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 The Hunt For Something More; We Come Out At Night. (Private for Mama Ama & Agito)

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Ama Yariman


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PostSubject: The Hunt For Something More; We Come Out At Night. (Private for Mama Ama & Agito)   Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:08 pm

Kuroi Watarigarasu
We're coming back, coming back
We'll live forever, live forever
Let's have a wedding, have a wedding
And start the killing, start the killing

The gentle howling of the wind and the cries of small woodland animals could be heard in the Forest of Menos at this time of night. It was dusk, the sun was just going to bed. It was the time where all the night creatures were just being aroused from their day's slumber and were about to ready their claws and fangs to go hunting. One of these creatures was an arrancar by the name of Kuroi Watarigarasu. His raven black hair covered most of his forehead, but his deep purple eyes shone in the little light remaining around him. He was not wearing a shirt, though this was the norm, and exposing his cut up, stitched up, and bandaged up chest, which matched his face. His wide, stitchy grin was plastered on his face. he looked up at the sky as he right hand clutched a tree branch above him for balance. He was grinning down at the creatures below him, a sort of red sinister glow was in his eyes that only few who looked closely enough could see. His pointed and jagged fangs hung over his white lips as his black, unhuman-looking tongue slid out and licked instinctively with hunger. He watched the creatures carefully as his inner beast began to unleash ever so slowly by the second.

Black and gray clouds willow in the balance as the sun falls. Rain plays a heart warming tune, on the pavement. Emotions stir. A feeling of warmness, compassion, I feel at home. Disguised by surroundings. As the torn and left in the gutter seek vengeance on their mistreated lives.
As the torn and left in the cold, seek vengeance on mistreated lives.

Kuroi began climbing down the tree slowly and without a sound, the wind was a huge help as it rustled the leaves around at the perfect times to mask his slow descent. His eyes began to glow more and more brighter, but luckily the leaves from the tree covered it for the most part. A hunger began forming in his eyes, and spread throughout him, shaking his very core with the hunger of a pack of wolves. He grinned widely again, his stitches looking like they were to pop off as he did so. Kuroi enjoyed his wide, seemingly impossible grin and how it would intimidate others usually, it amused him, and he liked it. Finally, after a few moments of carefully descending from the tree, he jumped and landed on the ground with a light thud that was barely noticable. He looked around, the sun was still slowly setting; it was a bit darker now. Soon enough, the darkness would fall upon the land... And Kuroi's time would be nigh.

A silhouette stands still. A cactus on a warm summer night. But the rain falls cold and the moon shines bright.
Black as night. Cold as ice. Warm as home (Ready to live). Stars they shoot. In a clear. Across the sky (As does my time). Waiting, wanting, feeling, emotion. Crying, breaking, loving, nothing.

The sun had now finally went away, and the sky was still a bit blue, but dark enough to officially claim night time. Kuroi laughed quietly to himself in the darkness alone. "Kehehehehehehe..."

Falling down, breaking down parts of me.
Falling down, breaking down parts of me.

A small twig snapped, what was that? He whipped his head around and saw it was doe eating some grass. He grinned and looked at the doe. She was so beautiful and pure, it was not a full adult, but not a baby either. She was like no other doe he had seen before... So divine and just... Right. A wolf howled in the distance. The doe's ears pricked up as she frolicked away in a hurry to escape being served for dinner to ssome pups. Kuroi growled slightly at the wolf for ruining his moment of a sneak attack. Stupid wolf. Unfortunantly, Kuroi had to share the night with the wolves and other creatures of darkness. But, they all knew Kuroi was the most threatening of anything walking this time of night.

I need this place to get away from you...

Kuroi then began walking as the wolf continued to howl. Kuroi decided to be an asshole for a moment and ran over to a small hill, starring directly at the moon as it slid out from behind a cloud. He too howled, and the wolves and Kuroi had a long conversation before he finally walked off of the hill and stopped howling. He then began his hunt for something to fuck around with at this late at night. Whatever the reason or how, there would be blood shed tonight. He kept his intimidating grin on his face as he walked around with glowing, hungry eyes with his fangs bared. Tonight, they would come out. Tonight, things would change... Tonight, red nectar would fall and be shed.

Clouds swallow the moon, and I’m alone,
thinking good times, and why'd they go?
Clouds swallow the moon, and I’m alone,
thinking good times, and why'd they go?

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The Hunt For Something More; We Come Out At Night. (Private for Mama Ama & Agito)
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