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 HARDBΘILD by Bryan Teixeira Ramos aka TheDoctor

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PostSubject: HARDBΘILD by Bryan Teixeira Ramos aka TheDoctor   Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:52 am


Summary of the story:
This story is about two newcomer Detectives who will have their lives change when they encounter a mystery left for them by their dead father but before they are ready to face their father’s case they must first complete the thirty tasks left for them by their father that will prepare them for the case and help them unlock their hidden powers. While they must also try to evade the duo known only as the Arjan brothers the founders and agents of the organization called Abyss. Will Langdon and William solve their father’s case? Will the Brothers unlock their hidden Sovrano powers and evade the evil grasp of Abyss? Or will there be a distraction keeping them from solving the case? Read the new light novel Hardboiled to find out what will happen to the two brothers.

Langdon Xristo – Langdon Xristo is the main Character of this story and is a Detective. Langdon stands about 5’10”½ and has long dark brown hair with dark green eyes. He is five years younger than his brother William. Is also what the humans call a Sovrano though he and his brother don’t know it yet. Is 20 years old.

William Xristo XI – William Xristo is the second main character of this story and is a Detective with his brother Langdon. William stands about 6’0” and has spiky hair black hair with emerald green eyes he is Langdon’s older brother. Is also what the humans call a Sovrano though he and his brother don’t know it yet. Is 25 years old.

Hiro Arjan – Hiro Arjan is a third main character in this story and works with his brother in an organization called Abyss [an evil organization for Sovranos] Hiro stands about 5’11” and has medium length white hair with sapphire blue eyes. Is 26 years old.

Loki Arjan – Loki Arjan is the forth main character in the story and older brother of Hiro Arjan and founder of Abyss Loki stands about 6’2”he has long white hair with a deep blue eyes. Is 27 years old.

Erika Duque– Langdon’s love interest she is 20 years old has long dark brown hair hazel eyes she is about 5’7” and has a great complexion she has been friends with Langdon and William when their mother was the English teacher when she was in 8th grade

Huy Doan – Langdon and William’s friend since they were in high school and drinking buddy he is 22 years old he has blue-black hair hazel eyes and stands about 6 ft.
Sprit of William Xristo X – William’s Ghost is a secondary character and will help guide his sons on the unfinished case and help them with the thirty tasks.

Λbyss Seating Chart
Founders: Hiro and Loki Arjan
1: William Xristo X Open Spot
3: Hara Arjan
1: Neil McTravis Open Spot
2: Jack “The Ripper” Green
Called by numbers example “Hey number 25 get me a Coffee

If you want your charrie in the story PM me and use the template below


[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Quick Personality:[/b]
[b]Quick History:[/b]
[b]Role in the Story:[/b] (Example: Love interest to the main characters , member of abyss, friends of the main characters, Clients of the Xristo Detective Agency, Good Sovranos that will teach the Xristo Brothers)
[b]Roll in Abyss: [/b] this is only if you want to be a member in abyss

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Posts : 19
Join date : 2010-05-25
Age : 27
Location : I'm in the TARDIS Travleing through Space and Time.

PostSubject: Re: HARDBΘILD by Bryan Teixeira Ramos aka TheDoctor   Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:59 am

Prolog: Case Ƶero

March 20, 2011 11:30pm

The detective agency door slams open and a tall slender figure can be seen walking into the agency and opens the door with the words ‘Xristo Detective Agency’ and walks right in “Ah it’s you been a while hasn’t it? What did I do to receive this visit” said to the man sitting behind a desk typing a case repot on his typewriter “Don’t play dumb William you know what you did and you know why I am here, we broke the most sacred rule of the origination and now for me to redeem myself I must make you pay the price for the both of us” the slender man said in a harsh tone as he pulled out a glock pistol and pointed it at William “well if it’s going to be like that then let me at least finish this case report” said William as he kept typing the case report. 30 minutes passed and William grabbed the case report and he stapled it and got up and grabbed a note and attached it to the case report with a paper clip and opened his file cabinet and filed it under the letter X and in a folder with the name ‘Xristo Brothers’ on it. He closed the file cabinet and walked back to his desk and sat down and looked at the slender man “Now you can do what you came here for.” William said as the man again pointed the gun at William “William do you have any last requests?” the man asked “only that the organization forgets about me and my family.” He said as the man got ready to pull the trigger “I’ll see what I can do old man” the man added as he put the gun in William’s mouth and pulled the trigger.

The man quickly grabbed William’s hand and put the gun in his hand and took out an envelope and put it on the desk with the words “to whom it may concern” the man then walked out of the agency and went into an ally and threw his gloves and his jacket in the trash and set it on fire to erase any evidence of this night. He then walked out of the ally and went to the nearest pay phone and dialed the number 911 “nine-one-one what’s your emergency?” said the guy over the phone said “Hi I heard a gunshot coming from the Xristo Detective Agency in front of the park” the man said as he tried to hear the guy on the other line “ok sir can you give me the address there so we may send the nearest police officer over and so we can send the ambulance.” he said to the man “the building number is 466 and its on Fenway Boulevard” he said “ok we will send someone right over” the guy said as the man as he then hung up.

The Man looked at a punk rocker walk by and called to him” hey kid I’ll give you one hundred bucks if you stay here until the police and the ambulance come by and tell them you heard a gunshot coming form that building” he said as he pointed to the agency “sure dude just pay me now and I’ll wait” the guy said as he stuck his hand out to get paid the man gave him the one hundred dollars and then got in his silver Mercedes McLaren F1 and drove off. The man grabbed his cell phone and picked the first name on the list and called it “Hiro it’s done tell your brother that this was my last field mission and that I want to transfer into the recruiting sector of the organization” the man said to one of the founders of the Organization called Hiro “Sure thing Neil but you know you will have to fill out those transfer papers first” Hiro said to Neil “I’ll get the transfer papers filled out when I ge- OH MY GOD NO DON’T PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE DON’T KILL ME LO-“ a splat could be heard over the phone as if someone squashed a bug so someone grabbed the phone from Neil’s hand and said “oh I’m sorry but Neil can’t talk right now he is busy trying to get into reservations to hell but I could take a message if you like” a psychotic laugh could then be heard over the phone “tsk tsk tsk now Loki what would mother say if she saw you right now, you killing a man and laughing after doing it” Hiro said not so surprised that Loki had appeared in Neil’s car to kill him “Well that’s an easy answer brother for mother wouldn’t say anything about because she is a mute thus making it that she wouldn’t say anything .” Loki answered his younger brother laughing a bit “Well then Loki I guess you are right but you know you should teleport yourself and Neil back to our headquarters since you went all the way over there to kill him” Hiro added as he waited for his brother to ether respond to him or appear back at their HQ.

“Alright I’ll be there soon, but you know I was surprised he couldn’t tell he was talking to you when he had called 911 and I’m more surprised he couldn’t tell I was that punk rocker he paid though I feel bad that we had to kill him and William but you know what one was a traitor who tried to take out our organization from the inside and the other was a dumbass who got caught betraying us and thought if he ratted out his mentor to us he would get a ‘get out of jail card’ from us” Loki said laughing again as he then teleported him and the car to the head quarters “I’m in the garage so if you want to talk come here” he added as he hung up the phone “alright brother” Hiro said as he then appeared where Loki was and looked in the car and took what was left of Neil out of it and saw blood all over the car minus the passenger’s seat “Loki you do know that it’s going to be a pain in the ass getting all this blood cleaned up, The car won’t be the same as it was before, Why must you make people’s upper body blow up when you can be like me and turn them into ashes just by touching them it doesn’t cause as much of a mess as blowing them up.” Hiro said as he scorned his brother “Don’t worry we can make the new recruits clean this baby up and it will be as good as new” Loki said to him with a smile on his face getting ready to walk away “but what about the dead man smell?” Hiro added before Loki walked off “look just let the recruits deal with it so quit being so up-tight and relax. Now let’s go and look for William’s sons and recruit them.” He said as he started walking out of the garage as his brother Hiro followed “Loki you remember the plan right...we find them we befriend them then we tell them they are Sovranos and we train them and we get them to join our organization but first my brother how about we go and get ready for a funeral you know we must pay our respects to the recently departed William and who knows we might just run into his sons there.” Hiro added as they then walked their separate ways.

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Posts : 19
Join date : 2010-05-25
Age : 27
Location : I'm in the TARDIS Travleing through Space and Time.

PostSubject: Re: HARDBΘILD by Bryan Teixeira Ramos aka TheDoctor   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:15 pm

Case Øne
March 22, 2011 12:10am the night of the “Suicide

‘Ring…Ring…Ring…Ring’ a phone was ringing in the Xristo Detective Agency but no one was there to pick up ‘Ring…Ring…Ring’ the phone kept ringing but still no one was picking up “come on Dad pick up I need to give you the great news.” said Langdon who had a great news for his father “Damn it father I know you are there I just talked to mom on the phone and she said you were there.” He said waiting for his father to pick up the phone until the answering machine picked up the call “You have reached the Xristo Detective Agency I’m not here right now making it there are two probable answers as to where I am, Option one: I’m at Home with my wife or Option two: I’m busy on a case ether way leave a message after the beep Thanks ‘beep’.” The answering machine then beeped so Langdon could talk “Hey dad it’s me Langdon and I have great news I just graduated from college here in England and if you remember I was doing criminal justice ‘cause I want to be like you….anyways dad I’ll be getting on the plane back to Boston in about five minutes so I’ll see you tomorrow oh and one more thing have you talked to my brother William at all lately ‘cause last time I saw him was last month when I went to Florence, Italy and since then I haven’t talked or seen him” He was still talking on the phone when he heard the loud speaker in the airport come on “Attention Passengers Flight 369 is now boarding” the loud speaker then went off “Anyways dad I have to go now see you soon Dad bye.” He hung up and stood up and put his phone in his pocket. Langdon was about 5’10” ½ ft tall with a long dark brown hair tied in a pony tail and a Hazel eyes he had a fair complexion he was also pale.

Langdon then grabbed his laptop bag and his carry on suitcase took out his boarding pass and got in the line there was already thirty people in front of him waiting to get in the plane ten minutes passed and it was now his turn to get in the plane he handed his boarding pass to one of the people taking the boarding passes they ripped out the stub of it and let him in. He walked down the hallway into the plane and looked at the boarding pass to see where he was going to sit it was first class seat five so he walked down the little ally looking at the numbers when he saw his brother William sitting in front of him he put his suit case in the over head compartment and sat down his laptop bag and poked his brother “William I can’t believe you are here what are the chances of you being in London taking the flight back home, that’s gotta’ be like a one out of six billion and I was just talking to dad about you too…well more like his answering machine.”

Langdon said as he laughed a bit he knew the man in front of him was his brother because his brother stood about had short spiky dark brown hair with an emerald green eyes had a great complexion he had a little bit of a tan since he had been in brazil for three years before he went to Florence and met with Langdon, so the guy in front fell right into that description “William aren’t you going to answer me?” Langdon asked waiting for a reply “Langdon you talk way too much you know that right?” William finally said annoyed that his brother wouldn’t shut up “I’m only here because two nights ago I had a vision that father was murdered at the agency and that you would be on this exact flight and I would be sitting in front of you…so the first thing I did was leave Spain yesterday and stayed here till today to get on this flight to head back home so the odds aren’t really that much since I knew you would be here and knew that I would sit in front of you now sit down and put on the seat belt we are about to start going down the runway so we can start flying.” William added before Langdon could start talking again, and as a good brother would do Langdon did what William asked of him and sat down and buckled his seat belt. The plane turbines turned on and Langdon and William could feel the floor vibrating as the airplane was gaining speed going down the runway. The airplanes wheel recalled back into the plane as it started to fly Langdon looked out the window and saw the ground was getting smaller and smaller as they were now over London and headed back to the United States of America.

“Attention passengers you may now unbuckle your seat belts and move around the cabin” a flight attendant said over a speaker, everyone in the flight unbuckled their seat belts and some left their seats and went to the restroom but Langdon and William stayed seated and started to catch up “So Wally besides wondering all the countries of Europe what have you been doing with your life?” Langdon asked his brother trying to at least get information out of him “well Langdon I’ve been working with Interpol on a case that we just solved on Sunday though I bet you’ve already seen it on your TV though if you haven’t seen it the case was about the recent group of assassins we found their next target was the leader of Russia and we took one of their assassins down and found out what hotel the man was staying at and we took his laptop which had all his missions so we used his laptop to track where the missions were being sent from and we found their head quarters in Switzerland so we went to their HQ and took them all down before any of their assassins could escape, now enough about what I’ve been doing little brother, how was your life in college?” William asked as a flight attendant stopped next to him “would you like some peanuts and water sir?” she asked “yeah I’d like some” William said as he took the water and peanuts that she handed to him and then asked Langdon the same question, Langdon got the peanuts and water and drank the water “Well college has been good considering I’ve recently graduated” he said “but you’re not staying for the graduated ceremony?”William said finding it odd “Well I told the dean that I wouldn’t attend and that I just wanted my diploma so I could get back to Boston and work with dad at the agency so the dean gave me my diploma and now here I am a graduated oxford student.” Langdon said as he took a sip of his water and ate some peanuts. They spent hours talking until William fell asleep and Langdon just kept watching the TV show Doctor Who which was currently passing on the in flight movie screen.

March 23, 2011

“Attention passengers buckle your seatbelts we have arrived in Boston Massachusetts and are about to land in Logan Airport” said the flight attendant over the intercom, everyone on the flight did as she asked and the plane slowly started to descend and the wheels come out of the plane and they made a sound when they touched the runway. They reached the disembarking area and Langdon and William got out of the plane and headed for the area for them to get their luggage. After they got their luggage they headed for the escalators and headed for the doors leading outside to the taxies. The two brothers got in the first taxi they saw “where you two headed?” asked the cab driver “Were going to the Xristo Detective Agency on Fenway Boulevard” said William before letting his brother talk. The driver then took off and drove the brothers to the Agency, “that’ll be fifty dollas boys.” The cabbie said as the two brothers split it up both paying twenty-five dollars. “So Will you ready to see father after all these years?” asked Langdon as he opened the door to their fathers agency “if I weren’t ready brother I wouldn’t have told the cab driver to take us here” he said as Langdon then became quiet seeing that William had a point.

The brothers then walked upstairs and walked past secretary desk “what are you waiting for Will open the office door” said Langdon as William’s hand reached for the door knob “Langdon before I open this door I want to know if you smell that awful odder” asked William as his hand was on the door knob “you know I thought it was the smell of the dumpster on the ally but now that I think about it when we were down stairs there was no odder...and the more I think about it the odder is coming from dad’s office.” Langdon said as he went to a book shelf and grabbed two books one with the title of ‘The Gift of war’ and the other with the title ‘History of the World’s Greatest Conquests’ Langdon threw the ‘History of the World’s Greatest Conquests’ to William “Will if you remember father put guns in these books for us for if anything happened to him here we could protect ourselves” Langdon said as he opened ‘The Gift of War’ and pulled out a glock that was there and then checked his ammunition Langdon then looked at William and saw him doing the same, Langdon then put his back to the wall holding his gun up near his face and nodded to his brother as a gesture basically saying he was ready for what was going to happen next.

William quickly opened the door and the brothers pointed the guns inside the office and to their surprise they saw their father’s dead body and a gun in his hand Langdon walked forward to his father’s desk and grabbed the envelope on the table opened the envelope and began to read the letter “To whom it may concern I have taken my life because I just couldn’t take it anymore the stress was slowly killing me and making me insane so before I brought harm to my friends and family I thought it would be best if I took my life….Signed William Xristo X” There was then a moment of silence as the brothers looked at each other then back at their father until Langdon spoke out “This is bullshit Father would never commit suicide it’s not in his nature to do so my guess is that father got himself deep in a case and whoever he was investigating didn’t like it and decided to murder him and make it look like it was suicide” he said in disbelief of the suicide “I agree with you little brother that’s the reason why I wanted to come back the vision I had showed me a man firing a gun in the office I just didn’t know if it would have been dad or someone else but now this proves to me it was another man, But before we do anything drastic let’s look at the filing cabinet and get our files cause before father would have been murdered he would of filed his latest case under the ‘Xristo Brothers’ since he knows he can always count on us” Langdon did as what his brother told him to do and grabbed their file and dropped it on the desk William opened the file and grabbed the case report
that was there and began to read it.

Minutes passed and William finished reading the case report and put it in his suit case “So Father was investigating an evil secret organization called abyss which is run by two brothers who dad just calls Pestilence and Death we have no name and no picture of them…and to top it off they are of the race called Sovranos who can use magic…This is all hard to believe William but if dad believed in it then I guess we have to stop them but how we are going to do that you got any idea?” he said while scratching his head trying to think of what to do “well Langdon first we should call 911 and alert them to what happened here and we should hold a funeral for our father then we set out on our revenge on Abyss while we save the world and get home before breakfast that sound good to you or do you have a better idea?” William then looked at his brother and waited for his response “you know I like your idea better then what I was going to say but there is just one thing we should do before we call 911” he said kind of smiling “and what’s that Langdon?” William asked “We should call mother and tell her what happened dad would have wanted us to tell her before any cops told her” He said as he walked out of the office and to the reception desk and picked up the phone and began to dial his mom’s number “Hello?” said Cassandra as she answered the phone “Hey mom it’s me Langdon” he said “oh hi sweetie did you arrive already?” she asked happy to hear her son’s voice “yeah I already arrived and William is here with me” “That’s great my two boys are back in town oh your father will be so happy” “yeah mom that’s why I actually called, me and William are here at the agency and well I think you should sit down for this news” he added with a sad tone “What happened sweetie?” “Mom are you sitting down?” “No I’m not” she added “then please sit mom” “ok, now I’m sitting” she added as she sat down “Mom, father has passed away” he said as there was a long silence on the other end of the call “Mom…Mom? Are you there?” he asked with a worried tone “y-yes I’m still here” she said crying “Mom there’s more, me and William believe he was murdered, when we got to the scene of the crime we were meant to believe that he committed suicide but the gun we found in his hand is not his…and William just called 911 and they are on their way mom so I have to hang up now but mom we will be there soon” he said as he hung up the phone William then walked out of the office “so how’s mom holding up?” he asked and he put his hand on Langdon’s shoulder “Well she is holding up fine, like she is sad about dad but she could tell from my tone that I’m planning on solving this case” Langdon said as he walked over to the hat rack and picked up a black fedora and set it on his head “So William you up for solving our father’s final case?” He asked as he then walked back into the office, William followed his brother into the office and saw Langdon going to the coat rack and grab their father’s gun holster which still had their father’s gun in it “Langdon before we start on dad’s case I think we should let all our old friends know we are in town” he said as Langdon nodded in agreement “well then let’s go” Langdon and William then left the building and told the cops that just arrived where the body was and let them think it was suicide so they wouldn’t investigate the case.
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PostSubject: Re: HARDBΘILD by Bryan Teixeira Ramos aka TheDoctor   

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HARDBΘILD by Bryan Teixeira Ramos aka TheDoctor
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