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 Test of Strength [Dai]

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PostSubject: Test of Strength [Dai]   Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:53 am

.:Tai Yuudai:.

"If it's just trash like them, then ill be enough by myself!!"

Strong torrent of wind as the sand blew by, the air smelled like blood as the sun shone brightly over the landscape, mountains and hills and a city that lie in the distances. The feeling of a cemetery everywhere you walked, this was once a battleground, hollow, shinigami, vizard and many more, once fought here for the future of earth. A cold chill ran down his spine as he turned to a woman that was standing next to him only a few feet away looking around. "My father had once fought here." Came the voice of a young man, wearing a cloak that was as brown as the desert making him almost invisible as he walked across the desert. You could see his silver hair that barely was shown from the cowl that was hiding his face, two hilts of swords that were in his belt could be seen on his person. "Kenshin Yuudai had fought for all of the cities that we have been to so far and i want to become like him, i want to protect the human race as he did because if we do not, who will?" He was thinking out loud in a way but also to the lady, but it wasn't actually a lady it was his zanpakuto spirit, or one of them. They walked a little bit more and then stood atop a hill looking over the barren wasteland and saw the city that had been so far away only an hour ago. "Moscow Russia, even though it was so cold and snow used to cover these lands it looks so different then it used to when i was a kid." He stated, his hand resting lightly onto one of the hilts of his sword.

"It's time to go. This will be my first routine checkup since joining the Vizard, can't screw it up." He chuckled a little bit, he knew that he wasn't going to mess this up, but what he didn't know was that there was someone out there that needed to 'speak' with him. Hoping up on one foot the cowl came down from his head and revealed all of his facial features, he stood about 5'10 and was of average weight, he didn't look all that strong but that would be a mistake to whoever met him. What stood out the most however was the crimson red eyes that he had gotten from his mother. He was a Yuudai, Tai Yuudai. "Quick Death" as some called him because he was in the Shadow Sector, dealing mainly with things that only The Chief knew about. His body then flickered out of existence, using flash step he was getting closer and closer to the city.

With a soft thud he landed on the ground, he was only a about a mile away from the city now as he heard a scream, it wasn't very far away but the odd part was that dust clouds were appearing everywhere. The sand had basically made a cloud that you could barely see thorough. He thought the noise might be a mistake but then he heard it again it was the scream of a little girl that wasn't very far from him, he quickly started sprinting over to where he heard the noise, running through one of the sand clouds he couldn't see anything, closed his eyes so that he didn't have to get the sand that was floating in the air in his eyes. Then appearing on the other side of it, spotting a girl who was being chased by a hollow. The girl was wearing what seemed to be just a desert cloak one that didn't stand out, it was something that he had worn himself to get here. But she didn't seem like she came from the city, she had a lot more darker skin then that.

"Are the rumors true, are their really nomads out there that are roaming the desert in search for one of the 7 great cities?" He questioned himself.

Without a second thought his hand had already drawn his sword, he knew that he wouldn't be able to reach the hollow in time and attack it. "Kuriakatto." His sword he drew with such immense speed as it sliced through the air, what looked like water just started soaring straight through the air at a rapid speed, the hollow turning it's head to see the thing coming, but it was too late, it had already died. The water was swung at the hollow at such a high speed that it cleanly cut through the hollow's thick neck as it vanished. He blinked his eyes a few times to make sure the girl was still there. Walking over to the little girl, sheathing his sword he looked down at her.

She had actually fainted because of the hollow that had terrorized her, slowly bending down he picked her up she was light, very light, almost it felt like she hadn't had anything to eat or anything to drink in days. This startled him a little bit, he knew that now he had to take care of this girl, and fast. Going to the entrance of the city known as Moscow Russia, appearing in front of the gates they were very big they had to be to keep out all of the hollow that would try and approach. Approaching the gate now that was closed he then put the little girl down onto the desert ground and then walked over toward the terminal and then looked for the papers that would tell him the codes to get in and all of the stuff that he needed but he couldn't find it, he decided to go ahead and try and knock on the door to see if anyone would answer. He felt so stupid doing so but that was the only way to try and get in, there was no cell phone reception until they got into the city so he wasn't able to call The Chief to find out the codes.

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Test of Strength [Dai]
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