly cold to the touch, So to speak. He tends to have such a cynical tone that people don't feel like entering any farther into his personality. The worse thing about this type of Interaction is that He holds people close to him dear- Thus, willing to do almost anything for them.

In Battle: Yuri is one to talk a bit. Some may find this to be a tactic to try and break the other person's Concentration- But, No. He does it for the fact that he can. He becomes even more sarcastic to the point of people becoming infuriated with his words. Yuri chuckles it off in a nonchalant mannerism as he sees those types of reactions. Aside from talking during battle, The Dark Enforcer always has the face of determination, Maybe even a sparkle in his eye- The love of battle perhaps ? Maybe. Yuri would be one to deny that fact outright, but the way his body reads everything, Feels everything and just emanates with this aura of lusting for it would have to prove him wrong. He really doesn't care if the person is stronger than himself, Though, He knows his limitations. Yuri himself considers battle a "work out" so He is game for a challenge no matter who it is.

As a Man: Yuri is pretty much your typical male with a bit of extra perks, if you can call them that. Yuri is someone who loves his sleep and will do mostly anything to get some more. He hates being woken up, And if he is, He becomes extremely grouchy and unpleasant to be around. As for his sexual sensations, Yuri has them just as any other, He just has the willpower to shrug them off to the side. The Dark Enforcer finds women to be for lack of a better term "Monotonous" at best. Yuri likes to drink beer at the local pub whenever he gets the chance. He doesn't go there just for the drinks or the Obeisance of the joint, Just for the lingering malice in the air of a bar fight. Sometimes, Yes, Yuri does instigate things to a level, But, Hey, Something to get the fools blood boiling and a smiling on Yuri's Face.

He has a secret weak spot for cute things, Despite his rough exterior; They could be Soft, Cute, or Fluffy, Doesn't matter, He's gain an eye for it ever since his Puppy. He loves artifacts, Scriptures and anything to do with the Ancient History of Seireitei that he has Picked up during his Trials and tribulations. Due to his love of Scriptures, Yuri also gained a liking for Reading whenever he can. When he was young, He was always a trill seeker- Hence why he has a Fascination with Trill rides and Dangerous Situations. Yuri's Favorite color would have to be a tie between Blue and Purple. He has a love for the rain in the spring.

Dislikes: Yuri dislikes when people are late to appointments- Timing is everything to him. He has a bunch of little pet peeves such as his own hair getting in his way, or annoying High pitch voices of any Caliber. People with High Superiority complexes tend to annoy him as well- Everyone has weak points, Thus, He tries to prove a point if given the opportunity. There isn't anything more Infuriating to Yuri than Cowards or Dirty Lowlifes; Yuri is a person that likes to give Justice to where it belongs- Beyond the Rules or Not, As Long as he believes it is right and just.


Side note:
Although none of the photos depict this, Yuri wears A long black cloak that avoids getting his actual clothes dirty. On his Right hand, Yuri wears a brown glove.

Custom Black Cloak: A cloak that he gained from an old tailor male from district 40 for saving his daughter in-law. This cloak slightly resembles the Captain Haori he used to wear during the Gotei- The sleeves and tail draped down the exact same length too. On the bottom of the cloaks back, the Tailor embroidered the Kanji word "Soul". This cloak is made out of the finest cotton that could be found within the man's power. It's very light and versatile, Meaning he is able to wear it in battle if he wanted to. This Cloak is infused with a modicum of the Reiatsu Enhancement from the Old man, It allows for Yuri reflect low level energy attacks back at the user if He waves it, otherwise, It would just burn up. On the inside lining of the back of the Cloak, A Light layer of Titanium Alloy was recently hemmed inside, Allowing Yuri not to worry about rear flanks with sealed, Or Normal weaponry- Although, If struck with a powerful enough Thrusting attack, It could go through the layer.

Teion-en (Zanpakutō): Yuri's main weapon and best friend- The other half of his soul, So to speak. In its sealed form, Teion-en is a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. His Zanpakutō is 76 cm in length With a white and black Handle and a Brown Sheathe, The Guard of the blade is Gold. On the Sheathe, there is a White Rope that Dangles Aimlessly.

Yatō Issen: This is a Legendary Sword that was forged and Used by the World Renowned Sword smith, Gorō Nyūdō Masamune before his Death- Although, Unbeknown to the rest of the world, He was a Well Accomplished half Breed Shinigami Scientist. This Katana was an Experiment of Displacing Slashes for multiple attacks. The Katana has a Octagon shaped hilt, A extremely Shiny blade with the Kanji (正宗; Masemune) engraved into it. The Blade length itself is about 100 Cm's long, with the handle being 30 itself- Giving it a Total Length of 130 Cms. The Sheathe has a Blue-flame like Design that wraps around the outside, The backdrop of the sheathe being Black in Color. The Power of Yatō Issen is Frightening to almost anyone. Yatō Issen has the Ability to Displace a Sword strike for a Later date to increase the amount of Sword strikes that actually occur. When the Katana is Unsheathed, It is constantly veiled in a Purple Energy that allows the for the ability to take place. When the Blade "Passes" through the Opponent, The "cut" on the affected part is then instantly Sealed with the Purple Energy that resided around the Blade. After One post, The Purple Energy Splits open and allows for the actual attack to affect. The One slash actually amounts to Ten in retrospect. The Effect of this Weapon is cancelled after the Purple Energy is dissipated and activated.

Bodhi Blastia: After his Adopted Father's death, Yuri gained his Bodhi blastia from him and wore it from that day Forward as a Memento. The Blastia's Capabilities were unknown to the Dark Enforcer until some time ago- Thus, He now uses it as a weapon and Fashion statement, And My oh my, Is it ever a weapon. It's golden in color with Red rubies incrusted into the sides in a Line formation. The Blastia is wore on his Left wrist as he never takes it off. He sometimes gets waves of Nostalgia from simply looking into the main ruby that sits on the forefront of the Band.

Right Hand Gauntlet: A Gauntlet that resides on the Dark Enforcer's Right hand. It is made of Three Different Materials- One, It has an Outer layer of Steel that covers his backhand and Palm. The second layer is a Titanium Alloy compound that is Situated right at the base of the palm for added protection. And the Third layer is a Light but neatly woven layer of Leather that is on the inside of said Glove for Comfort. This Glove is used for Physical strikes, along with the ability to grab Sealed swords without Difficulty. The length of the fingers for the glove only runs up to about the second knuckle on his hand. He Acquired this glove when

||Natural Abilities:||

|| Manifestation of Hyougajin: ||
Due to Yuri's heritage as the sole heir to the Tsukuyomi clan, he was given one gift that was later on discovered when he had been caught in a Fight with his Best friend. His body can produce Ice by simply pointing at an object through great concentration and Reiatsu. The Ice created by him is indeed a very strong one, able to freeze Medium Level Flames with Little Effort. His Ice Abilities are known as some of the Coldest Ice powers known to Humans, Shinigami and others alike. These Icicles appear White, and can spread easily, proving to be very dangerous. The down side of the usage of this Ice projection excessively, is that afterwards the body becomes weakened and requires immediate sleep. Away from being used in an offensive manor, The Ice can also be used as a defensive approach. There is a couple of Abilities that Yuri has forged on his own in conjunction with his Hyougajin manifestation.

||Byakuya Senmetsuken||
(白夜殲滅剣; White Night Annihilation Sword)
Yuri points his blade towards the opponent, Teion-en slightly tilted upwards. his Reishi begins to build up rapidly to the point where it becomes visible around him. The temperature and His blade begins to glow with his sharp colored Reiatsu. There is a large, blinding flash of light, and Yuri's blade is now coated in White ice. As the flash fades, Yuri's blade can be seen letting off steam, that expands over an area of a 20 feet circular around himself. This steam thickens in Yuri's next post into a watery mist which makes it easier for Yuri to use ice based abilities. Yuri's white ice coating on his sword has now thickened. The coldness of the ice has reached a Temperature of Negative 50 Celsius, Allowing Frost burn on Human skin if left in for a period of time.

||Byakuya Senmetsuken: Gessenkou||
(白夜殲滅剣-月閃光; White Night Annihilation Sword: Moon Flash Light)
The final stage of Byakuya Senmetsuken is the thickening into the fog, Now witch a diameter of 40 feet. This occurs after the water have turned into mist. The fog is so dense and cold, that continued exposure to it is dangerous. The fog has a temperature of roughly Negative 30 degrees Celsius, and one cannot see any more than your swords length (a normal katanas sword length) in front of you; unless Having Keen Eyesight. Anything past that forms as black shadows or dull grey blurs. The fog is eerily quiet, no outside sound can pierce the thick, icy prison, and so sounds inside echo and reverberate oddly, adding to the panic many feel inside it. The cold is piercing, and unrelenting, and Yuri's similar Reishi is magnified through the fog. Some inside it panic when they realize that they cannot get out simply by walking forwards, the fog usually tricks them into walking in a slight curve, and if you lose your cool in the fog, you freeze. The fog can be momentarily blown away by an explosion, or a wind attack, but it will descend again quickly, its heavy, quiet blanket wrapping itself around Yuri and his opponent once more. His entire blade is now coated in a creeping, Shimmering Pure White ice.

Bodhi Blastia; Shokubai Shūen (触媒終焉; Catalytic Demise):
Now that the abilities of the Bodhi Blastia are known to Yuri, He now uses the power in his arsenal against enemies. Due to the Blastia being permanently on his body now, one could call this an inert ability that can be used freely without even a modicum of repercussions to his Reiastu unless fueled inside for more power for a obstacle. The Shokubai Shuen has the ability to control the speed at which chemical reactions occur. Yuri can increase or decrease the energies emitted or drained in such reactions. For example, he could increase the heat, emitted by exothermic reactions like oxidation; he could also increase the chilling effect of endothermic reactions. He can increase or decrease the speed or rate at which reactions occur, like stopping iron from dissolving in acid or causing steel to rapidly transform into rust. The Power can continually affect a target as long as it functions. It Must Be On Contact with the Yuri, or be attacked with a Hardened Blast of the Power from the wake of a swing. Any results are permanent if they do not involve a living subject. Effects on a living subject are different for each ability, after the Power ceases. The Speed at Which he changes the Chemical Reactions is about one Turn for about 80% of the Reaction Rate to Occur, Meaning, Even the hottest flames on contact with the Dark Enforcer can be reduced to nothing but an will-o-wisp of flames; The same could be said for Ice like abilities, if they come in contact with Yuri or the blast, The chilling feeling could feel like the opening of a freezer door. This ability gives Yuri the Inert advantage over Elemental-Type Zanpakutō and Abilities, Allowing him to instantly have the upper-hand.

Some of the capabilities of Shokubai Shuen:


Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Yuri's skill with his sword was honed to a master level, due to the lawlessness of Zaraki district, letting him strike multiple times with changes of attack type (from slash to pierce) without any difficulty. His unpolished skills and strength with his sword make it so he always fights with one hand free. He is one of the most proficient swordsmen in all of Soul Society, He is a highly adaptable combatant as it allowed him to become ambidextrous, meaning that he is able to switch hands between His sword. Yuri usually swings with more strength in his left hand then his right; however, he can easily switch or balance the strength between his two hands, much to the surprise of his opponent. Yuri's fighting style involves evasion and attacking an opponent either in the front or back using the element of surprise to overwhelm them. He takes advantage of that while fighting.

||Kougekijutsu (攻撃術; Offensive Burst Style)||
The Dark Enforcer created a set of techniques for his own style of fighting, though some of the moves look unorthodox, they are completely able to create a superfluous amount of damage. These techniques call for flawless strikes with little reiatsu output as possible, Relying on pure precision and ones own strength. Yuri is a stronger, Better, and sharper front-line swordsman who can hit fast and hard, similar to Most Captains within the Gotei even in there Bankai now. When using his Inert ability Hyougajin, Yuri has the choice to release waves of ice that are five feet tall that travel with speeds that start from 100\km to 400\km depending on the force The Dark enforcer swings at. These waves on impact create a diamond shaped explosion before solidifying into said shape.


Master Strategist & Tactician: In battle, Yuri has proven to be very adept at noticing and understanding details in an opponent's skills or attack patterns. undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and able to perceive any situation at hand. He generally has shown himself to also be a crafty tactician from how easily he can deceive both allies and enemies.

Enhanced Durability: While not having the most imposing appearance compared to other Former Shinigami captains like Kenpachi Zaraki, Yuri has shown to be a very resilient fighter. During his fight against The Hollow of days old, despite gaining several major injuries, Yuri was still able to continue fighting effectively and even ignored his wounds to the point that he seemed unfazed by them. At the end of the fight, he was still able to perform an impressive Flash Step to leave- Although Falling to his injuries at a later date. Now that he has left the Gotei, His Durability has risen to a whole new level, Being able to take many Blows from the Zefonse Kaizme and Standing up as if It was nothing.

Enhanced Speed: Even before learning Flash Step, Yuri has repeatedly shown himself to be a very agile fighter. He has demonstrated great reflexes in battle, able to quickly dodge a strike with no wasted effort and he can instantly counterattack right after. His ability to strike quickly without warning and in rapid succession. His speed also allows him to follow the movements of faster opponents to better analyze their movements or blocking difficult and otherwise fatal strikes.

Shunpo Master:
He is perceived to be so fast that one cannot discern even being attacked by him until it actually has taken place. He is capable of effortlessly dodging simultaneous attacks at close range and the evasion of Bankai level techniques. The only way that one could distinguish his shunpo action is the expelling of Blue Flame willow-wisps. He has trained his shunpo to extreme levels after gaining The Warden position.

Kido Expert: One of Yuri's greatest strengths is his knowledge of Kidō, amongst his known skills are those for mostly binding, destruction Kidō's not being his favorite. He can use a high-level Kidō in rapid succession without incantations and still have considerable control and power. He has also shown great skill for using various spells in unique combination, even using multiple spells simultaneously, though he requires the incantation for high-level spells simultaneously.

List of Kidō Yuri mainly uses:



Immense Reiatsu: He is capable of exerting a vast Spiritual Pressure, which, in league with his already admirable combat skills and finesse, which made him one of the most formidable captains. His spiritual pressure is so great it can be felt from a great distance and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear. As a former Captain of The Gobantai, Being a Warden in the Vanguard ranks, Along with being the one of the two survivors of the Tsukuyomi Blood line, Yuri has Immensely High Reiatsu. As his Reiatsu is raised to high levels It covers an extremely wide range with a dome effect.

||Ketteiteki Daigeki (lit: Final Strike)||
A technique that is an advancement of Shunko. Instead of combining Hakuda and Kidō, Ketteiteki Daigeki combines Hakuda and Hohou into a more compressed form. This compresses the user's reiatsu into the hands, elbows, chest, and lower legs. This allows a variety of martial arts to be combined with Ketteiteki Daigeki. The maximum that anyone can withstand is seven posts. The seventh post will mean either death or coma. After exiting Ketteiteki Daigeki, the user cannot use shikai, bankai, or shunko. Kidō is EXTREMELY limited as well. The way it appears depends on the user. It can appear as an element that surround the arms and legs or a suit of armor over the entire body or really anything else.

||Yuttarishita Izen Daigeki (lit: Calm Before the Strike)||
This is an ability of Ketteiteki Daigeki in which the user is constantly using Utsusemi. This allows for multiple afterimages in which the afterimages are going in different paths. Basically, the afterimages will act like different versions of the same person (like one will attack from above, one from the left, the right, and so-on). This can only be used once during a release and will shorten a Ketteiteki Daigeki's release by half.

||Enzeru Kikan (lit: Mirror Angel)||
This is an upgrade of Hanki from Shunko. Instead of just cancelling out Kidō, any energy based-attack (of reasonable strength {if Hanatarou had a Ketteiteki Daigeki, he couldn't cancel out a Getsuga from Ichigo in Bankai}) can be cancelled. However, they must be ready to take some damage on their arms and legs, since you must either kick or punch the attack to cancel it.

||Todome (lit: Finishing Blow)||
This is a "finisher" attack that varies from person to person. This allows some personalization to the Ketteiteki Daigeki. It is incredibly powerful and is normally a one-shot attack that will end Ketteiteki Daigeki after use. Yuri's Version of Todome is very intense when it comes to being put into motion. As stated before, Ketteiteki Daigeki is an ability that fuses both Hakuda and Hoho in a compressed form. As he activates his finisher, The Dark Enforcer Charges the remaining energy of the Ketteiteki Daigeki solely in his Feet and Fists. The Energy begins to fluctuate because of the high amount of energy that resides in such a small radius. Expelling forth with a Swift Shunpo, Yuri would attempt to use the remaining energy to Punch the enemy with a force of a two hundred pound bomb- However, after he is in the vicinity of 1 foot of his Target, The Dark Enforcer seemingly "shunpos" into seven different fronts around them, Punching simultaneously towards the target. Each "Afterimage" has the exact same force as the original Totaling a very Daunting total of fourteen hundred pounds worth of force in seven Synchronized punches.


||Zanpakutô Spirit; Human Manifestation:||
Teion-en is Phenoix-like in appearance. While in his Manifested form, he Appears to have large Blue-ish Purple Phoenix wings on his back That are Made up of the Blue Flames. His hair is if not longer and wilder then Yuri's- But White in color. There is a crest on his Chest begins to Shine A Dim Light, his fingernails lengthen and Almost Become like Talons. Teion-en's attire is almost like a Ronin's as its more form fitting and closed at the top with Black and-Red robe with Black Trim becoming more like a robe towards the bottom. Teion-en isn't one for many words. He only speaks if the situation deems it.

||Zanpakutô Realm:||

||Sealed Zanpakutô:||
In its sealed form, Teion-en is a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. His Zanpakutō is 76 cm in length With a white and black Handle and a Brown Sheathe, The Guard of the blade is Gold. On the Sheathe, there is a White Rope that Dangles Aimlessly. Along the handle of Teion-en, There is A series of black dots that run down until the guard.

|| Shikai Description: ||
Spinning his Zanpakutō in his hand about several times, His reiatsu begins to grow as it becomes noticeable around him. From the Purple aura it begins to shift into a Blue flame like embrace. Tossing the spinning Blade into the air, Yuri called out the release phrase of Teion-en. It then Morphs into a Ice Blue Scythe with a Purple Tassel at the end of the Staff Part of the weapon. The Blade Has a Silver Engravement of the words "Purge" in Kanji. The Reiatsu Yuri Tsukuyomi Now emits are a Dense Wave of Blue Flames that contact create Injuries to a Fine Degree. Teion-en is Said to be the Very Pinnacle of Fear within Zanpakutō. With the blade being about 80 Cm's in total Length, This scythe is one dangerous weapon. Along the pole-arm of the weapon, That same Purple tassel Now wraps around the entire thing, signifying That his weapon as Changed. The blade of the weapon remains the same length, Although, Along the tip of the blade resides one hook that hangs about two Inches. The hook is great for versatile uses, Such as hauling pieces of debris and sudden weapon locks if given the Opportunity.

|| Shikai Abilities: ||
Teion-en Zanpakutō with the ability to Manipulate Flame Based Attacks, such as Create Fire Walls or Domes of Flames. Although, These Flames are completely Different to many other Flame Based Zanpakutos, Teion-en has Cold Flames at his Command. Meaning, Although It seems Hot and Burning, The Flames themselves are as Cold in Temperature as Absolute Zero Now that he has mastered his Zanpakutō to new heights. These Flames are not Able to Create Frostbite on anything, Making Atoms stop moving if on contact with the Flames for over eight Seconds Creating Paralysis Or Repeated Attacks on the same Place; About Three Encounters if Under the Ten Second Limit. These Flames can be released in a Wake of a Swing or Simply Tunneled Throughout the ground for surprise attacks. The aura of this weapon can Freeze everything and anything that Yuri waves the scythe at, changing it into nothing more than a Solid statue. At very low temperatures of absolute zero, matter exhibits many unusual properties, including superconductivity. Unlike other Zanpakutō shown so far, resealing Teion-en does not deactivate any ability already used against an opponent.Teion-en's abilities are Now labeled as "Hi Ougi's" by Yuri. Now that The Dark Enforcer has gained such a bond with Teion-en, They have crafted some abilities- However, Discarding most of his old set, except a couple of his Favorites.

|| First Ougi: Tsuiga Bakuensou ||
(墜牙爆炎槍; Crash Fang Blast Flame Spear)
Type: Offensive/Melee/Ranged
Tsuiga Bakuensou is The Dark Enforcer's Favorite move out of his Shikai Arsenal. The Activation for this ability is nothing like it used to be. The Dark Enforcer's Scythe Blade begins to fuel out a superfluous amount of Blue Flames that exude from the Blade itself- Giving it another 20 centimeters in Pure flame length; If given the opportunity, Yuri is able to charge up the flame to about a length of 40 Centimeters, resulting in a higher total of spears. Plunging the flaming tip into the ground once, It loses of Flame length that was forged within a moment; The Dark Enforcer is able to keep this ability inert for about two posts before it goes off automatically; The Purge Emblem on the Blade however, Continues to have a Wil-o-wisp of flame that lays "Stagnant". Spinning the weapon around once to allow the Staff part of the blade face the ground, Yuri slams his Scythes Butt-end down on the surface below, Calling forth the ability at hand. The ground underneath the enemy begins to shake and Crack with tiny holes that seep Blue flames for about a modicum of a second within the vicinity of 30 feet around them. At that Time, multiple Blue flame spears shoot from the ground at about Fifteen angles to trap the opponent in a prison of Cold flames. These Spears are able to range from nine to fifteen at a time as they are always on different angles and positions. They are able to shoot upward to about 400 feet, seeming to piece the very skies with a firing rate of 1.5 seconds per interval. Tsuiga Bakuensou fires these spears rapidly within the range limit until they total 81 to 200 depending on the power fueled inside of the ability itself.

|| Second Ougi: Rekkasen ||
(烈火閃; Fire Flash wave)
Type: Offensive/Melee/Ranged
This is one of Extravagant Moves. Yuri grazes his hand over his blade, calling upon the name of the technique.This attack is a summoning-type to an extent. It summons/creates blades of Blue Flame and reishi that can not be absorbed like ambient reishi. They all appear to be Double Edged Blades. Appearing around him in Vast Numbers- Totaling about 400, Yuri Swings His Blade into the ground as the Swords before to Rotate and Revolve around the Enemy. As it Spins faster and faster, It begins to Spawn a Blue Flame Tornado which is meant to keep them in; The Full Entrapment takes about Three Seconds to take form- With each passing second, the Tornado of Flames gaining an extra layer of Flames about an Inch and a half thick. Once it was fully formed, The Blades that Were Made First Begins to Fire out in Random Angles towards the Enemy- Explosions being created on every swords Impact on the ground of even a Block; Minor they are but Explosions nonetheless. Even if the Person escapes the Tornado, The Blades will still fire outward- This Attack Lasts for about Two Posts. This attack has a range of 80 meters high; 30 meters in diameter.

||Third Ougi: Jōnetsu-en||
(情熱的火; Passionate Flame)
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Energy/Close
As a result of shifting into his Shikai, His normal purple aura Reiatsu has been converted into an elemental type of Reiatsu- Unique to The Dark Enforcer himself because it's his blue flames that are literally frigid to the touch. Tsukuyomi beckons on the ability like he usually does before making any movement to actually execute it. He then raises his reiastu to create a large dome of blue flames of a 360 degree orb around himself that ravages wildly. This Orb provides a Full orb of defense for a modicum of time before The Dark Enforcer must activate the "Second Part" of this ability. Within the swirling Ball of Blue Flame, the Practitioner Swings his Scythe in a quick Fashion upward, Slicing "Through" the orb of Flames itself from the bottom to the top. At that Moment, The Orb splits into Twenty five arcs of Blue flames that range from Twenty centimeters to one foot in length. With merely a wave of his free hand, Yuri is able to send these arcs of energy outward with Haphazard effects on the surrounding landscape. But, These Arcs of energy do not just explode on impact with something, They actually bury themselves underground to create Walls of Flames the corresponding size to the Length of the Energy arc used. When They erupt from the ground after three seconds they've been inside, They Actually change the direction they were facing; I.E: If It was planted as a Horizontal line, It would shift into a Vertical Line upon usage. These Wall of flames are easily able to reach about three hundred feet into that air- However, This ability is never to be meant as a long range attack, The Farthest away the arcs can be fired from Yuri is about Twenty five feet in Diameter around himself.

||Fourth Ougi: Shugo Ensoujin||
(守護炎槍陣; Protection Flame Spear Position)
Type: Offensive/Melee/Long Range
Yuri runs his scythe along the ground twice to create a cross-like symbol, and then with a point of his weapon, makes the symbol erupt with Blue flames that rise about ten feet into the air in front of himself before dissipating into a veil of Blue flames that act as a "Roof". The veil ranges from two hundred and fifty feet in each direction from the epicenter of the attack. From here, The Veil is emanating the temperatures of Absolute zero down towards the ground to attempt to slow enemy movements- To attempt to put them in a state of shock. The Veil of Blue flames is about One foot thick, just enough to add a daunting effect for such an ability. The veil of Flames is allowed to stay stagnant for about Three posts before automatically descending towards the ground in a blanket of frozen, Frigid death; It takes about one post for the veil to be on the ground. However, Within the three post limit, Yuri is able to beckon on the name of the technique once more to summon pillars of Blue flames with the same cross like formation he carved into the ground prior. There is roughly about seventy of these pillars haphazardly coming out of the ground, Making contact with the "Roof" above it- But, It was only a trigger, Allowing the Veil to be Dissipated into thousands of rain like drops of Blue flames the size of ping-pong balls. They fall at a velocity of 4o m/ph, allowing a quick rain of energy towards his opponent. This attack has a Three post cool down due to it's devastating effects.

Its Shikai Command is "Frostbite" (凍傷; Tōshō)

||Bankai Name:||
Dai Tenshi Teion-en
(大天使低温炎; Archangel Cold Flame)

||Bankai Description:||
Dai Tenshi Teion-en. Holding his Scythe towards the sky, It goes completely White as His Scythe Then Changes into a Longsword with a Transparent Blade; It's Length is 200 centimeters, Although, It Has a Collapsible Top Part of the Blade to Create a "Short" Sword of 100 centimeters with a Flame Crest that is engraved along the Blade. However, The retract ability is purely Spiritual, Not actually having a groove for the retracting motion to actually occur. At the Bottom of the Guard is a Phoenix talon Symbol. There is a Small Ribbon of the Blue color That wraps around Yuri's Left hand and Arm up to his shoulder which on contact changes into a Phoenix That Gives him wings made of Blue Flame like Feathers. The Dark Enforcer now has Four wings that look almost like an arch-angel formation. Floating in the middle of his back is the Kanji Character "Purge" in a Diamond formation that has a Strong radiating presence. It is surrounded by a diamond-like border that is of his reiatsu as well. The "Purge" kanji is very bright and is able to move from it's original position at the command of The Dark Enforcer.

||Bankai Abilities:||
(He does not retain his all of his shikai's abilities upon the transformation of his Bankai)
Dai Tenshi Teion-en is a Zanpakutō with the ability to Manipulate Flame Based Attacks, such as Create Fire Walls or Domes of Flames. Although, These Flames are completely Different to many other Flame Based Zanpakutos- Or even to his Shikai's Abilities. Dai Tenshi Teion-en has "Stasis" Flames at his Command. Meaning, Although It seems Hot and Burning, The Flames themselves act like a suspended animation agent. Usually, the effects of such an ability refers to a greatly reduced state of life processes, stasis implies a complete cessation of these processes, which can be easily restarted or restart spontaneously when stasis is removed. These Flames are able to put things into a Form of Stasis by rupturing the atoms themselves motionless, Seemingly "Frozen" in time. If the inanimate is of lesser power, The effects of the Stasis is almost immediate. However, If they are Equal to or stronger, The effects of the stasis is only usually at 70 percent of its full capabilities. The effects on an inanimate object is otherwise permanent, unless, Given a direct order from Tsukuyomi himself. On Living Targets, These "stasis" Flames are able to make Atoms stop moving if on contact with the Flames for over eight Seconds Creating "Stasis" on the effect body part Or Repeated Attacks on the same Place; About four Encounters if Under the eight Second Limit. The effects of the "stasis" would last about Three posts before reverting to it's original state it was at before the incident. These Flames can be released in a Wake of a Swing or Simply Tunneled Throughout the ground for surprise attacks. The aura of this weapon can "Freeze" everything and anything that Yuri waves the long sword at, changing it into nothing more than a Solid statue. Unlike other Zanpakutō shown so far, resealing Dai Tenshi Teion-en does not deactivate any ability already used against an opponent. Dai Tenshi Teion-en's abilities are now labeled as "Hi Ougi's" by Yuri; They have crafted some abilities- However, Discarding most of his old set.

||First Hi Ougi: Bakuenshouha||
(爆焔焼破; Blast Flame Burning Destruction)
Type: Support/Defensive/Offensive/Short-Long Range
When the Hi Ougi is used, Yuri pivots on his heels in a spinning motion once, Allowing Dai Tenshi Teion-en to trace a circle along the ground. Calling on the name of his hi ougi, The Dark Enforcer plunges the sword into the ground and turns it clockwise- Almost like a key. A plethora of flames begins to erupt all around him in a pillar of raging intensity within the traced circle; It's range is usually about Five to six feet in radius. He is obviously immune to his own power, so he is able to continue the technique hopefully uninterrupted. Due to the nature of his powers, He has technically created a stasis field. With this no inanimate object can travel faster than 16.3 m/s, which includes electrons, photons, and the field itself. Animate Targets unfortunately caught inside of this field must have protection of Equal power, or other means, otherwise all electrical activity within their body would stop and they would be suspended in stasis- A purgatory hell. This field of defensive properties is able to last for about Three posts before dissipating into nothingness, relinquishing the effects of the Stasis on any target caught inside if animate. Within the three post activation, Tsukuyomi is able to seemingly Turn his Sword counterclockwise in the ground, beckoning on the name of the ability once more. The Pillar of "Stasis" flames would wildly fluctuate before firing outward in a ring radius of sixty feet, It would end up creating a large wave of fire that is then Dissipated into a web of Blue Flames. This Flame Net is able to be set dormant for about three Posts without Dissipating it takes the form of an Arc; 12 meters away at farthest point; Width is variable to a maximum of 30 meters, In Response, It has a Two Post Cool down.

||Second Hi Ougi: Maou Rengadan||
(魔王連牙弾; Devil Emperor Chain Fang Bullet)
Type: Offensive-Counter/Melee/Direct-Close Range
Upon activation of his hi ougi, Tsukuyomi swings his weapon forward, Allowing the tip of the blade to be pointed at his enemy. As he does this, He calls out the name of the technique. The Purge symbol behind his back begins to shine brightly before lifting itself up and outward. The Purge symbol then splits into four, creating a wall of energy on four fronts of Tsukuyomi's person. The Flames then begin to seep out of each symbol before solidifying around it, creating a two foot thick wall of flames. From here, Tsukuyomi is able to control each Symbol as if it was a shield; It's Length is about two and a half feet, and the width being about a foot long. These solidified "stasis" Flames are a great defense against almost all energy attack, able to create the "Stasis" Affect with little difficulty if of equal power- Lesser power attacks would be obviously be affected almost instantaneously. If one of these Shields are attacked once, They react without the command of Tsukuyomi, Releasing the solidified wall of Flames outward as an instant rebuttal. The wave of flame can only stretch about five feet from the original shields position. If these walls of energy aren't hit or used in two posts, Tsukuyomi has the chance to form the four "walls " Around the enemy, Closing the top with a thick roof of "Stasis" Flames that begins to fluctuate wildly. Turning his Sword counterclockwise at the "Prison", It shines wildly before Imploding with the power of each out of these walls- The combined force of such an ability is the equivalent of an one hundred and fifty pound bomb, easily decimating, and "Freezing" everything within its wake.

|| Third Hi Ougi: Tsuiga Bakuensou: Hitenshouku||
(墜牙爆炎槍- 飛天翔駆; Crash Fang Blast Flame Spear: Fly Soaring Drive)
Type: Offensive/Melee/Long Ranged
Tsuiga Bakuensou is The Dark Enforcer's Favorite move out of his Shikai Arsenal. However, In his Bankai, He was able to "Form" Another way how to activate it- Making this ability even more deadly then its counterpart. The Activation for this ability is almost like it used to be. The Dark Enforcer's Long sword begins to fuel out a superfluous amount of Blue Flames that exude from the Blade itself- Giving it another 30 centimeters in Pure flame length; If given the opportunity, Yuri is able to charge up the flame to about a length of 60 Centimeters, resulting in a higher total of spears. Plunging the flaming tip into the ground once, It loses of Flame length that was forged within a moment; The Dark Enforcer is able to keep this ability inert for about two posts before it goes off automatically; The Purge Emblem on the Blade however, Continues to have a Wil-o-wisp of flame that lays "Stagnant". Spinning his sword once, Yuri turns his weapon clockwise in the air, Calling forth the ability at hand. The ground underneath the enemy begins to shake and Crack with tiny holes that seep Blue flames for about a modicum of a second within the vicinity of 30 feet around them. At that Time, multiple Blue flame spears shoot from the ground at about Fifteen angles to trap the opponent in a prison of Cold flames. These Spears are able to range from nine to fifteen at a time as they are always on different angles and positions. They are able to shoot upward to about 400 feet, seeming to piece the very skies with a firing rate of 1.5 seconds per interval. Tsuiga Bakuensou fires these spears rapidly within the range limit until they total 81 to 200 depending on the power fueled inside of the ability itself. However, The ability isn't done anymore, This is the deadly "Hitenshouku" extension. After they have stretched about at least two hundred feet into the air, they Curve to create a "U" turn back towards the ground. As they Plummet towards the ground, Everyone of the Blue flames change their angles about ten degrees, allowing another random set of angles to be set upon the enemy. Crashing into the ground once more, The spears- Well, Now Threads have created what seems to look like a wild rose vine garden of "stasis" Death.

||Fourth Hi Ougi: Kasshinenkouha||
(活心火鋼破; "Divide Shadow Flame Wave"):
Type: Offensive-Supportive/Melee/Long Range
Out of his Bankai's Abilities, This would have to be the quickest in activation, and the least reiastu taxing. This Attack involves Tsukuyomi Simply Jumping into the Air with a Front Flip before descending towards the ground with his sword converging energy at the tip. The Sword Seemingly gets Dissipated into the ground as it then Spawns Seventeen Streams of "Stasis" Flames that are Jumping in and out of the ground like Dolphins. As They Converge Upon the enemy, They Fuse together in a Massive Stream that Then Jumps out and Lunges towards them; These streams are traveling at a very high speed, easily fast enough to keep up with some of the most advance shunpo/sonido users. However, If they are unfortunate enough to have this ability make contact with their person, The streams then Dissipate around them to allow a binding type of effect to take place. The seventeen streams would wrap around the targets legs, arms, Torso, Ankles, and wrists, Allowing Yuri to hopefully render his Opponent motionless. If they are affected by Kasshinenkouha, The Stasis like ability begins to take effect on their body, shutting down the electrical impulses that are sustaining the life of the target. The binding effect of this ability only lasts for two posts- Mainly, Because that's all the time needed to shut down the affected targets Electrical impulses; Of course, If the person has a high enough reiatsu, They are able to break out with pure force and grit.

||Final Hi Ougi: Bushin Soutenha||
(武神双天波; "Martial God Paired Heaven Wave")
Type: Offensive/Melee/High-Long Range
Bushin Soutenha is a Technique that almost cost him his life trying to learn. It requires the Purge emblems to be placed into ground in the same diamond formation- 400 Feet in total. Once activated, Yuri will thrust his sword into the ground, as if activating the Kasshinenkouha ability. Instead of sending streams of energy, The reiatsu along with the purge emblems on the ground will Shine Violently before Firing up Four Solid beams of Blue Flames into the sky; Each of these pillars being about fifty feet in total radius. Tsukuyomi jumps into the air after pulling it out of the ground, charging his sword with energy of each Tower Emitting the Flames. As each one of these Pillars fuel there energy into Yuri's Sword, The Dark Enforcer's Wings begin to shine abnormally bright. Once each pillar is "Inside" of Dai Tenshi Teion-en's Blade by Osmosis, Yuri called upon the name of his Final Hi ougi, releasing the energy as two streams. Midair, the steams will twist and then merge into a single, powerful blast, which will blast through all enemies. The force of the impact is next to unbelievable along with the condensed Stasis effect within the Blast. The Ability literally ruptures Air Molecules as it travels through the air. The Two Streams alone are about 8 feet in width and 12 feet in Length, However, Once they merge, They don't double in measurement , But Squared in measurement. The Explosion of this Technique can easily Decimate more than Half of Karakura town into an Icy dead city- Thus, Yuri will only use this Move in complete and utter dire need.
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Need to Add to History for several Purposes (chew)


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

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||Part One: Sole Heir to the Tsukuyomi:||
The setting of Yuri’s life was very ordinary. He himself was also a very ordinary kid the only thing outside of school was take martial arts, such as Kendo. He was a regular high school student, he did regular school activities and after school activities. He has seen his share of hatred and love. The days in school were completely ordinary nothing exciting ever happened that was until he reached sixteen. After Yuri’s sixteenth birthday he seemed to see things other did not. Spirits. He would never speak out about these things though. His parents were very strict, and yet, were never actually there. He tried to always be on his best behavior around Them. The following morning after his birthday, Yuri had gotten a call from his girlfriend of two years. It was the call no one wanted after their birthday the break up call.

Yuri’s mind was broken he stayed quiet all throughout school and even home for weeks. Weeks later His Best Friend asked Yuri if he wanted to join him at a party, Yuri regrettably accepted the offer after all he never really got to go out because of his after school activities. It was the first day Yuri had smiled in weeks since his and his ex-girlfriends break up. It was party time and Yuri was for once very excited. However all that would change within a couple hours. Yuri only had a few drinks, he didn’t feel like making a bad choice and then in nine months have a child like him…A mistake. As he turned down every girl who approached him trying to get laid. It was unbeknownst to him that the girl who just broke up with him, and tore his heart from his chest tearing it into a million pieces then stomping on it and skipping off like nothing ever happened was at this party. Yuri wandered the giant house as he felt the buzz come too him. He happened upon many different kind of drug usage in the house. There was a room where people where snorting cocaine, a room where people were taking bong and bowl hits, and even a room where people had just rolled face and where cuddling in a giant crowd. Yuri himself had never done any drugs, and wasn’t in the mood to start tonight. He moved from room to room looking for something to do. He sighed as he couldn’t hold his urge anymore, it was time he went to partake in his one and only addiction…Cigarettes’. He walked down the long hallway that led him to the back patio he pulled out a back of Camel signature frost’s grasping one of the filters between his doll lips lighting the end, pulling hard while inhaling, then exhaling. “Damn this can always put a smile on my face” The young boy spoke to himself. He most likely would have said more if he didn’t spot his ex and his Best Friend fucking on the trampoline. His jaw dropped as he stood silent his rage building up his cigarette dropped from his mouth and hit the ground as he screamed out his rage and sorrow speaking for him now.

“Are you fucking kidding me!? This is why you broke up with me? For my
fucking jealous, pot-head, high school drop out best friend?!!!”

Tears came down like razorblades on the young boys face as he witnessed this and
let the alcohol speak for him.

“You…You’re nothing but a goddamned slut! I bet you guys have been fooling around for the whole two fucking years we dated haven’t you!?”

His Best friend sighed as he confessed to his brother Yuri that what he suspected was true. Yuri lost it now, he rage was as high as it could go; In Response, his Dormant Powers began to Take hold of him and his Emotions, Frost beginning to Seep from his Skin. He Leaped onto the Trampoline as he Grabbed his Friend By the Throat- Freezing him Solid Within Moments. The eyes of his Ex-Girlfriend Widened in Fear, As he Ran from the scene Screaming. Yuri Looked at what he done and then at his hands. His bad night had gotten worse as he was now a Murderer of his own best Friend. His rage took him over it was no longer possible to control himself. With his Power running wild on what ever he touches, Yuri Freaks out and Runs from the House Party to his own house. Arriving at his house about Fifteen Minutes after the whole Ordeal, His Mother, Father, and Three Other People in Black Cloaks were Waiting for him- His eyes widened at the fact that his mother and father were in the same room. With his Mother crying in Despair at whats going to happen, Yuri Walks over to his mother before being Apprehended by the Men in Black. Screaming for an explanation, His Father Explained to him that he is actually the Only Child Spawn Left of the Tsukuyomi Clan- A Group of Humans with the Inert Ability to See and Conjure reiatsu; Many had Different ways how to Project it, But Yuri had the Special Ability to make it form into an Ice like Manifestation. His Father Explained that he had the ability since Birth, But they sealed his powers inside himself until he was Sixteen; It all made sense to him now, The Sudden appearance of Spirits after his Sixteenth Birthday, The Seemingly cold Temperature he always felt. His Head fell to the ground as he attempts to take in all the new found Knowledge. His father then said Good bye to Yuri as the Men in Black took him to an Institution that could Teach him how to Control it- Unbeknownst to Yuri, That would be his downfall.

||Part Two: The Order of Lorelei||
Yuri was a failed Human Prodigy Under the original Fon Master Ion of the Order of Lorelei. The Fon Master is unique not only in his political stature (he is a symbol of the peace after the Hod War).The Order of Lorelei had been a Human Made Order of Believers of the Shinigami Reincarnation along with the Purging of Hollows. All Members of the Order are Human and have the ability to see spiritual Beings; This Base is Casted into the Far Depths of Mt. Fuji. Yuri himself was a Truly Gifted Child in his Spiritual Awareness and the inert Special Ability to Harness it in Many Ways Unknown to Almost the whole Order Accept the elders and the Fon Master. The Elder's Choosing Yuri to be a Prodigy, Due to his Ability handed down from his Tsukuyomi Linage Called Hyougajin, His Own Unique Ability that Allows him to Manipulate and Conjure force of reiatsu in form of frigid Powers even though he is Human. This Caused The Elders of the Order to become worried of how far or Fast he will grow.

When the original Fon Master Ion becomes deathly ill, Grand Maestro Mohs and Commandant Spada Grants use Assembled seven Prodigies to replace the Fon Master. Yuri who could use all Daathic Fonic Artes Within The Book, Even some the elders couldn't Control; Although His inabilities to not read the Score or open doors to the Sephiroth, and so is deemed unworthy to replace Fon Master Ion along with five other replicas prodigies. All seven prodigies who were supposed replace Ion, were thrown into the mouth of the Mt. Fuji volcano. After Thirty Minutes of Excruciating Pain, Yuri opened his eyes partially to see himself looking towards a Tall Man in a Black Long robe with a katana fighting this monster that made a Hollow-like scream. Yuri then collapsed once again before feeling the man shake his shoulder, He then felt like he was a peace. Yuri muttered out.

"Are you...A shinigami...?"

Without a word uttered from the man, The Slender figure picked up the wounded Yuri before Performing the Konso on him. With that, Yuri was then Transported to the very world he was learning about all his life...The soul society.

||Part Three: Seireitei- What to do ?||
Yuri then began to grow up in the Lower Rukongai District 80 with Flynn; A Young man he met during his travels and according to many of the residents there such as Ted, they were the best of friends and shared everything; Such as there first dog, Play swords they Bought together, and also helping each other when ever they could. Yuri's Name at the Time of his Rukongai was Lowell, As were the last name of yuri's Adopted Parents name which he cannot remember due to a Mental Block out of a certain part of his Past. As Yuri and Flynn Used to Play around, Everyone used to tell them to watch out for the a certain type of hollow that has been around for Decades That Steal the victoms Body as a host; Being Curious Young men, The two decided to try and Find this hollow and be heros for Slaying it. Days goes by as the two continue to look for the Mysterious Hollow of the Lore. Before the Moment of Impending defeat, The two were near the outskirts of District 80 As Large Figure hollow Appears in the distance with a Daunting bellow. His Figure Getting Massive with every growing step the Hollow took.

Yuri then Unsheathed the sword on his back and Lunged at the Hollow in a Blind feat of Courage, He then Backhands Both boys to the side as he walks past; His Sword being flung out of his hand in process. Getting up with a Determined gaze upon his face, Yuri Grabs the Sword the was to his right hand side and he Attacks The hollow in a Blind Stupid Rage, Rushing and swinging his blade toward his body. His Blade hitting his skin but making a Thud noise makes Little Yuri's Eyes Widen in fear. The hollow then turns around and looks at him, Thrusting his hand into his chest. Yuri Gasped with pain as Blood Flew out of his mouth. With Flynn knocked out to the side, It seemed Yuri was done for; But at that, The hollow then Began to Dissipate with a Bellowing Cry as Yuri then fell to the ground- barely Clinging to Life, Yuri Mustered the strentgth to open his eyes as they were casted towards a Familiar face. This was the man that saved him in the first place on that one Faithful night. He began to Heal up Yuri with Herbs and Kido like skills before seemingly disappear in the night. Yuri Then Layed there with his damaged body looking up at the sky. At that day, Yuri knew this man was his Guardian- He made a nickname for the man "Kage Bushin" With the Thoughts...of Becoming just like that Man....Thoughts of becoming his own "Dark Enforcer"

He Returned home on that same Night, Hollows Were then shown Running a Rampage through out the village below, Running to there aid, Yuri and the others went to the scene; Although of the injures Sustained by that other hollow.. Arriving as quick as he could, Yuri Runs to his House as he Sees the Unthinkable. Yuri's "Parents" were Killed By a Group of Hollows, Yuri Screams as he runs over to Try and Save Them but was no Match for the Hollows as there reiatsu alone took him to his knees. Thinking he was going to die, He began crying, But then A Massive figure was seen destorying the hollows swiftly. "The Kage Bushin" Came to his Rescue As his Father was Dying, Yuri Ran over as He handed him his Gold Bracelet Something called a Blastia, Stating that it has Hidden Power within it that will help him grow. He took The Bracelet with Tears running down his face and Put it on never taking it off afterwards.

||Part Four: Teion-en- The Zanpakuto of few words||
After Gaining the Bodhi Blastia from his adopted parents, Yuri and Flynn Decided that They needed to Grow even stronger to protect the innocence of District 80- Well, As much as their is anyway. It has been about Two Months since the death of his Parents, And Yuri had been Up-keeping their old House in Memory of them. It was about the Beginning of Winter as He begun to start taking in Firewood for the Upcoming Months- The Snow was already trying to Hinder his Progress. Within the Forest that lays Adjacent to his House, Yuri walks in there Willingly to grab some wood. For Some reason, It Began to get colder and Colder every 10 Feet he entered- Almost as if Someone, Or something was trying to Test him. Shivering with a Bundle of wood in his arms, Yuri Decided to take a Break for a moment- This Moment could of did him in for good, But, fate was on his side for the time Being once again. From when He sat down, He Passed out from Exhaustion- Although, He could have never of guessed or predicted what was about to happen next. From within his Soul, Yuri was on top of a mountain Peak. His eyes widened in fear as he wondered on he even got to this places. A Voice then came from the Distance.

"Heed...my...words...my name...is...T"

The voice was deep and Mysterious, Although It seemed...Right. Trying to Reach deep within his own Soul, Yuri continued to hear those words over and over again. From what seemed to be Hours, Or even days, Yuri began to hear what he was searching for the whole time. The Name came in Loud and Clear Once and he Grabbed on to it like a Bear onto a Salmon. He Suddenly opened his eyes as he Screamed Aloud.


An Explosion of Reiatsu then Ripped throughout the Entire Forest as the Snow within the Area begun to Lessen over a Short Period of time. Breathing Quite Heavily after that Extreme Period of concentration, Yuri had a Katana- A Zanpakuto in his Left hand. Looking at it with Unprecedented Intrigue, Yuri Stood up and looked towards the Sky. Was this what his Mother and Father wanted ? did they know all of this was going to Transpire ? Even if the answer was no, He had no one else to thank except his Human Parents. With his New found zanpakuto in hand, Yuri Walked back home to District 80, With a New found Mission deep within his heart.

||Part Five: Captaincy within The Gotei; Gobantai Taichou||
After Joining the Shino Academy and Graduating in five years, Yuri had back into the Seireitei for his Captain's Exam- Unfortunately, Yuri then became Gravely Ill, Falling into Comatose, having to Postpone his Exam for several Weeks. Within his sleep, He resided with his Inner world with his Zanpakuto Teion-en. Speaking with him softly about the matter of this warm embrace with his soul, The Cause is then revealed to him before his very Eyes. His Hyougajin Power was what keeping him alive. After all those years, His Inert Power was now accessible now as a Shinigami- Although they are not without Drawbacks. Now that he has control over it Fully and the well being of His soul intertwined with his zanpakuto's and His Inert power, Teion-en ask him to grow strong and Help the less fortunate. Nodding in full agreement, Yuri then Holds out his hand toward him to shake it as He then Wakes up from his Comatose. After his Comatose, Yuri felt as good as new or even better, as he awaits the Votes of the captains and Won. Now being the Captain of the Fifth Squad, Yuri was happy with the Success he now gained. Its been years since anything in seireitei happened since Aizen was Defeated. Yuri Enjoys a normal Captain Life along with going to the rukongai Districts every once and a While to keep his Promise.


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

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Yuri Hisui Tsukuyomi (W.I.P; Until The Feeding Desire is Finished)
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