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 Verità & Mentiras Kakure-Shinri

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Ama Yariman


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PostSubject: Verità & Mentiras Kakure-Shinri   Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:42 pm


Name: Verità (Truth) & Mentiras (Lies) Kakure-Shinri- hidden truth

Age: Both are 20

Gender: Males

Orientation: Wandering unless someone wants them ^^


Personality: Even though they are identical twins, the Kakure-Shinri brothers are literally complete opposites. Verità is an intelligent, funny, and all around good person, but has a certain sense of mystery with his physique. He often is seen literally doing good when separated from his brother, such as helping people or volunteering for things. When with his brother, he tends to change ever so slightly and will only be average with his over-the-top kindness, and evening it out some. Mentiras, on the other hand, is completely evil when seperated from his brother. When alone, he can be found vanaliazing, stealing, and so on. However, when with his brother, he tends to be a little nicer and won’t do as many naughty things. Both brothers do have one thing they can both agree on, which is the subject of violence. Even Mentiras, who is downright cruel at times, isn’t very fond of beating the shit out of someone, and doesn’t really hurt anyone physically. Neither of them fight, and if someone were to pick a fight, they would either take off, or distract them with questions.

Abilities: Verità will stand beside Mentiras and extend his right hand outward then his left to his sides and say (in unison with Mentiras); “Believe it or not, I say what I see, look into it or look away, it is what it doth be” before spinning on the balls of his right foot and stomping down with his left. The same thing is done with his brother, the only difference is that he extends his wrong (left) hand out first, and spins on his left foot. After this is said, a thin amount of fog will surround their feet, and at this point, the opponent (usually) will ask a question. This question will be answered correctly, but in the form of a riddle. If the opponent continues asking questions, the fog will get thicker with each one, until they are completely hidden, and will at that point, flee or simply leave out of boredom. Occasionally, they stay to mess with the opponent.

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PostSubject: Re: Verità & Mentiras Kakure-Shinri   Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:20 am

Moved to Inactive~ :3


Milla Kyu Miyato: 0-4
Cless Delques: ?-?
Koutetsu Nagare: 1-1+ ; 0-4
Mithos Remoura: 0-5-
Tetsuya Shinichi: 1-1
Sync Seinosuke: 1-1
Yuri Tsukuyomi:1-2+
Sarui Akashiya: 1-2
Rukia Kuchiki: 2-1+
Flynn Suzumiya: 2-1+
Umasi Tsukuyomi: 2-1+
Veigue Lungberg: 2-1+
Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

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Verità & Mentiras Kakure-Shinri
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