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 Conceptual Weapons - Akashas Treasures

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PostSubject: Conceptual Weapons - Akashas Treasures   Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:35 pm

Enforcing a Concept

A normal weapon, like a Zanpakuto, has a concept of power because it is a Zanpakuto. The same can be said for a Sacred, or a Quincy bow. But a Conceptual Weapon is entirely different - these weapons are a concept that is a weapon because the concept exists, not the other way around. This basic principe is the origin of these weapons - a concept forged into form.
While Conceptual Weapon may imply it to be a tool of destruction, a Conceptual Weapon can just as easily be a defensive object, or even a healing artifact. Even the Holy Grail is considered to be a Conceptual Weapon.


All Conceptual Weapons originally steem from the 'Sugiura Dimension', where they have been found and still can be found in ruins, caves, under water or even in spiritual phenomena like floating, rattling castles. Originally, they were made by a died out civilization - the first race of humanoid Guardian Beasts, who held magic and technology far surpassing the current time, before a sudden disaster destroyed their time. Many Conceptual Weapons ended up in different worlds over the 10000 years the Sugiura inhabit the dimension of the Guardian Beasts, but even more are still there to be found.

Obtaining a Concept

To obtain a Conceptual Weapon, you first have to create it or chose one without a wielder that is not a legendary Sacred. Either staff or other RPers will accompany you through one or more threads to finally aquire the desired Conceptual Weapon. Depending on the weapon, the difficulty will wary from a normal expedition into a damp cave into a wild chase all together with fights of ancient keepers in crumbling ruins, so be ready to fight for your desire.
A character can carry a Conceptual Weapon upon creation, if that happens, it'll be handled as part of that characters powers, meaning it has to balance out with the rest. You can have more than one Conceptual Weapon theoretically.

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Conceptual Weapons - Akashas Treasures
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