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 Mind and Eye of Ra

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PostSubject: Mind and Eye of Ra   Sat May 07, 2011 9:34 am

Name: The Mind and Eye of Ra

Release-States: 1 Release State

Concept: Knowledge

Appearance: Just a Brain and an Eye, the Eye however has a tattoo next to it, a bit like the one in the spoiler.


Powers: Constant Release

Guardian: The Guardian of this is Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun, mainly portrayed as a Hawk. Ra blesses the person that has this conceptual weapon with the Mind and Eye of Ra, both of these are helpful things if your a tactician mainly, the Eye of Ra makes it so that you can see the reaitsu flow and able to see further away with the Eye of Ra as well as helps you analyze things from afar. The Eye can now decode computer information and translate it. It can also scan for spiritual pressure in a 10 mile radius. As an added bonus, you can also perceive how strong a being is (if they are not cloaked or hiding their spiritual pressure) by a color system. If the person has a blue glow around them that means their reitsu is low (So if your in battle this will be useful to see how much of your opponent's reitsu has been drained), if it's green that means it's moderate, yellow means that it's strong and red is dangerously strong. It can also be adjusted to where it can read your body's overall strength and adjust these color systems to see who is weaker then you or stronger.

The Mind of Ra makes it so that you can process information within the blink of an eye, thousands of pictures are able to be viewed within a matter of seconds as well as that it comes with almost a photographic memory and a memory that is almost like that of a elephants, able to remember even the slightest thing for thousands of thousands of years. It is able to tell what is a illusion and what is not a illusion based on the awareness and power of the user.
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Mind and Eye of Ra
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