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 Aya Kawasumi

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Aya Kawasumi   Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:32 am

Human Template

General Information

Name: Aya Kawasumi

Alias: Aya-tan Aya-chan and various nicknames that her high-school friends use to frequently call her.

Age: 19



Standing at 5"4 Aya is one very attractive woman with brown hair which she keeps tied within her favorite ribbon. While her hair use to be very long in the past, she would eventually cut most of her hair, due to the locks of hair becoming bothersome during Kendo training. However for some apparent reason, her hair has grown back by a moderate amount, as her family is popular for their beautiful hair styles, that can either become very long or very short. She is known to keep her hair tied with a long red ribbon, providing her with the best fighting condition she can ask for. The Bow was given to her by her sister and she has kept it close to her for quite some time now. Her hair, however is not her most defining feature. While she finds this embarrassing her most defining feature is her well defined breast's. They are not on the level of Rangiku or Kukakku's but they are still very large considering her age. Kawasumi and Natsume women are known for having such growth, which has allowed them to attract men, as they wish for women with wonderful hip sizes and the size of the breast's are simply a plus. Comically, it has also been a reason why they have lived for such a long time as a family. Aya and her sister are the successors to the clan, and plan to keep the clan's name alive. While Small, Aya is still capable of using her body as a weapon against opponents. She is well versed in kendo and martial arts respectfully, and even possesses physical strength that is unheard of for most girls her age. Due to her size and body structure this allows her to be nimble, while executing precise and heavy blows at the opponent's most vulnerable areas, effectively removing any resistance that they may try to use against her, physically. Her sister Maya, comically calls her "Melon-girl", much to Aya's chagrin.

Height: 5"4

Weight: 112lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: light brown(rRed, when Dragon eye is active.)


Aya appears to be a very sweet and honest girl, willing to help out anyone in dismay. While she may be slightly naive, her sister has taught her many things about the world that she must not allow herself to fall victim. Aya is usually very soft-spoken and very lenient when it comes to matters that concern her family. She will rarely scold the people that she hangs around, even if they happen to cause turmoil, Aya will rarely hate that person for more then a day. It is for this good nature, that many people are drawn to her. She will be the first to help someone study for an upcoming test and will also do her best to make people happy when they're down. Even in battle, her innocence is something that often comes as a surprise to opponents as she is known for making cute comments such as; "Baka! You should be more softer on a lady in combat, have you no shame!" or "Nyah! if you slice that piece of clothing again my clothing might fall!" While these may sound sexual, she would not know as she has yet to experience that sort of thing with anyone. She is however, a avid fan of romance, and is guilty of playing a few visual novels in her spare time. She hopes that she will carry on her family's name and find a loving husband, to settle down with.

Even when Aya seems to be angry, one can't help but feel that she's somewhat like that mother that gives their a child a soft scolding, then forgives them the very next moment. Even when pouting or frowning, there's still a hint of innocence and happiness that can be discerned when people catch a glimpse of her facial expressions. While Aya may seem sweet, it is not wise to let her attitude fool people. If their is a person who hurts people close to her, she will find it very hard to forgive the person in question, if the crime was truly despicable. While she may not be a fan of violence, she loathes bastards. If a man or woman becomes the victim of Aya's rage, she will go into a "Semi-Berserker" mode. In this mode, she will show no mercy to the sinners and opposer's and will crush and slice their body into a nearly irreconcilable shape. She would automatically However, cry shortly after she has done so. Violence scares this girl, and she hates when she has to kill anyone that resembles anything close to a human, such as shinigami.

As stated above, Aya is a hopeless romantic to sum it up in two words. She loves seeing couples enjoying anything that you would hear in a cliché or cheesed out movie. As a child, her mom frequently told her of stories on how her and her husband met, and from that day Aya promised that she would find a husband that was much like her father. From that day on, Aya decided to aim towards finding a husband. However, due to the large amount of work it takes to find such a husband, and her current endeavors she isn't quite sure she'll find that special someone. She is not a fan of arranged marriage and will reprimand her mother for suggesting things of that sort. After all, who would want to fall in love with a complete stranger?; Not only is she fond of watching romance movies, but she is known to play a few visual novels. Her collection consists of romance/action and simple romance novels that she will read and play for days on end. She isn't a desperate woman, but simply hopes that she can live a life like her mother did and settle down with a dreamy and sweet man. In any case, Aya's wishes are not that unusual, and are much similar to the dreams that high school girls tend to dream about.

All in all, Aya can be very easy to confront about many matters concerning your everyday life. She isn't known to be hateful, and is one of the friendliest girls that one could possibly wish for. She has a kind and motherly attitude, and a basal innocence that isn't found in most human girls in modern time. However, while she might seem nice, it shall be dually-noted that if one decides to hurt those closest to her, she will not hesitate to use all of the strength in her soul and body, to kill them. Concerning the matter of death, Aya is no stranger to execution and killing in the name of justice. However, due to her innocence, she rarely enjoys killing anything or anyone that resembles a human, as it goes against her morals. The only time she will kill without mercy, is when the effects of her dragon eyes fully impose themselves inside her mental world. When this happens, Aya becomes quite the blood thirsty killer, brutally and gracefully "Devouring" her opponents, until they are no longer left in good shape. The dragon eyes can be considered a weapon and a curse to this woman, who only wishes for peace and prosperity. Aya still has a long journey, in her young life, and one should be interested to see where the path of this Kawasumi woman goes.


Aya was born in the year of 1997, in Hiroshima Japan. Born as the heir, to the kawasumi and Natsume clans. The Kawasumi clan, was a clan filled with well trained females in the art of war and swordsmanship. While the Natsume's were skilled with healing and Chinese martial arts. Both of the clans were on good terms, and it is said that when the two worked together not a single force could make them falter, divine, or meager. Aya's Mother was the main leader to these clans, and was said to be on a level above even super human's, one who transcended time it's self as a honed and skilled warrior. Certainly, some of the phrases used to describe her were quite a bit of hyperbole, However, it was not completely false. The woman was definitely the strongest leader, that the clan had been yearning for, since their formation. However, she wasn't just known for her physical skill, trained up to a completely different level. She had a absolute primordial ability, passed down from each generation, Dragon's Eye Said to be a blessing and a curse, the ability that granted the natsume woman a type of prescience, an ability to foresee past, future, and possible futures, transcending time it's self. However, since human vision wasn't meant to perceive such visions, most ultimately went blind from the great power. No one had mastered it up until the birth of Aya's mother, with whom they shared the same name. Thusly, she never faltered in war or battle, and was guaranteed assured victory, through and through. However, while the woman may have been great in all fields of combat, she felt a mundane emptiness, that plagues the life of most young women.

She wanted to experience a family, meet a husband, and settle down in a life devoid of war. Her first daughter Maya was adopted from the Natsume clan. She was not her blood relative, but the child was very humble and loyal to the woman, even if they weren't linked by blood. Aya was simply a baby at the time, and was forced to keep low, during the times that the Natsume and Kawasumi clan had to fend off opposing threats, on a daily basis, Aya was seen training at a young age. Maya overseen her training, and her mother after long years of searching, found a suitable husband. Feeling that she had fulfilled her role, Aya's mother settle down with her husband, and her two children. Handing the role of leader, down to her sister. Aya was now five years old, five years after her mother relinquished her leading role. However, there was a catch to all of this. For being able to leave the clan, her mother promised her elders that she would train the daughter until she became a suitable heir, to return to the clan along with her sister. Accepting these terms, the elders decided to send her off in good spirits. Filled with a brimming happiness from the bottom of her heart, Aya's mother experienced something that few women yearned for, that feeling was none other than, motherhood. She was there for her two daughters in their respective schools, and was blessed to live a normal life. For a woman who had fought long and hard, through many battles, this could be called a pristine and divine elegance, known only as "Happiness". Aya and Maya were loyal daughters and never disrespected their mother, even once. However, there was a bit of hostility that they felt towards the father, which would eventually deplete over the years spent together.

Maya had now reached the age of a high schooler, while Aya was now at the age of a middle school girl. Feeling that it was an opportune time, Aya's mother decided to start Aya's training, if she were to fully fufill her promise, Aya had to be a strong successor. To this day, Aya could admit that some of her training was strict, yet fun and enlightening. She trained Aya in which most young children were interested in, puzzles and games. This allowed her to train Aya more easily without much as an ounce of resistance. Some of the games involved the little girl being blindfolded while completing puzzles. While some games were completed outdoors. Day and night, the mother gradually improved upon Aya's techniques and by the time she was 11, she was already a skilled and accomplished trainee, that even her sister was proud of. Soon, Aya would be ready for high school, in a few years, her sister would return to their clan, and head the Natsume clan, while she took over as the head of the Kawasumi clan. At this time, everything was definitely "Perfect" in the eyes of the family. However, as most happiness was given, tragedy was also inevitable. The Kawasumi clan, experienced tyranny from an outsider clan, known as the Tohno. The same clan that eliminated the Nanaya. it would seem as though, this clan took fulfillment in eliminating those that they recognized as a threat. However, the bite that they took out of this clan, was returned ten fold. The goddess of assured victory, had returned to her clan's land in order to defeat the hated opposer. She successfully drove off the the clan, with some well needed help from surviving members of the Nanaya clan. Everything was successful, that was until the tohno clan revealed their secret weapon.

Kishima Kouma

The crimson red vermilion, the same devil that had defeated the leader of the Nanaya clan, just what vendetta did he have to fight against the Kawasumi and Natsume clans, or was it, that he was a simple hit man without a purpose?; Such questions were not even registered within the mind of the woman who had came face to face with him. Aya's mother experienced fear for the first time, and so, she recognized the man as nothing more then a devil. Her husband was unable to defeat that which could only be called a "Killing machine" in it's most literal term. The goddess of assured victory, gave her daughters who were placed in the care of the elders, her last wishes. Telepathically, she blessed Aya, allowing Aya to lock in to the power of her own dragon eye's. With that last message, she engaged in combat with that devil, and fought a valiant fight, that even Nanaya kiri would be proud of. However, just as the Nanaya clan leader could not reach his level, she herself could not overcome this monster. Whatever future she tried to look into, it all lead to her death. Just what man could exist?; She asked herself those questions, and realized that death was inevitable. However, she was no push over and damaged that man with mortal blows. However in the process, she herself was dealt with a fatal wound. Hesitating at the last moment, she failed to kill that young man, for one reason. He was still a child, a human child to say the least. While he had the abilities which were nothing that one should possess at his age, the fact of the matter was, he was still a human.

That... Was, the thought that sealed her fate. She met her death by a crushing blow to the heart. Feeling that he had completed his mission, he felt that just as he would meet the son of Nanaya Kiri once again, he would also meet the daughters of the kawasumi clan and Natsume clan, for fated battles. While it was not exactly the end of the Kawasumi or Natsume clan's, it was the ultimate end of their greatest leader. Could Aya really live up to the great feats that her mother completed?;only the elders could pray for such talent. Six years into the future, Aya was at the tender age of seventeen, and already in her 2nd year of high school. She experienced a warm and prosperous life, just as her mother wished for. Aya was a popular student, Humble, Smart, and lovely were some words that described her the most. However she had the tendency to get mixed in with bad crowds. Maya of course, being the bigger sister, watched over her and continued to oversee her progress. Even the elders, who were overlooking her state of gleaming primeval youth, knew that she was ready to bring their name back to glory. There was only one thing that they needed to do. Bestow her the ceremonial blade, that her mother had once wielded. The Ceremonial Nodachi, Reiki. Aya met with the elders and each of them performed rituals, in order to call the guardian that had watched over and protected this blade for many years. The spirit shared the same name with that blade, and she met Aya for the first time. Aya who had already been able to see spirits such as shinigami, and even talked to them, had no fear in her heart, No hesitation in her mind, she was ready to continue their name, in her mother's honor, she was ready to go down the path that was built for her. There was nothing else to be said. Aya took Reiki, befriended the spirit and returned to her normal life. Creating Dual-existence's for herself in the process.

in the two years before she reached her current age, she gained an affinity for Katanas's, thanks to the constant use of Reiki, and the skills that her mother taught her as a child. She was already well versed in kendo, As well as being highly adept, in the arts of kenpo. Aya was now on the level of a warrior, of which the elders could be proud of. Their new enemies, the hollows were defeated each time, they stepped foot into Aya's land. The elders and their people noticed the birth of a new woman. The Goddess of assured victory, may have disappeared in their hearts, but a new goddess was born. Aya had become the goddess of assured bravery, hope, and prosperity. She was a woman unlike any other, and protected her clan till this day. After graduating from high school, Aya still aims to protect her clan, while living her normal life. That wish has not disappeared. Moving forward on her journey, she will continue to reach the wish once lost, and complete deeds that would leave even her mother in awe. The time of this young battle vixen is now!

Birthplace: Hiroshima Japan.


Dragon's Gate: Since Aya was born from a clan who utilized the internal energy known as "Chi", She herself is able to use this ability as if she were a virtuous user. She is able to use a high amount of internal energy due to the ability optly described as "Dragon Gates". Each part of the body now becomes a weapon, and allows the user, or in this case, Aya to utilize it in a number of forms, Externally and internally. However through frequent appearances, we see that not only is she able to use the chi inside of her body internally, she can go as far as transferring her chi throughout the structure of an item. For Example, if one were to slam their palm against a tree, from a logical stand point, they would cause a dent depending on their physical prowess. Now, if one were to transfer their internal chi, they would turn it into an external force, that would tear through the tree as if it were sand paper. Aya can easily tear through certain objects with this method, and she is also capable of altering the item slightly by transferring her Chi throughout it's internal workings. this method is very similar to Archer and Shirou's "strengthening" magic. Aya can even enhance her body physically, adding more power and ferocity to her martial art's skill.

Harmonic Step: This Ability allows Aya to use a technique that can best be described and compared to "High-speed movement" Quite similar to the movements that the shinigami utilize. The Principles are built purely on speed and skill. Physical mass and the tendons and muscles inside of the body, also plays a crucial part in this technique. It requires a peak level form of concentration, as any visual, or mental obstructions will cause this technique to falter. Aya begins using the technique by rotating chi around each part of her body, something she describes as a flowing river, as the chi flow's throughout her entire body. After this part is completed, the chi is then sent to the each muscle located in the legs, as well as her ankles. Through this method, it now allows her to perform high speed movements that are faster then the eye can follow. She is capable of keeping up with seated officers and vice captains who utilize flash step, and can even outrun them. However the technique is not infallible, as the full potential of the technique can only be realized, when Aya is in tune with her body. If she misuses it or happens to make a mistake, she herself will suffer terrible physical damage. However, the technique is still powerful, as Aya has already trained her body up to a level which can only be defined as "super-human" she only requires a small amount of Chi to keep up with her opponents. The ability definitely bears more positives then it does negatives and is one of aya's favored techniques during battle.

Dragon's Fang: On of Aya's special attacks, Dragon's Fang is derived from her Dragon's Gate ability. To begin with, Aya will focus and condense her Ki into either her arms or her legs, building it up to incredible levels. Next, Aya will begin to rotate the condensed Ki around said limbs, reaching high rotational speeds, much like a drill. Finally, Aya will release the condensed, rotating Ki in a powerful blast by either punching or kicking her opponent, depending on which limbs she chose to concentrate the Ki around. The aftermath of this attack can be quite devastating, and if fighting near any structures, they will often show signs of damage from the attack. This usually consists of deep gashes in even some of the strongest of materials, as well as anything made of glass being shattered.

Ki Blast: A simple technique that most Ki users can utilize, Aya's Dragon's Gate ability enhances it's damage potential. To use the attack, one simply must concentrate and condense the Ki in one of their palms. Once it has been condensed enough, the user will then be able to fire off a small blast composed of physical Ki energy. This blast can be used in one of two ways. The first way is quite simple, being used as a medium range projectile. Because the Ki has been condensed, the blast will travel rather quickly, but lacks the range to be considered a true long range ability. The second way is to use the blast up close, and to have it be less condensed. In this way, a large wall of condensed Ki is sent at the opponent with enough force to throw them away from the user. When using Ki blast this way, the ability turns into more of a defensive one.

Reiki's Rage: Aya's finishing attack, Reiki's Rage combines her natural affinity for controlling Ki (aka. Dragon's Gate) and her sword Reiki. To begin the attack, Aya must not only concentrate her own Ki into Reiki, but must also attune herself with Reiki's own energy. By combining the two energies within the blade, Reiki, in the form of a large traditional Chinese dragon is summoned from the blade. This dragon form is composed entirely of energy, and once summoned, will fly up into the sky. Once it has reached the correct height, the dragon will come speeding back down to earth, and collide with Aya's opponent, it's jaw open. After impact, the dragon will explode in a truly enormous explosion, causing severe damage to the opponent and the surrounding area. Because the attack is so powerful, Aya must brace herself against the explosion, even though it is her own energy.

Returning the Scabard: This is a staff technique of the Natsume family, used to throw an opponent holding a staff to the ground and steal their staff. Utilizing the principles of Jujutsu, whenever Aya is faced with an unarmed opponent, she will patiently wait for them to use a direct and meager attack, without much plan behind it. In some cases, she will use a stronger harmonic step to catch the opponent's off guard, mostly when they believe that she's a human who cannot keep up with them in a contest of speed. After these predatory actions are completed, Aya can complete devastating joint-locks, similar to the moves used by wrestler's. If she is unable to grab an opponent, she will simply utilize her arms and legs, in order to cause them to go into a state of imbalance, by constantly attacking their legs, groin, and thighs, in order to neutralize their movement. If this technique is combined with Chi, she is able to to complete a foray of 16 groin, thigh, or hip kicks, momentarily heightening her speed to a indiscernible movement, which to an onlooker, would only appear as if she kicked once, before using her internal energy. It should also be dually-noted that if she is able to complete her jujutsu techniques, she is capable of causing blunt damage inside the opponent's body, side effects from throws or kicks, are rupturing of bones, and even large fractures if she scores a completely direct attack, against those who bore a strong offense but lack defense. However, against Opponents with hierro or shinigami, they are obviously, much harder to take down for Aya.

Natsume Goshin Ryu Secret Technique; Bamboo Grass Summer Rain
This is a sword technique that transmits attacks through the wind, by attuning herself with Chi, and finding a reasonable area. Aya can use the element of wind as her weapon. While she is nowhere near the levels of legendary and virtuous users of the wind element, such as Misaiko or takuri, she is still capable of creating powerful wind attacks with the swings of her blade. The first initial swing, which can be done vertically or horizontally, releases a small whirlwind, that is enough to cut through a small building. If she performs continuous slashes, the vertical and horizontal slashes are now turned into gales and whirl winds that are capable of slicing through the hierro of an arrancar, depending on the power. If the hierro is much greater then her wind, she will be left at a disadvantage. As a final attack, she will spin Reiki around forcefully, creating a very powerful tornado with a high wind velocity, that is enough to take down a forest at full power.

Tsubame Gaeshi: The Favored and signature technique of the mysterious, yet legendary swordsman, Sasaki Kojirou. Aya became enthralled by the numerous stories concerning this man, and precisely decided to learn his demonic technique. This version of the turning swallow cut, has been reconstructed as a technique involving striking downward from above and then instantly striking again in an upward motion from below. The strike's second phase could be from below toward the rear and then upward at an angle, like an eagle climbing again after swooping down on its prey. Since the technique needs a proper foot hold, Aya decided to cut half of her hair, in order to fully perfect this wonderful technique.

Iron Finger: While Aya still adheres to her morals of killing anything remotely close to human, she is not against the idea of hindering or disarming them, to prevent confrontation. it is Known to be a particularly lethal technique. Using one finger, the user punches through the muscle and directly strikes the internal organs, particularly the liver is always the main target when this technique is used. There is a variation of this technique, which is mostly based on the principles of acupuncture and pressure points. Aya will instead of punching through muscle, perform a high series of palm thrust's and finger thrust's at the opponents pressure points, causing a high level of tension and dissonance within their body causing them to be hindered for a short amount of time.

The Natsume Sword Handle Drop: This is a sacred Natsume sword technique that puts emphasis on the handle of a sword while dealing an powerful overhead swing, Enhancing the cutting force of the blade. However, when facing the High level hierro skin or Reaitsu, this technique proves utterly ineffective. It is still one of the stronger techniques of Aya's report-ore.

Reverse Striking: This is a fulcrum-based transference skill; an example of Ki transmission that teaches one to shift the point and force of impact by striking the dead center of an object. At expert-levels, a practitioner can transmit the force of impact wherever they please, as long as a medium exists to transmit their power through. This technique forms the basis for most of Aya's Ki based techniques found in her long list of abilities.

Natsume-Style Advanced Exercise, 8th Degree: Mt. Tai Demolishing Roar
A technique which uses "reverse striking" transference through a stiff-shoulder charge to shift the force and impact of the blow over a distant; demolishing most anything upon impact with its pressure wave. From an example, if Aya were to use her Jujitsu and reverse striking in a combination move, she could possibly inflict mortal damage on her opponents, as well as fracturing and rupturing bones.

Natsume-Style: Eye-connecting Heavenly Twist

A technique combining a fierce shoulder charge with an immediate release of Ki upon impact; that sends the opponent flying backwards. This powerful technique is best fit for usage against opponents who are charging towards her, when the opponent is off guard.

Natsume-Style, Advanced Exercise, 8th Degree: Linking Heavenly Iron Attack"
This move is a set of precise, bone-crushing blows. This is best used in a combo technique with her dragons gate ability, as well as harmonic step. As these abilities compliment, this Natsume style technique very well. Without obstruction, Aya is capable of completing ten bone-crushing blows. As her martial arts skill is considerably high, she is capable of breaking ribs, skulls, abdomens, and various parts of the body of her opponents. The first two strikes, are powerful double handed palms. After the completion of the palm thrust's, the next move is performed after a quick double spin, adding in relative velocity to her momentum. After the double spin, a powerful fist strike is sent to the opponent's forehead, in order to crush their brain, or at the very least cause a very high amount of brain damage and uneasiness among the opponent. Quickly, after completing the fist strike to the head, her left fist is brought up into their neck, effectively causing the air to leave their lungs at a quick and alarming rate. Having completed five blows, the next five come in the forms of a powerful roundhouse kick with both legs. These are located at the nose and forehead once again. The Last three are used by grabbing the opponent's body and using her ultimate Jujitsu skills to throw the opponent to the ground, as the last two attacks come in the form of Aya performing a stomping move, with the intention of destroying their heart completely, or at least with the destructive power of their legs, rip apart their thoracic cavity(this is obviously only effective on opponents with human anatomy), and finishing the technique off with a fatal kick to the left or right side of the head.

Dragon's Eye: Aya's strongest ability and the one that requires the most Ki, is Aya's dragon's eye ability. They are very similar to the mystic eyes of Heroism or Tohno Shiki, however these are not gained through life, but lay dormant in only the strongest heirs to the Kawasumi clan's legacy. It is said to be the greatest blessing, but can also become a curse to those who are soft-willed and weak minded. It allows her to synchronize with the energy of all things. Giving her an extra reserve of energy, aside from her own usage of Ki. She can perceive the possible future as fluctuations of time. For example, if one were to throw a punch to her, and she dodged to the right, she could see if the enemy had planned a counter attack, before she even dodged to the right, she would therefore be allowed to come up with preparatory actions against the opponent after dodging enough of their attacks or completing strong counters. This ability is not instant, and it can't cover everything. People who use recklessness can break the time path she sees, and strong or wide attacks can make it harder to figure out the correct 'timeline' to follow in order to dodge. In other words, even with this knowledge of impending paths of time, she could still be cornered depending on the opponents strategy. Not only can she perceive past events and possible futures, but she can even transfer her consciousness to nonliving items such as car's and motorcycles. However, when she is using this part of her ability, it will cause her to faint, as if she were in a coma. She will stay in this blank state, until she is done controlling the item, or when the item in question is destroyed. it is speculated that she can perceive the past of other's or even her own self, but she must have a connection with her closest friends. So far, the only past events she has been allowed to witness, are those of her own family. While this ability may be powerful, it is also dangerous as it consumes Ki indefinitely, and causes mental break downs or stress on her body. Not only that, if she loses control she loses herself in a "Berserker" State, where she will brutalize the opponent without mercy or remorse, until their body becomes incomprehensible.

Extra Abilities:

Swordsmanship: Aya has a very high affinity for Katana's, and is shown to be fairly good with them. Her level of swordsmanship due to long years of training, are already designated as being on the level of an accomplished master. She is fond of making quick and precise blows, as well as unorthodox movements in order to grasp victory. She also believes in the philosophy of one sword strike equaling a thousand. She also seems to be quite fond of fighting opponents in battle, using the blunt side of her sword, as she has a strong distaste for decapitating or executing opponents who resemble anything like a human. Despite this, Aya is still a very accomplished and worthy swordsman on par with many great swordsman heard of in this era.

Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Having learned swordsmanship as well as kendo, Aya also seems to possess a wholesome amount of martial arts abilities. Having Learned Jujitsu and Aikido, Aya prefers to catch the opponent's during their burst in momentum, which allows her to complete all of her abilities without obstructions. She has been trained to fight unarmed with weapons for as long as she can remember, and due to this constant training, she has refined her skills to a level, where only accomplished martial artist, can equal the damage that she causes physically to opponents.

Discerning Intellect: While this is often overshadowed, Aya is a very crafty and skilled genius when it comes to strategies concerning the battle. Once she has a concrete idea etched into the inner-workings of her mind, she breaks down each possibility then reforms and adds them together, as if she were working with a calculator inside her head. It even gives her very refined instincts, allowing her to sense danger if it is big enough threat. On the battlefield and of, Aya can be called both a prodigy in these regards.

Enhanced Strength: Aya's body is not only well built, but very strong. She possesses peak-level human endurance in battle, and it is very rare to see her exhausted even in long drawn out battles. Not only is her human endurance considerably high, but her physical strength is definitely feared by even divine entities such as shinigami or low level Arrancar. Maya claims that if Aya were left alone, that she could possibly demolish an entire forest with her strength along, if she were angry. While Aya may deny that her strength is her underlying factor, it is definitely obvious, that it is not one of her lowest.

Ki Usage: Medium/Great/Large?

RP Sample: .......


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PostSubject: Re: Aya Kawasumi   Mon Jun 13, 2011 4:29 am

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: Yes, yes... (nrd)
Tier: 3-1

Daigoro Ito - 0-2
David Nassau - 1-1+; 0-5
Mariyah Baishun-Otoko - 1-1-
Solas Foiche - 1-3
Arcueid Brunestud - 1-3
Subject AA - 2-1
Kasai Rain - 2-2
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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Aya Kawasumi   Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:44 am

I am sorry, but i am denying that approval, since raiki originally was checking the app and would've given his tier, but had to go last night because of his router.

That...and 3-1 just seems to low for everything i've given her. (XD)


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PostSubject: Re: Aya Kawasumi   Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:17 pm

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

tier: 1-1+

My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}


{Chosokabe Motochika}

TIER 1-1+


TIER 2-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Aya Kawasumi   

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Aya Kawasumi
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