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 Demonic Formula

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PostSubject: Demonic Formula   Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:18 pm

Conceptual Weapon

Current Holder:

Name: Demonic Formula

Release-States: There are two 'Release' states but each serves a single purpose.

Concept: Allow the user to become much powerful.




The powers for the first blade, Sonu is to be used as a quick striking weapon, allowing the user to speed there way through the battlefield. While using Sonu, it has an automatic ability that allows the user to gain enormous speed. There is one drawback that weakens the user greatly. All reiatsu abilities are lowered quite a sum, causing the user to be a seated member of a squad in comparison to reiatsu levels. One ability that can be used by the wielder is that they can make quick swipes repeatedly with the blade, causing somewhat large waves of energy to spring forth in that direction. These can be used in a single post with a cooldown of 1 post. Four waves can be sent flying in a single post. The blade also allows the user to use Shunpo/Sonido much quicker, causing them to leave an after image of where they were.

The powers for the second blade, Raiken is to used as a overwhelming weapon, to take down the enemy with shear strength. The blade itself is not heavy to the user as they pick the weapon up the first, but after each post the weight of the blade is increased by 15 pounds that is stack-able to 300 pounds of lifting. The weight of the blade will weigh down the user most likely, causing another drawback to speed, making the users movements very loose and wide arced. One ability that can be used as an activated ability allows the user to emit a black reiatsu source from the sword. Once the reiatsu source as appeared it will be able to function as a shield. It can be used in a single post with a post cool-down. The aura can also be used like a bullet, a large spear like form it will take and be sent forth at high speeds. There is a limit of 3 per thread due to the immense strength of the force behind the speared aura.


Black★Rock Shooter is a pale-skinned, blue-eyed girl, with black hair in uneven twintails (possibly because one tail was burned); the right lock of her hair is shorter than her left. She bears two scars on her midriff; she wields an arm cannon and a katana named Black Blade. A blue flame shoots out from her left eye. Her clothes consist of a string bikini top under a black jacket. The jacket has a white stripe running along the length of each of her sleeves and has a white star design on the front (left side) and back. She also wears a pair of tight-fitting shorts, gloves, and black knee-high boots. Her weapons consist of a black-hilted katana and a large gun called ★rock Cannon, which can be transformed into a similar large blade also used by Insane Black★Rock Shooter. ★rock Cannon has a rate of fire of 20 shots per post.

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Demonic Formula   Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:57 pm

Since i don't see any thing that looks out of place or god mod, and the drawbacks seem alright, i approve.


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Demonic Formula
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