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 Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}

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PostSubject: Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}   Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:40 am

Sugiura Template


Name: Sayuri De Louge Roi
True Age: Six Thousand, Five Hundred, and Seventy Three
Gender: Female

When you think of the word "queen", what type of person do you see? Someone noble? Someone quiet? Someone with no flaws? Maybe someone guarded by an army at all times? If that is your idea of royalty, than Sayuri, to you, would be either a huge shock or a massive disappointment.
She betrays every idea of "traditional" royalty, and showing no interest in her position, to most.

She has a personality that could be described as "cute". She's very playful and teasing, in general, preferring to have fun than get any real work done. She especially likes teasing her underlings, making them take part in her various games or teasings. When it comes to relationships, it takes a special kind of person to get close enough to her for her to consider them a friend. They have to be either extremely patient, being able to play along with her playfulness, or they have to be equally as playful.

Keeping with the nature of her abilities, Sayuri is very mysterious. She keeps most personal information to herself and doesn't usually see any point in divulging it to people she doesn't know. Unless you're extremely close to her, don't expect any information from her, except the weather, the time, or maybe a new game to play. She enjoys keeping people guessing, often hinting at information without actually giving any of it up. Her signature sign of screwing with your head is a playful wink with her right eye, followed by a giggle and tucking hair behind her ear.

Now, that's not to say she's completely unprofessional. If the time comes where business must be attended to, or a battle must be waged, a whole new side of Sayuri emerges. The side of her that emerges is ruthless, tactical, analytical, and above all, powerful. Not just in skill, but in heart, will, and mind. The reason she became queen becomes absolutely apparent. She can spot the weakness in an opponent within seconds, observing battle tactics like a second language. Sayuri does not take pride in battle, nor does she see it as glamorous. Any fight that can be avoided, Sayuri will avoid at all costs. She does not like the brutality of fighting, nor does she enjoy the penalties of war and battle. Sayuri's memory is photographic, allowing for quick memorization of battle strategy.

More personally: Her favorite foods are Pocky and anything american, as she doesn't seem to like her own culture's food for whatever reason. Sayuri's favorite pastimes include reading, listening to music, eating, planning, and playing games.

General Appearance



Animalistic Traits: None.
Appearance Age: Somewhere in her late teens.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs

Natural Abilities


The Rack: A passive ability enabled by Sayuri whenever she enters a fight. Any time an opponent hits her with an attack, they take X damage, where X is the amount of damage they've taken so far over the course of the fight. This ability, however, automatically turns off whenever Sayuri summons her sacred, and stays disabled until her sacred is dismissed.

Wall of Spears: Sayuri, using her magic, can summon a literal wall of spears made out of reiatsu in front of her, deflecting one attack of any strength under a 60s level hado per use. Cooldown: 6 posts.

Carnage Altar: By sacrificing 20% of her reiatsu output for the fight, Sayuri can eliminate the cooldown for any ONE ability.

Explorer's Scope: Any time an opponent uses an ability, Sayuri may use this ability to see, in her mind's eye, exactly what the effect of the ability is. Limit three uses per fight.

Trusty Machete: By sharpening the reiatsu of an attack around it in a shape roughly resembling a machete, Sayuri can double the power of that attack.

Prototype Portal: Sayuri's own custom magical method of getting between dimensions. A circular portal that spawns, allowing her access into the between-area of the three dimensions.

Levitation: Simple, really. Sayuri can use her magic to levitate into the air and float around.

Amulet of Vigor: A passive ability. Sayuri's body can never run out of energy. She may run out of reiatsu, and be unable to use her magic, but her body systems are designed to never give out during combat. ONLY during combat is her stamina unlimited.

Eternity Vessel: An interesting technique. Whenever Sayuri activates this ability, it is "imprinted" with the amount of reiatsu she has available at the current moment. It then copies that reiatsu, and lies dormant. At any point in the fight, Sayuri may re-activate this ability. If it senses a change in her reiatsu level, it will replace her reiatsu levels with the ones it had copied. Limit one use per fight.

Walking Atlas: Sayuri may use any one sacred ability without paying the reiatsu cost for it, so long as she channels it through the magic necessary for this ability. Limit one use per fight.

Magic: Most of Sayuri's techniques are based off of the same energy used for sugiura magics. So she doesn't know any of the actual magic.

Sacred Weapon:

(the one on the left)

Sayuri can often be seen with her sacred out, using it as a walking stick.

Other Weapons:

Quicksilver Dagger: An enchanted dagger that, if stabbed towards an opponent, will send out a copy of itself towards the opponent with bala-like speed.

Guardian Beast

Element: Magic

Guardian Beast:

Name: Gyazara (Gatherer)


Gyazara is a strange mythical beast, in that it changes appearance between one of five different forms. Depending on its mood. Seeing as how two of the forms are female, and three are male, the exact gender of Gyazara remains unknown.


Guardian Beast's World:


Sacred Unleashed


In Joushou, her guardian beast's influence on her body becomes evident, as she takes on an appearance trait of one of her guardian beast's forms. Her hands light on fire. The fire, however, does not burn her, and cannot burn her opponents, it is merely cosmetic. Sayuri may enter Joushou, and all of her other forms, without a word nor a movement, simply at will. Such is her control over her guardian beast.


Mortivore: A large blast of dark energy, about the size of a cero, but with the speed of a bala. Its power is equal to X. Where X is the combined powers of all attacks that have hit Sayuri over the course of the fight. Limit one use per two posts.

Consume the Meek: An AoE spell that stays active for 3 posts. Any attack weaker than a Hado 54 launched during this time is automatically halved in power. Cooldown: 14 posts.

Caller of Gales: Target attack doubles in power. Cooldown: 5 posts.

Steady Progress: Sayuri uses this ability and uses it on her own body. The effect that it has is slowing down time exponentially. Not for anyone or anything else, just her own body. This is used mostly to give her more time against poisons, or slow-acting pain causing abilities. One use per fight.

Trample: For one post, any non-lethal attacks that Sayuri executes cannot be blocked. If the opponent intends to raise a hand, or a weapon, to block the attack, the attack will simply phase through, until it makes contact with its intended target. However, using energy to block the attack will result in an overload of the ability, and its effects will be nulled. Any attacks made while this ability is active will have a green aura about them. Cooldown: 8 posts

Mighty Emergence: Any attacks launched by Sayuri for the current post, and the next two posts by her, will increase in strength by 1/3rd as soon as they are launched. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Rage Reflection: A passive ability usable only for two posts. When it is enabled, any attacks that Sayuri makes against the opponent, if they hit, will hit with double strength. Defenses are also weakened by this power due to the complexity of it. The attacks are not hitting with twice the strength, as it would seem, but are actually hitting twice. If the attack is blocked by physical means, the first attack will be blocked, but the second will continue on as if the defense wasn't there. Meaning if you truly wish to block an attack during this period, you will need to block it twice. Attacks made while this ability is active will have a red aura. Cooldown: 7 posts

Cerebral Eruption: Sayuri's head will gain a slight red aura around it. Upon this happening, she can make any object in the environment explode, as long as the explosion itself will not directly damage the opponent. Stays active for two posts. Cooldown: 8 posts.

Lifelink: An attack only usable if Sayuri is wounded, and only usable for one post. Any attacks that hit her opponent during this one post, will heal any wound on her body of equal strength. E.G. If she gives the opponent a bruise, it'll heal a bruise on her body. Her injuries, while being healed, will glow with a slight white aura. Cooldown: 6 posts

Dispense Justice: Target opponent's attack is exiled. Reiatsu and energy abilities only. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Zenou: ("Almighty")

Sayuri's appearance change, in Zenou, is twofold. Further enhancing her transformation. First, her hair turns a dark, sea-like, blue. Second, her eyes turn a blood red, glowing evilly, and her clothes turn black.


All Joushou abilities carry over into Zenou.

Marsh Casualties: A passive ability that effects both her and the opponent. For two posts, all attacks made in the AOE (the battlefield on which they're fighting) by any opponent will be reduced in strength by half. Cooldown: 7 posts.

Consuming Vapors: A thick fog that will cover the area for only the opponent's post. Any energy-based attacks launched during this post will be absorbed by the fog and disappear. Cooldown: 15 posts.

Boomerang: A passive ability. A blue energy flow around the tip of her sacred, almost like running water, will form. Any energy-based attack (under the power of a hado 88) that hits it will re-bound at the opponent. Anything over that will simply deflect, harmlessly, into the distance. The energy must hit the field exactly, no other part of the staff, otherwise it won't deflect.

Distortion Strike: An ability usable only on Sayuri's own attacks. For two posts, any attacks she launches will refract the light hitting it, appearing to be moving irrationally all over the place. Cooldown: 9 posts

Beastmaster Ascension: A passive ability, activated when she enteres Zenou. A small green orb will hover above Sayuri's head. Every time an attack of hers hits, a number will appear above it, starting at one, and increasing by intervals of 1. If she takes a hit herself, it's reduced by 1. As long as the number above the orb is over 5, all of her attacks are doubled in power. If the number is under negative 5, her defense is doubled.

Slice in Twain: Sayuri swipes her hand through the air, a green blade of energy hurtling towards the opponent at bala speed with cero strength. Cooldown: 2 posts.

Hellfire Mongrel: At the beginning of each opponent's post, if they have landed 25 or more hits against Sayuri over the course of the fight, they will take damage equal to the strength of the last attack that hit her.

Fissure Vent: Sayuri can open up deep cracks in the earth, superheating them as steam will fly out, possibly damaging the opponent, and posing a safety hazard to the area.

Brave the Elements: A white glow will emanate off of Sayuri, and she will name a type of attack. For the next three posts, she will be immune to any attack of that nature. (Melee, reiatsu, lightning, etc.) Cooldown: 9 posts.

Soul Parry: Sayuri can activate this ability and her hand will glow a dull white. She can then use that hand to block any reiatsu or energy-based attacks. Instead of actually being blocked, however, the attack will reverse course, reidirecting at the enemy. Cooldown: 7 posts.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")

The final change in Sayuri's appearance. Her nails elongate into claws, her feet become padded (allowing for faster and more primordial running), and white, jagged lines run up and down the skin on her arms, legs, neck, chest, stomach, back, ass, feet, and face.


All Joushou and Zenou abilities carry over into Kyuu Kyou.

Dead Reckoning: Sayuri may re-form the energy of any attack she has used over the course of the fight, and re-use that energy to launch an exact replica of the attack without paying the attack's reiatsu cost. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Memoricide: Sayuri, if attacked, may suspend said attack (if energy or reiatsu based) in mid-air. This attack will then be broken down and absorbed into Sayuri's sacred. For the rest of the fight. That same attack cannot harm her, as if it hits her body, the energy of it in her sacred will flare and destroy it. One use per fight.

The Mind Sculptor: A blue aura will form around Sayuri's staff. The blue aura lasts for two posts, and surrounds the staff, flowing like a smoke. While the aura is formed, any energy or reiatsu-based attacks that Sayuri blocks with the attack will cease to exist, banished into an exiled non-existance. Cooldown: 12 posts.

Gravitational Shift: For three posts, anyone, even Sayuri herself, standing on the ground, will have their attacks reduced in strength by half, while any opponent in the air will have their attack strength doubled. Cooldown: 13 posts

Birthing Pod: If Sayuri has launched any magic attack, she may stop that attack mid-use, the attack itself glowing green before exploding. The resulting energy Sayuri can use to fire an attack twice as strong, or twice the cost of reiatsu, for the same reiatsu cost as the first attack fired. Use: one attack. Cooldown: 7 posts.

Asceticism: For one post, Sayuri levitates herself into the air, surrounding herself with a bubble that is impervious to energy attacks, but is easily popped by a melee strike. Cooldown: 6 posts.

Claws of Valakut: Sayuri's hands glow a dark red, her claw-like nails extending six inches in length and the edges becoming molten. The slicing power of these is equal to a bankai zanpakuto, and after the opponent has been slashed, the wound made will burn as if someone had poured magma on it. Use: 3 posts. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Molten Psyche: This is a spell that reverses the nature of the enemy's attack, a sort of.. voodoo doll-type trick. Usable only on one attack per use of the ability, whatever damage that attack does on Sayuri's body will instead happen on the enemy's body. Usable only once per fight.

Iona's Judgement: Sayuri may stop any energy or reiatsu based attack from an opponent mid-air, surrounding it with a white glow before exiling it. One attack per use. Cooldown: 12 posts.

Harmless Assault: Usable on one energy-based enemy attack. Said attack does no damage to Sayuri if Harmless Assault is used on it. Cooldown: 6 posts.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

~The Birth~

Over six thousand years ago, the King of Heroes, otherwise known as Gilgamesh, and his current lover, Ishtar, bore a child. This child was a girl, the pride and joy of both parents, named Sayuri. Upon her birth, Gilgamesh declared it to the entire clan, that once she had attained control over her guardian beast, she was to become Queen of the Western Clan. Out of the many children Gilgamesh bore due to his active sex life, Sayuri was by far his favorite. He would often, after coming home from long journeys or battles, disregard his much-needed rest to spend time with his beloved daughter. The love and attention she received was meant to breed her into a kind-hearted queen. In fact, everything that Gilgamesh and Ishtar did for her was meant for this purpose. She was born, and raised, for the explicit purpose of being queen.

~The Discoveries~

Sayuri's childhood was based mostly around her training. Whether being educated in all subjects by specialized tutors, as well as taking an additional class for Noble Reason, or training in combat with only the very best sugiura instructors, Sayuri was always being trained in one way or another. Sayuri showed proficient, almost frightening skill in every area. Even managing to knock a wooden sword out of her father's hands in a kendo match. Most people, her instructors and tutors mainly, attributed it to her bloodline, being the daughter of one of the most powerful male sugiuras in existance. In fact, her lineage apparently ran so deep within her, that it was only a mere 50 years before...

~The Beast~

At the youngest age ever heard of for a Sugiura, Sayuri had reached the point in her training where she was ready to take on the training to control her guardian beast. Her father, and most of the clan, worried for her safety, and the safety of the village, not sure exactly what kind of power such a strong sugiura child would produce. After a year's consideration, she was sealed via special magic into Gilgamesh's home, allowed to use it for her training, much to Gilgamesh's chagrin. With gritted teeth and worried expressions, the clan waited. They saw no destruction, no battles, and no progress as time went on. This was more than a little confusing, especially to Gilgamesh, who expected to see huge destruction from what had to be a powerful guardian beast. However, only a short while after she had started, roughly six months, Sayuri emerged from the sealed house, claiming to have gained control over her guardian beast without ever laying a hand on it. The implications of this made the clan wary about her, but, nonetheless, they respected Gilgamesh's wishes. Naming her queen on the spot.

~The Rest~

Sayuri's life as queen was greeted by skepticism from most of the clan. Only a few trusted Gilgamesh's judgement, due to Sayuri's extremely young age. However, when the dangerous and insanely powerful rogue guardian beast, Jamin, assaulted the western clan, promptly stopped and defeated by Sayuri in her 1000th year, her worth was proven. All doubt about her qualification was gone. She had rightfully, in the eyes of the clan, taken her throne.

Now all that was left.. was to rule.


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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PostSubject: Re: Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:24 pm

Approved, with two tiers.

0-3+ normally, 0-2+ at kyuu kyou.


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PostSubject: Re: Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}   Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:57 am

Changes made to abilities. Changes underlined. Awaiting Agito's re-approval.


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Re: Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}   Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:44 pm

Re-approved, broski.


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PostSubject: Re: Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}   

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Sayuri De Louge Roi ~ Goddess of Magic {DONE} {Western Clan Queen}
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