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 Fall Into Me. [A Poem by Ama Yariman]

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Ama Yariman


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PostSubject: Fall Into Me. [A Poem by Ama Yariman]   Thu May 05, 2011 9:27 pm

You are always there with kind eyes and a gentle face

Your hair always out of place

You look in the mirror and often dislike what you see,

I look, and see what I see

You are a good person through and through,

And no matter what I'll be there for you.

You think you're not enough

I know your life is rough

You think no one of your experiences you share

I regret to say I am there

Behind your eyes hold great longing

Behind my eyes are feelings of great belonging

In your head lie thoughts of others and pain 

In my head it's all the same

We are so close it is almost too perfect

But I dare not say it... For fear that it's not, yet

I feel we were meant to be

But, you and me..

Should we wait?

Is it too full, that plate?

I want to take a chance

I want to dance this dance

You want to wait 

You want to slow down or rely on fate

If it were to be

Your piece would fall next to me

If this is it happen

We would fall together... And not be so broken.
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Fall Into Me. [A Poem by Ama Yariman]
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