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 Johnathan Walker

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PostSubject: Johnathan Walker   Thu May 27, 2010 11:12 am


Name: Johnathan Walker
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: 4th Head of the Hashiamatsujiyuu


Johnathan is a very tall young man, standing at 1,95 meters, towering above almost anyone. His figure is rather slim and not that muscular, so he doesn't look really intimidating even though he is so gigantic.
The hair of the Quincy is completely black and rather long, while the eyes shine in a seemingly unnatural grey. This is, however, due to the fact that he wears contacts, since glases mean a little reaction time slowdown, he doesn't like wearing those. For emergencies, he has some with him, however.
The signs of slowly progressing into his twenties are mainly visible as a small goatee forming, and sometimes when he can't be bothered to shave, even with stubble on his face.
The clothing of Johnathan is mostly a bit loose, since he doesn't like tight clothing, but not to a point where it looks like he fits in it multiple times. His normal clothing consists of a white T-shirt with a black celtic cross on the back, and another one on the chest. He also has the same shirt in inverted collors, meaning black ground and white crosses on it. He also has either black or white pants to go with the collor of his shirt, while his shoes are also same-collored combat boots most of the time.
The Quincy Cross he uses looks like a cruzifix and consists of the purest silver one can find, enhanced by Quincy techniques to make it useable.
As mentioned earlier, he does need to either wear glasses or contacts, and can nowadays be seen wearing glasses more often while doing his paperwork or in his free-time.

Personality: To call Johnathan confident is... an understatement. Believing in his abilities like noone else, he permanently shoves it down everyones throat how awesome he is, looking down on Hollows in general for their animalistic behaviour. Since his meeting with Shizuru, Sho and Natsuki, his view on Shinigami changed - while he was quite hostile to them in the beginning, he now accepts most of them. He has some trouble letting go of the past, however, since it is harder for him to trust Shinigami and Vizard. Towards other Quincy, his behaviour changes mostly, using much of his overconfident attitude, being much more friendly.
His behaviour changes completely if friends are in danger, however. Calling himself a 'hero', John tries to mask the fact a bit that he is a very caring soul for his comrades, and will usually get dead serious in fights for them. For his friends, John would put his life on the line any day.
In fights for himself or without eniment danger for his friends, he will usually try to boast even more than usual, leading his enemies into rage and more irrational behaviour along the way, leading to an actually very calm fighting style on his side, always trying to take advantage of situation and fighting area.
While it normally takes quite some time to get used to him, Johnathan is someone you can count on if he counts you as one of his friends. He sees it as his duty to protect everyone from the Hashiamatsujiyuu with his life if needed.

Powers: Hirenkyaku Expert: Johnathan is able to move at tremendous speed, almost matching that of real grandmasters of this area. Since Hirenkyaku is generally a bit faster than Shunpo, he also is a bit faster than experts of Shunpo. Sonido seems to be roughly the same speed, however.

Platform Manifestion: A technique fist showed by Ishida in the series, the Quincy condenses spiritual energy in the form of a platform, lifting himself and others up into the air. The Quincy can more the platform at his will. Johnathan can create up to 10 platforms at once to use them in battle.

Licht Regen: First more Reishi than usual are stored inside the bow, before the Quincy uses Hirenkyaku to get over the enemy, and release a barrage of arrows at once. The number of Arrows depend on the kind of bow used.

Seele Schneider: One of the most basic Quincy Tools, this bladed arrow consists out of many vibrating and spinning spiritual blades. Their extremely fast vibration makes them able to disrupt any spiritual or solid object they hit, basicially meaning: They can cut through anything not resistant against spiritual energy or vibrating at the same speed. Only things vibrating faster can actually break the blade. Once they cut something spiritual, it sets free spiritual energy from the hit spot, which then will be absorbed by the Quincy, into the blade itself, increasing it's energy and length. Once fired as an arrow, it has great force, since it is still vibrating very fast and will unleash a nearly unblockable explosion should it hit. The hilt will remain and be useable again. Johnathan carriers 5 Seele Schneider with him on his belt. His Seele Schneiders are green instead of the usual blue.

Licht: [Eng: Light] A Silver Tube technique created by the german Quincy Clan. This releases the energy of a Silver Tube in another kind of energy, pure light. After the phrase "Geboren aus der Finsternis, gekommen zur Befreiung, Licht!", the Silver Tube lights up, blinding anyone and anything in a rather large radius. Should the person close the eyes, the time of the blinding will reduce. The user himself is not affected, but any possible allies in the fight are, however. Since the victims field of view will be complete, hurting white, this does NOT heighten the other senses of the one in the effect, like normal blindings or closing of the eyes for a time can do.

Beben: [Eng: Quake] Another Silver Tube of the german Quincy, this creates a disrupting, spreading out and invisible beam infront of it. This beam disrupts any spiritual energy in it's wake, and will make any power activation for any race harder to achive after being hit. It does not inflict direct damage, however. Unskilled users of Bankai or Shikai will loose their release for the duration of the effect. It normally wears off in about 2-4 posts.
The release for this spell is: "Erschüttere den höchsten Berg, entfessle die wilden Meere, Beben!"

Klinge: [Eng: Blade] This Silver Tube can only be used with a Seele Schneider. Dripping the water on the hilt, the bladed arrow is enhanced - Either, the next shot with Seele Schneider is way more powerful, and is now called 'Seelenklinge', or the blade starts to glow white. After charging up, the power can be carried around in the Seele Schneider for around 20 minutes before it has to be released. Upon a swing and a thought command, an energy wave in the collor of the Seele Schneider is released. it does NOT vibrate at fast speeds, but since this is not common knowledge, most don't take the chance to try to block this. It can still cut through many things, though. The phrase is: "Zerschneide die Realität, Klinge!", making it one of the fastest and easiest to use Silver Tubes.

Sprenger: One of the most powerful Silver Tube techniques. This technique uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal, which when activated causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon can the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense spirit particles. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion. The liquid inside a silver tube acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time.

Charge Shot: Johnathan has the ability to channel more Reishi through his body than normal, making a single arrow faster, stronger and more accurate. This can release a Cero-strength green arrow, a Gran Rey strength one or even a Cero Oscuras powered arrow, but the latter two have one and two posts cooldown, respectively. Also, during the cooldown of those, even Cero-charged shots are not possible.

Arrow Chain: Chaining together his arrows with a thread of his green spiritual energy, Johnathan can send out a small swarm of arrows or connect shot arrows to others flying or already piercing something. These connections are as strong as steel, and make the arrows stay longer in existance. Can be used to effectively make an energy-fence or obstruct dodging, but the thread can't deal direct damage in any way, unless someone would speed right into it at high-end speeds. But since that would be like running into a wall...
Another application of this is to keep the end of the chain to him, to effectively turn his arrow swarm around and make it change directions depending on his swings on the chain before it breaks by going too far away from him.

Unlimited Warfare Works: This spell is difficult to use, since the incarnation takes a long time to speak in which it can be interrupted. Using it, the user loads the Silver Tube into their bow/gun/crossbow like a bullet or arrow-head, overcharging it with an enormous energy surge. This enables for one literall Bullet/Arrow hell, sending out bright white beams of energy with the intense power of a Cero, and a magnitude of them at that, leading to the name of it. The beams each have the dimensions of a Cero, the firing range depends on the usual range for the weapon it is loaded into. Each blast can, like a Cero, cause an explosion of white light upon hit with a range of roughly 5 meters per energy stream.
While chanting the spell, it seemingly warps reality to show the users inner self in the form of the sky and ground slightly changing. This change is purely cosmetical, and reverses after firing the shots. The change, for example, could be showing a sunset, a clouded sky, deserted lands, a busy ghostly city, or more, akin to a Shinigamis inner world. Again, this change is purely cosmetical and adds to the showing effect of the attack, the only possible effect could be slight confusion if the enemy is very easily distracted.
Incantation: The incarnation of this spell is unique in that it changes depending on the user slightly. Nothing major, the incarnation time stays the same, only the words change around slightly.
Johnathans version (can be used by everyone if you don't want to change it):
"I am the bone of my weapon
Light is my soul and glass is my heart
I have fought over a thousand battles
Unknown to Peace, nor known to Joy
Have withstood pain for the blue sky
Yet these eyes will never see it
Waiting for my destiny, I have no regrets
So give me, Unlimited Warfare Works"

Bow Description: Johnathans bow is green and seems to be made out of pure energy, it doesn't seem solid like, for example, Ryuukens bow. This is a long bow that's just as big as Johnathan himself, and while it can't rapid fire as good as some special Quincy Crosses, this bow can collect more power into one shot. This doesn't mean a skilled Quincy can't fire a rapid barrage of Arrows with it, though, it just won't be as much as with a bow created by a Hexagon Quincy Cross.

Artifacts: Quincy-Cross (Longbow), countless Silver Tubes (stored in various compartments on his clothing, in his pockets, even some in special stashes on his boots), ten Seele Schneider blades

History: Johnathans whole family where spiritually aware, and even more than that: They where Quincies. His whole family where he, his father and his mother, though - nobody more. At least he doesn't know of any other relative, that is. Being able to see spirits since his birth, he could shoot a bow before he could walk without falling down, destroying his first Hollow at the age of 7.
Since his family had to keep a low profile, they couldn't protect humans as much as they wanted. This was because of a great distrust and hate against Shinigami from his father and mother, both descendants of the nearly destroyed German Quincy Clan. Both thought they where maybe the last Quincy in the whole world.
However, the rather peaceful but exiting life soon came to an end when one of the strongest Hollow appeared in Germany. A Vasto Lorde. It attacked the town the three Quincy lived in when Johnathan was only 10 years old, and while the Shinigami would surely dispatch their strongest, his parents could not simply sit back and wait. Locking the protesting John in, both of them disappeared into the night, ready to fight the monster that tried to destroy their home for fun.

After two hours, Johnathan finally managed to break out of the seal-protected room in the house. Speeding through the air and over the ground, it wasn't hard to sense the battle area with all the energy there... but what he saw was a massacre.
The Vasto Lorde was dead. Impaled by three green Seele Schneider, he was pinned against a wall... and to his feet, there was the Quincy who used them, in his own blood. Dead. His father. The mother of the young boy was nowhere to be seen, but judging from the amount of blood on the ground of the devasted street... With a scream, Johnathan passed out.

He never found out how much time passed, but when the Quincy woke back up, he felt many dried up tears on his face, and no more in his eyes to let out. After his eyes focused on his surroundings again, he found himself back in the house he lived in for his entire life. A figure in a black Kimono stood in the window - the face was covered in shadows. A Shinigami.
"I was too late to help him, but you are safe here. Escape. Don't let Mayuri find out about you..." With that, the Shinigami disappeared into the night.
Who this Mayuri was, he did not know. Neither could he comprehend what happened exactly. Not till someone other appeared infront of him, the Plusus of his father...

Training for three years, almost without stop, while constantly traveling, Johnathan reached the country of Japan, carrying only some things... the Quincy Cross that once belonged to his father, his self-build Seele Schneider collection, some Silver Tubes, his own will and confidence... and the money he 'aquired' through various ways. On this day, he declared Karakura Town his new home. A home he would protect with his life, as well as his whole world. Why he came to this town?
In the writings the young Quincy found, this town was the nearest to the oldest of all Quincy Orders, the clan they all originated from. He would find other Quincy here, for sure...

After arriving in Karakura, at some point in the years past now, he met a group of three. Shizuru, Sho, and Natsuki. With them, he was one of the founding members of the Hashiamatsujiyuu - but how exactly they founded their organization is a mystery to most. [see past RP of it]

Roleplay Sample: (show us what you got)


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Shirou Emiya

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Johnathan Walker
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