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 Shotaro Hidari

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PostSubject: Shotaro Hidari   Sun May 22, 2011 7:12 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Shotaro Hidari

Alias: "The Hardboiled Detective"

Age: 19


Height: 195 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Personality: [2 Paragraphs minimum.]

History: [2 paragraph or 10 sentences minimum.]

Birthplace: Futo City

Powers: Shotaro's powers are aligned with the Gaia Memories that he holds - and allow him to merge with Philip using the Double Driver Belt, creating a combined Hero known as "Kamen Rider Double". He holds three Gaia Memories, but is also able to use one of them to form his own personal Kamen Rider form - Kamen Rider Joker.

Joker: The black side of Double, when used - Joker, or the Trump Card Memory, allows the user to increase their fighting ability.

Metal: The silver side of Double, when used - Metal, or the Steel Memory, allows the user to increase their strength to superhuman levels.

Trigger: The blue side of Double, when used - Trigger, or the Sniper Memory, allows the user to become an expert marksman.

Extra Abilities: [This means if your character has any sort of like gifts, enhanced intelligence or something of that sort, that would go here.]

Ki Usage: [Some humans use Ki, some do not, when thinking about Ki Usage, how good would your character be at controlling their inner Ki?]

Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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Shotaro Hidari
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