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 Berserker {NPC: Agito Only}

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PostSubject: Berserker {NPC: Agito Only}   Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:58 pm

NPC Template

Name: Berserker

Age: 2459

Gender: Male

Personality: Berserker is not a being with a discernible personality. He never speaks, and never shows any sign of emotion (save for pure unbridled rage). Berserker can be described perfectly by his name. A near unstoppable force of strength, speed, and anger. No sanity, no reasoning, just battle. Berserker in battle is relentless, attacking endlessly until his target is dead.


Tier: Decidable by grader
If Applicable, Position: N/A
What Race: Guardian Beast

Brief History:

Berserker is Heracles, the demigod from Greek mythology also known as Hercules to the Romans. He was born of a coupling between Zeus and a mortal woman, Alcmene. Although named in honor of Hera, the goddess was jealous of her husband's affair and outraged by Heracles' birth. As a boy, Heracles had a volatile temper, but he pacified his anger by living peacefully as a shepherd. During adulthood, in a bout of madness induced by Hera, he murdered his wife, Megara, and her children. In a penance for his gruesome deed, Heracles undertook the Twelve Labours of King Eurystheus, which earned him his powerful weapons and solidified his legendary status. Heracles is most famous for his wide range of skills, cunning, and incredible physical strength.

As a Guardian Beast, he is assigned to protect the god hand, a conceptual weapon that he has. In order to attain the god hand, berserker must be defeated.

Associated Character: None

Basic Powers:


Enhanced.. well.. everything

He wields a colossal stone Axe-Club, and is capable of causing massive destruction with the mere backlash of his swings.


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Berserker {NPC: Agito Only}   Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:07 pm

Approved 1-1+


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Berserker {NPC: Agito Only}
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