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 Amaterasu Okami [WIP]

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PostSubject: Amaterasu Okami [WIP]   Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:02 pm


Name: Amaterasu “Ammy” Okami


Age: About her early twenties but she’s really around 630 years old.

Personality: This girl’s got one hell of a personality. She’s known to be very bubbly and outgoing. Sadly, she is also very clueless sometimes as well as clumsy, especially when it comes to confessions of love to her but for some reason or another she tends to act like she doesn’t like the guy she likes. Usually she’s always on her good side; if you end up getting her pissed you might as well dig up your own grave or hope she’ll just ignore you. The aura she gives off is very scary and in fact, sometimes to insult she will play around with the person who’s pissed her off, or get them back with a prank.

Ammy is also known to be very accident prone, which is a wonder how she can even cook so wonderfully. She’s also known to have a short attention span, which leads her to falling asleep or doing something else while talked to. She also tends to be very mischievous and finds joy in playing jokes to others. Ammy is also a very horrible liar, tending to get very defensive and smiling when she denies it. Ammy is also known to be a very stubborn girl, sometimes even having a one track mind. Although, when she’s not being childish she is very protective and kind to her friends and teammates, which is why she gets the nickname “Mother of Us All.” She cares for her friends deeply and would stand in front of them and take the blow for them if they were ever in a fight. Normally not known for keeping grudges, she likes to get even with people. it's also mentioned that Ammy tends to act like a 5 year old child, which usually instead of her protecting her friends they have to protect her from getting hurt most of the time.

She's also known to have random bursts of intelligence. This has lead to think she may have a much more mature second personality that she rarely lets out. Which is true, although this personality is never seen. Only the closest people around her have seen it and simply said it has scared them very much to see her act the complete opposite of what she usually is. This second personality is said to be very serious, a listener, as well as very intelligent. Something thats a very scary sight indeed.

Appearance: (The male is Shiranui and the female, of course, Ammy.)
Height: 5’5
Weight: 120 ibs
Background/History: (At least 3 paragraphs)

Zanpakutô Spirit:Amaterasu’s Zanpakutô is not so much a sword but rather, what looks like a calligraphy paint brush, but her secondary weapon is a kusarigama. Shiranui is the name of Ammy’s Zanpakutô spirit. He is almost an exact look-alike of Amaterasu, expect his body is that of a male, and shorter hair, and much more divine looking markings. Generally very wise and stoic. Like almost all Zanpakutô spirits he cares deeply for Amaterasu, like a little sister as well as being protective of her. Normally he will not show his true side to anyone but Amaterasu. His true side is fun, loving, and very much a smug person. He loves to poke fun at Ammy whenever he can and will always talk to her. Unlike Ammy who will blow up when angered, he is known to have a “scary calm” anger. It means even if he is angry he is calm, which even then is generally scary to those who don’t know him. His world is that of a floating island called "Celestial Plains." Where it is said the 13 paintbrush Gods and Goddess live in harmony.

Sealed Zanpakutô :(what does the sword look like when its not released?)

Shikai Description: (You or your sword's new appearance)

Shikai Abilities: (What are the abilities your Shikai has? Do not overpower your shikai.)

Release:”Howl To The Moon and The Heavens Above, Shiranui!”

Bankai Description: (The appearance of you and the sword, assuming it still is a sword)

Bankai Abilities: (Your sword's abilities now that it is in its ultimate stage)

Vizard powers:(what powers your vizard has)

Hollow form: (If they lose control...what do they look like?)

Hollow mask: (A picture of their mask and how long they can have it on)

Roleplay Sample: (Show us your stuff!)

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Amaterasu Okami [WIP]   Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:34 am

Fixed the pic in your app saku, since the zerochan picture was broken. :3


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Amaterasu Okami [WIP]
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