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 Touma Kamijou

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PostSubject: Touma Kamijou   Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:04 pm

Human Template

Character Theme:

General Information

Name: Touma Kamijou

Alias: Touma

Age: 17


Height: 1,68m

Weight: Average

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Personality: Touma is the kind of guy who will always act before he thinks - he can thus be called stupid, reckless, impulsive and outright weird at times. His facial expression, though, seems to only shift between tired, annoyed or simply smiling with an also content tiredness around him. In general, he seems to take everything for being a pain in the ass - but does it all the same. He believes in himself and his decisions - he won't go back on a word he has given, and if he promises to kick someones ass, he will do so sooner or later.
As such a person, Touma is also the kind of guy that'll get into fights more often than he'd like. He has great physical endurance thanks to this, and is used to taking quite a bit of punishment, but he wouldn't be opposed to the idea of NOT having to save someones ass every day by using his fists. He 'needs no reason' to save someone, according to his own words, and would gladly go into danger to safe anyone he knows, even his rivals or enemies.
This ends, however, once someone disregards life, or hurts his friends. He will go to any length to expose injustice and beat down the ones who comitted it, and there is a reason he more often than not ends up at the nurses office after the breaktimes.

History: Touma is still a teenager, so he was still a child when the Hollow Invasion hit the world. Before that, he was already living on Karakura Town with his family, so he escaped any potential danger from the invasions at first - when some attacks did hit the town, though, both of his parents were killed off by an attacking Arrancar. Having lived alone since then thanks to some relatives and a caretaker at first, he is a student at Karakura High still, even though he doesn't see the actual point behind it, seeing as the world is in ruins mostly.
Obviously, he has a strong distaste for all Hollows and other kinds of evil spirits. His life would be completely normal, if not for his right hand, which started acting up around his 15th year of life. At first, it was merely a lot of bad luck that seemingly haunted his every day, right until a Hollow broke through the normally tight defenses of the town, and thanks to his bad luck, Touma was just around the corner returning from buying some groceries. But instead of doing the normal thing - screaming, and dying - Touma just screamed - and survived, because the Hollows claws were not able to even scratch his right hand, which Touma promptly used to smash the mask of the evil spirit to pieces, using the nullifying effect for offensive purposes.
He is known as a helpful guy around school and the town, and oddly enough, is in the same class as Tohno Shiki.

Birthplace: Karakura Town

Powers: Toumas right hand is the Imagine Breaker (幻想殺し Gensō Goroshi, lit. "Illusion Killer"). It is a rare trait amongst spiritually aware humans, so rare in fact that it can be compared to the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.
It can be described very easily: it breakes all spiritual powers and nullifies them completely. A Cero will disperse if it hits his right hand, a Kido will poof away, and a Zanpakuto can't cut through it, no matter how much of an awesome swordman someone is. Even Sacreds and Conceptual Weapons prove useless against it. However, this only applies to said right hand - the rest of his body is a normal, human body. He can see spirits, but only his right hand is able to hurt them. This ability goes so far as to actually nullifying support spells or similliar on him, making healing his body incredibly difficult as a drawback, and also 'nullifying good luck' - Touma is the unluckiest person of all the world.
Some people jokingly say that his hand also severs the 'red strings of fate', since a strangely large amount of females are pretty damn fond of him - to the point where he has a secret fanclub in school.

Extra Abilities: Bad Luck - Literally, if it can go wrong, it WILL go wrong for Touma. He has the habit of saying 'just my luck' thanks to it.

Ki Usage: Touma has no knowledge of how to use Ki.

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Touma Kamijou   Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:05 pm

Approved, 3-1.


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Touma Kamijou
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