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 Honoo Hyate

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PostSubject: Honoo Hyate   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:59 pm



Name: Honoo Hyate

Gender: Male

Age: 870 looks 22

Personality: He is a nice and calm person.very active and has a bit demon~ish when he is challenged or faced in battle.One of his hobbies is training and being very silent.as anyone would agree of being by him would know that he does not like to be messed with he is a violent man when he is needed to.People see him as a dull and akward person,but hes always ready to kill a person.he is a very sneaky person with a low tolerance for others.
Doesn't like to be messed with when meditating.He is a very smart person who experiments on others when it is possible.He really likes to drink sake out of the bottle so he doesn't have to share.This man has a thrill for romance and fighting which many men couldn't accept.As seen when around certain types of places his dislikes changes.


Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg137/Heroes_Sacrifice/Katekyo%20Hitman%20REBORN/Yamamoto.jpg

Height: 6 foot 7 inches

Weight: 200 Pounds

Eye Color: mud brown

Hair Color: black


Zanpakutô Spirit: Aisueiji kigenzen is it's name.It has a soft and welcoming manifestation&personality that is not used to harming others,but it's lust for blood is great when it is not sealed and it has a baby blue ocean tilt and a dark red wield.the whole blade is all white and black in a swirly going straight up the middle tow the end point of the blade.The zanpakutos power is to equip H20 to make a frozen or liquid state of water that goes down his arms circling around the blade and making the blade more sharp and engulfing the katana making it able to stretch in length and to harden and freeze up while stretching it.
Zanpakutô Realm: http://s2.zerochan.net/240/22/30/461522.jpg is a realm where all is just a giant orb of water surrounding this one sword and many creatures live there in peace where there is no war.

Sealed Zanpakutô : https://2img.net/h/i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee488/kiba1357/271482.jpg

Shikai Description: https://2img.net/h/i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee488/kiba1357/457100.jpg

Shikai Abilities: The abilities of my shikai
Reitō mirā is to fully engulf the users body with a thin layer of ice and water which is more of a counter attack,but has a high chance of being broken threw and can result in severe damage to the user.
Mizu yari must be used by a sorce of water.It is when the wielder needs to put his sword in water and pull it out to see that your sword is in the shape of a spear with a frozen end in which the sword has a very thin line that is attached to the end on the blade and this is where you must throw it at the opponent and if it misses you must pull it back by the thin line.This is even more dangerous to do because your sword might be taken.
Reitō ryū this attack takes about a lake full of water to do. This is a attack where your sword be lifted into the air by water which is in a wobbly form of water that than turns into a frozen crystal dragon that has the sword in its mouth so when the dragon swallows the enemy it is stabbed and pierced threw the heart by the sword.
Release: Aisu toshi seireki

Bankai Description: (no bankai)
Bankai Abilities: (no bankai)


History/Background: One day while traveling threw the city Honoo Hyate was just about to go home from his basketball game.On his way home he saw a little girl with a chain coming out of her chest.He kneed down by her asking for help when she pointed at the giant hollow behind him as a shinigami would stab his sword threw the hollows head and do something to the little girl that the boy did not be able to see as he was shocked at what he just saw than as more hollows would come the shinigami would be torn to bits as he would take his zanpakuto and give the boy his powers he would be shocked but later on the boy killed them all feeling a rush looking down at the dead shinigami he pleased to god that he would be ok but than he would suddenly be reported to the soul society infront of the gotei 13 to be then signed to be a substitute shinigami he would now roam his city killing hollows until his promotion.

Extra Abilities: The extra abilities is to be able to mix certain gases and liquids to form diffrent types up flames. Ex:blue = faster fire. red= normal fire , purple = dead cold fire , green = acid fire.

Roleplay Sample: -First the boy with the sword would run at the female with tonfas in her hands she would put her tonfas over her face as the boy had his chance he would than yell- Aisu toshi seireki!Reitō mirā~ -than as the boy would jump into the air now wielding 2 swords and a thin layer of water and ice as he would stab down on her slicing her arm open downwards and the other sword didnt cut anything- -than the female would look up her arm being cut open yelling in pain than she would take the other and pound in a barrage of slams into the boys chest as the layer of ice and water would be broken he would fall back- -than the boy would be smashed into he would cough up blood than screaming out loud-Mizu yari!!! -as his sword would be consumed by water it would whip at the girl with sharp ends- -she would than smirk seeing the water blast at her she would jump back a far feet jumping backwards and jumping off trees not seeing it anymore she would calm down waiting for the next attack than flinching- -than as the water would completely surround her in a ball of water than sqeezeing as the trees would crack than clenching on her body as the water turns into ice and she would inseeled in ice as shw would die- -the moy

Last edited by LenHyate on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:26 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : It was deneyed so i had to fix it.)
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PostSubject: Re: Honoo Hyate   Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:01 am

Sorry, I'm going to have to instantly deny this. It's not using the template provided.



[b]Name:[/b] (Character name.)

[b]Gender:[/b](Male or female)

[b]Age:[/b](real age and how old they look)

[b]Personality:[/b](Everyone has a general personality)


[b]Appearance:[/b] (what they look like pics are welcomed )

[b]Height:[/b] (Make it in Feet)

[b]Weight:[/b] (Make this in Lbs and think about the Height when your putting this in)

[b]Eye Color:[/b] (The Color of your Character's eyes)

[b]Hair Color:[/b] (The Color of your Character's Hair)


[b]Zanpakutô Spirit:[/b](Describe the physical manifestation of your sword. Include its name, appearance, and personality.)

[b]Zanpakutô Realm:[/b] (Descrbie or give us a picture of what the realm looks like.)

[b]Sealed Zanpakutô :[/b] (what does the sword look like when its not released?)

[b]Shikai Description:[/b] (You or your sword's new appearance)

[b]Shikai Abilities:[/b] (What are the abilities your Shikai has? Do not overpower your shikai.)

[b]Release:[/b](What you have to say in order to release. try to be original.)

[b]Bankai Description:[/b]  (The appearance of you and the sword, assuming it still is a sword)

[b]Bankai Abilities:[/b]
(Your sword's abilities now that it is in its ultimate stage)


[b]History/Background:[/b] ( You can write about their life on earth, then their history as a shinigami.)

[b]Extra Abilites:[/b] (This is if they have a high intellect or something like they are a very good researcher or scientist)

[b]Roleplay Sample:[/b] (Show us your stuff!)

That's what you fill in. Please revise, with the given template.

Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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Posts : 369
Join date : 2011-03-26
Age : 25
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Honoo Hyate   Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:03 am

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [o]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: We have a LOT to work on here, mate! So for now, this app is DENIED.

Powers: Better, thank you. They're acceptable.

But the zanpakuto realm needs to be a PLACE, sorry.

And you still need at least two more sentences for personality.

Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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PostSubject: Re: Honoo Hyate   Sat May 07, 2011 8:00 am

Since this person has not been back for awhile and not showing any signs of changing or modifying this application, it has been moved to Denied Applications.
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PostSubject: Re: Honoo Hyate   

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Honoo Hyate
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