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 Kahime Bakudan~The Butterfly Bomber~ (Done?)

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PostSubject: Kahime Bakudan~The Butterfly Bomber~ (Done?)   Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:01 am


Kahime Bakudan


Real Age: 256, Looks 18

Kahime is a very outgoing type of person, she isn't afraid to speak her mind and can be brutally blunt and honest. She doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to telling someone something, she likes to get straight to the point; when other people are beating around the bush and are taking too long to tell her something, she does get annoyed. She gets annoyed easily by people and just things in general, she doesn't really have a set trigger, just whatever she see's annoying at that moment.
Kahime can be very hot headed at times, and often times cant control her tongue and ends up blurting out things she may not mean or intended for someone to hear. Her temper sometimes get's her into trouble, often acting for the moment and not thinking things through fully.
Kahime is a stickler for natural beauty and will often comment of people who are naturally beautiful, and often insult people who wear a lot of make up and what not.
Despite her temper and her ability to become easily annoyed, she is very loyal to the ones she allies herself with. She has a very bubbly personality, very carefree and easy going; she often doesn't think about the consequences, mainly because she's one of those people that things just naturally fall perfectly in her lap.
Kahime can be manipulative when she has to be, this isn't something she makes a habit out of though.
Kahime like's explosives, she likes looking at explosions especially when she's the one that sets them off, she doesn't go around bombing towns and cities though, she does have a conscience.
Kahime isn't often seen doing kind deed's but she's not a bad person, she does do the occasionally nice gesture. Kahime is also a fan of sarcasm, so she often uses sarcastic remarks very frequently, sometimes being difficult to tell if her statements are 'real' or just sarcasm.



Her Human Life:
Kahime lived on a small remote island off the cost of Japan, Hashima Island. The island itself was cut off from the mainland and the rest of the world at that matter, only three clans inhabited it. Kahime was apart of the Bakudan Clan. The three Clans specialized in making weapons and poisons, Kahime's clan specialized in weapons, specifically bombs. Kahime was born into a loving family, a family that ate, slept, breathed bombs; despite her clan being bomb makers, the three clans all shared their expertise with one another and each person had some background with poisons, bombs and handheld weapons. Her parents raised her to be a bomb maker so that she can continue on their clans work. Kahime was a bomb fanatic, more so than her clansmen, but as much as she loved bombs, she loved nature and it's beauty; she especially loved to watch butterflies, she found them some of the most wounder-us, beautiful creatures on the planet. Kahime eventually started collecting butterflies, dead and alive. By the time she was six, she was able to create complex bombs with ease, in a way she was considered a 'prodigy' among her clan. Kahime would be out most of the day with her cousins and friends from the other clans out on the ocean, testing some bombs.

When Kahime turned fifteen, her father grew ill from an unknown disease, leaving him bed ridden. Only a few short months after her father grew ill, the main land thought the three clans of Hashima posed a possible threat to them and the rest of the world. The main land stopped supplying Hashima with materials to make their weapons and poisons and soon sent out troops to ride Hashima of the clans; since Hashima had absolutely no contact with the rest of the world, they had no idea what was to be expected, and were not able to ask for assistance from other nations. The main lands launched an attack of air, land and water a few months after Kahime turned 18.

The clans of Hashima didn't go down without a fight, they bombed and attacked with a great deal of power and will but due to their limited supplies and their dwindling numbers, they soon fell victim to the mainlands. Kahime died on the final wave of the assault in the arms of her family.

Her Life After Death

Kahime's soul wondered the mainlands haunting the leaders who ordered the attack on Hashima, she made sure to scare them, she made sure that she was from Hashima and that she was angry at them. She would send rare butterflies fluttering over, making sure that the leaders attentions were caught before a loud boom would go off. Loud enough to identify as a bomb or a strong explosion. She had no specific time in tormenting them, she did it whenever, sometimes in the dead of night when they were fast asleep; in that case she would send the butterfly after the explosion. She continued her attacks until they were all dead, three of which committed suicide, and the other two were sent to a mental institution and eventually died in there.

After that she was guided to soul society by a white butterfly, her journey was faded. She became a shinigami and attended the academy and soon developed her abilities as a bomber again. Only a few month after joining the academy she met her zan spirit, Deidara, he too was a bomber and his personality matched her's almost to a key. Kahime was on a mission about twenty years after the academy; this mission would change her a bit, she watched one of her comrades go down, they were seveirly out numbered and the mission was going down the tube; Kahime ended up losing control of herself and slipping to her hollow side, in her hollow form she was able to save the rest of her comrades and kill off the opponents. But she knew very well that Vizards were unaccepted in soul society. Kahime and Deidara left to the living and has since been living on Hashima again, training very frequently.

Zanpakutô Spirit:

Sealed Zanpakutô :

Shikai Description:

Shikai Abilities:

Creating Butterfly bombs:
The base of all Kahime's powers. Using her Spiritual Energy (most often used), the power of the sun, or the wind, she can create butterflies that explode with different powers/properties/abilities depending on the type of energy used. She can also combine energies into the butterflies to make more varied effect.

Taiyou No Chou (lit. "Butterfly of the Sun"):
An explosive butterfly infused with the rays of the sun. When it explodes, not only does it cause the explosive damage, but it also creates a bright flash of light that can stun or temporarily blind opponents for one to two posts depending on their strength.

Kaze No Chou (lit. "Butterfly of the Wind"):
A wind-infused creation. On detonation, this butterfly releases a powerful blast of wind in the direction of the opponent. This has the capacity to push them back, kick dust up at them, disarm them and/or knock them back (if the opponent is weak), or create environmental hazards.

Supiritto No Chou (lit. "Butterfly of the Spirit"):
Using her spiritual energy, Kahime can create butterflies that, when exploding, leave behind a small ball of reiatsu. The reiatsu ball will then release itself towards the opponent in a second, outward explosion, akin to a cero.

Taiyou To Kaze No Chou (lit. "Butterfly of the Sun and Wind"):
Mixing the energies of the sun, and the energies of the wind, this butterfly explodes into long strings of concentrated light that whip around the opponent randomly, each having the cutting power of a zanpakuto, roughly. They're fast and unpredictable, making them difficult to dodge, but they can be blocked, and their base being energy means a defensive kido could stop them.

Taiyou To Supiritto No Chou (lit. "Butterfly of the Sun and Spirit"):
Mixing the energies of the Sun and her own spiritual energy, this creation of Kahime's will fly for a second, multiply into two, then three, then four, before each flies to a different location around the opponent before exploding. When they do explode, each sends out sharp, piercing shrapnel made from the light energy in the opponent's direction in a scatter-shot. She can also add in wind energy to speed up the shrapnel's launch speed.

Spiritto To Kaze No Chou (lit. Butterfly of the Spirit and Wind):
By mixing the energy of the wind and her own spiritual pressure, Kahime makes a butterfly that will float above herself before exploding into a dense, spiritual fog, that then whips around the area like a tornado, forming a smoke-bomb of sorts and allowing for quick escape.

Torinitei No Chou (lit. Butterfly of the Trinity):
By mixing all three energies, condensing them, and concentrating them, Kahime makes the smallest butterfly out of her collection. It flutters around both her, and her opponent, leaving behind a trail of silver, yellow, and pink, making a large infinity sign on the battlefield before landing between them and ticking its wings in what could only be distinguished as a timer. After ten ticks, it explodes, unleashing a hellstorm of spiritual, wind, and solar energy in all directions, akin to a nuclear blast. This ability's power rivals that of a Cero Oscuras, and from a much more unexpected source.

(Thanks to Pocky for doing her powers for me! 8D <333)

Release: Art's a BANG ;D

Bankai Description:

Bankai Abilities: N/A

Vizard powers:

Cero: Shoots Cero blast that's red-crimson in colour at her opponent.

Increase in speed: Making her faster than both her mother and Yoruichi.
Increase in Strength: Her strength as a Vizard is matched with that of her brother, Tai's, if aggravated enough. Other wise her strength is just a bit weaker than Tai's.

Hand to hand combat: Like her brother she is a master at hand to hand combat, training under Yoruichi's wing.

Increase in senses: Her sight becomes extremely clear and can see things up to 300 meters away, her hearing, smell, taste and reflexes become 10x more sharper.

Weapons of Air: She can manipulate Air into a solid state, creating any weapon she wishes to use. Her weapons that she creates are solid jade and incredible sharp.

Hollow form:

Hollow mask:


Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
Kahime Bakudan: 2-1+
Rin Akira: 2-1+
Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

Last edited by Kitty on Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:13 am; edited 1 time in total
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Posts : 213
Join date : 2010-05-25
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Kahime Bakudan~The Butterfly Bomber~ (Done?)   Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:24 am

Kahime is ready for evaluation! D<


Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
Kahime Bakudan: 2-1+
Rin Akira: 2-1+
Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Kahime Bakudan~The Butterfly Bomber~ (Done?)   Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:02 am

Approved 2-1+
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PostSubject: Re: Kahime Bakudan~The Butterfly Bomber~ (Done?)   

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Kahime Bakudan~The Butterfly Bomber~ (Done?)
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