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 Friends with Benefits?(PRIVATE)

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: Friends with Benefits?(PRIVATE)   Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:45 am


"Oho...? is my personality to obnoxious for you? I happen to find your personality very tempting..." Said the haughty Gilgamesh, as he continued to gloss over the body of the woman laid down on the bed. In truth, Gilgamesh loved a feisty woman. Girl's who simply swarmed too him and begged for his body, eventually brought boredom to him. The king always enjoyed a challenge. He adored dominating the so called "High and Mighty" Female's, with tougher personalities. After hearing her insult, he wanted to break that tough shell. The man would undoubtedly find pleasure in hearing her complaint's or refusal, simply because of his personality and his personality alone. Normally, if the man was sober, he would have wasted no time in punishing her by skewering her body with the weapon's stored inside of 'Gate of Babylon'. Why would anyone destroy something so bodacious and beautiful? Just the mere thought of violation had accelerated the lust inside of Gilgamesh's heart. He slowly took a few step's toward her, from her location on the bed. judging by the position, Gilgamesh could easily overpower her over her bed, without resorting to actually attacking her. However, the drunken king was in no mood for physical resistance. He simply wanted to hear curse's, word's of hate, that would eventually and slowly turn into lust-filled moans with pleasure throughout. After shortly coming up with the appropriate item for the situation Gilgamesh contemplated just what he should do with this sacred piece of work. Had he not been interested in that black knight, he would undoubtedly seek this woman as his queen. Though, that didn't mean he still couldn't persuade her into becoming his consort. Sex, was like a release, whether romantic or rough, it released all worry, all stress, it was definitely something that this woman should get a taste of, and the golden king would in fact, show her the pleasure of sex and it's many thrill's.

"Chain of Heaven!" after those word's were spoken, a long chain came into being. Gilgamesh simply opened his treasury, and released the greatest secret stored within the 'Gate of Babylon', a weapon he had treasured even more then Ea. Enkidu, named after the guardian beast that granted Gilgamesh great power. The long chain seemed indefinite, as it coiled into a spiral, and quickly shot toward's harribel, the powerful chain weaved it's way around the voluptuous body of the third espada. Resistance would be futile by this point, the power of this chain was that of anti-divinity. It was a complete peccadillo to the mighty warrior's. Once caught by this chain, by reading the spiritual energy, Enkidu will completely lock off all movement of escape due to the high amount of spiritual energy spilling out from the opponent. The higher the level of spiritual pressure will only make Enkidu powerful second by second. To opponent's without spiritual energy or low spiritual pressure, this is nothing more then a tough chain which can be broken or avoided with a bit of mobility. After having locked all methods of escape by the vexatious shark, Gilgamesh directed Enkidu with his index finger, automatically using the force of the chain to bring Harribel further towards himself. After the distance was closed, he smiled at her appearance now. Having suspended her in the air, through this method, would probably be a big hammer throw onto her pride. Gilgamesh smiled as he carefully guided her toward's the bed through the chain of heaven. After doing so, their location was now the bed it's self once again. "Now...Tia Harribel, i usually wouldn't take insult's well, but since your body has brought me into temptation, i will reward you with my body." Gilgamesh grinned, as his red crimson hue's produced a aura filled with lust and want. The pair of ruby-like eye's were placed directly toward's her face in order to see her expression.

"Please enjoy your reward, it's a rarity for one such as yourself to experience such pleasure, is it not?" To the end, Gilgamesh was a haughty and arrogant individual. While she would view this as a crime, he simply viewed it as a gift from the bottom of his heart. He gazed upon her body, the skin, the plump set of breast's, and the scent caused his lust to once again skyrocket beyond all comparison. Gilgamesh's hand's in turn, showed just how hungry he was to bed this woman. he roughly grabbed Harribel's breast within both of his hand's, this soft bust was by far, the largest he had ever seen. While he may have dated and wedded women with large mound's, her's by far had taken the cake. Her skin still felt warm from today's training, he admired the sensation within his hand's and continued to grope her without care. His smile turned into a grin, as he continued to caress her breast's. He felt as though he were touching gelatin, due to the jiggle's he saw from his caress. Not even his hand's could fit all of this master piece in a mere handful. After he felt that caressing was not enough, he slowly but surely brought his face toward's her bust, and slowly rested his head upon the mound's of Venus. His hand's went from the top of her breast's and down to the bottom as he held them within his palm's below. "Hm, for such a feisty and adamant woman such as yourself, this sort of body make's you seem weak and nimble..." Said Gilgamesh teasingly, as he mockingly began patting her breast's from below while lifting them up and down and back and forth. This action continued only for a modicum of time, as Gilgamesh's hand's went back to the center of her bust. He found a slight peccadillo preventing him from further admiration. The Espada outfit, was still covering her body. However, that did not phase him in the slightest.

Without a second to waste, Gilgamesh seductively unzipped her top. His eye's gazed upon his work of art, as though it were a treasure stored within his treasury. This body was simply far too amazing to be touched by the lowlife's of hueco mundo, only he would enjoy this body. He quickly threw her top to the side and once again smiled seductively. "Your bare form look's even more vexatious then when your clothed in this useless vestment's. Ah, Yes, Fufu, i could definitely find a few uniform's to fit my fancy..." Gilgamesh commented on the clothing, but his attention was obviously still drawn toward's the bust. Having removed the top, his next intention was clear. He poked her nipple's to make her body tense up, after having did that. His mouth was slowly brought toward's her left nipple, while his right hand was brought toward's her right breast. Like a clamp, Gilgamesh's mouth brought in her left nipple without a moment's notice. He wanted to taste her without stop. Each part of her body would belong to the King tonight. He would enjoy each and every part of the sex he planned to have with the unfortunate(?) Espada. At the beginning of his foreplay, Gilgamesh slowly sucked on the left nipple fervently, after he performed this lewd action, he carefully moved her right breast within a clock wise to counter clock wise motion, before bringing it back to it's center. While he may have been a tyrant, he was not at all, inchoate in the form of love making and sex. it was indeed what had brought many woman back to him in the past. Now, would Harribel be a returning cast member among his favored female's? One could only speculate the turn of event's this night would take.


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PostSubject: Re: Friends with Benefits?(PRIVATE)   Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:50 am

Tia Harribel

"Oho...? is my personality to obnoxious for you? I happen to find your personality very tempting..." Tsk. Tempting. Keep it in your pants buddy. Harribel scoffed, shaking her head and yawning at his attempts to make himself look high and mighty. "Look, Gilgamesh. Just because you live here does not give you a free pass to whatever or whoever you want. I am not one of your concubines, nor do I want to be. Ever. So if you would be so kind as to leave my presence." Harribel said firmly, making her point clear. But even still.. she could see something.. it was.. in his eyes.. He was planning.. something.. This wasn't just your everyday grope-in-the-halls gilgamesh.. this was something much more sinister. She could see it in his expression. He was completely overcome with lust.. and nothing was going to stop him from taking what he wanted. Almost as if to confirm this, Gilgamesh took a few steps forward, causing Harribel to back up a bit in her bed. At first it was annoying.. now it was getting frightening..

Harribel blinked at his approach, and the look in his eyes told her that she was in for a world of hurt if she tried to leave this room. Gilgamesh at his BEST was known to be a ruthless bastard to anyone who resisted him. She didn't want to imagine what the wrath of a drunk Gilgamesh would look like..

"Chain of Heaven!" Wait.. what..? Harribel blinked in confusion. She had heard that term before.. but where.. Her eyes opened wide as Gilgamesh's treasury opened, trying to scramble back as the long chain shot towards her. She half-stood up and jumped back, almost making it off the bed before the chain caught her, wrapping around her body and holding her tight. Harribel struggled against the chains, pulling and pushing, summoning her reiatsu around her and funneling it into the chains, trying to use her power to break them. Should have been a fairly easy task.. But the more she struggled, the more power she used, the tougher the chains seemed to get.. it was as if they were adapting to her reiatsu.. Harribel snarled, yanking away hard before being pulled back. It was absolutely hopeless. Whatever these things were, there was no way out of them. The former trecera blinked and squirmed as the chains moved, her eyes glinting with absolute hatred as she watched Gilgamesh bring the chains closer to him, closing the distance. That.. that smug smile on his face.. that expression of haughty arrogance.. She hated it! She wanted to slaughter this man.. see that smug face of his slide off his head.. She saw him smile.. right before feeling the chains start moving again.. Guiding her back to the bed and laying her upon it. Goddamn this man.. Damn him to hell!

"Now...Tia Harribel, i usually wouldn't take insult's well, but since your body has brought me into temptation, i will reward you with my body." Harribel snarled, tilting her head up as she saw the lust-filled aura and his sickening grin. This man was NOT going to get her body.. No fucking way. She pulled hard against the chains, only to feel her strength sapped out of her from the effort. God damn it..

"Please enjoy your reward, it's a rarity for one such as yourself to experience such pleasure, is it not?" Pfft. He would get NO such enjoyment or pleasure from her. She was going to resist. She had to. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction..

Out of.. well.. seemingly fucking NOWHERE, but he was probably thinking about it the whole time, Harribel felt his hands grab her breasts roughly. Harribel's eyes opened wide from the sudden sensation, but she bit her lip, holding back any noise in the slightest as he continuously groped and caressed her chest without any restraint. Harribel snarled, what a g..goddamn pig..

She looked down at a new feeling, and blinked as she saw his head resting atop her breasts, feeling his hands move and pat them from below, eliciting another snarl from her. "Hm, for such a feisty and adamant woman such as yourself, this sort of body make's you seem weak and nimble..." Harribel growled, bearing teeth. "Release me from these chains. I'll show you how weak I am." She growled once more, pulling against the chain hard.

Harribel saw his eyes move once more, and gulped as she saw where his hand was going. N..nononono! She grimaced as he unzipped her shirt, she could almost FEEL his gaze on her chest. SHe tsk'd. This.. was not how she had imagined this night to go. She wanted to sleep, honestly.. She watched her shirt land on the floor some ways away and sighed hopelessly.

"Your bare form look's even more vexatious then when your clothed in this useless vestment's. Ah, Yes, Fufu, i could definitely find a few uniform's to fit my fancy..." Harribel leaned her head up to bark a retort, but her words were stolen from her from the poke on her nipple, tensing her body up as she winced a bit from the sudden sensation. A blush crossed her tan face as she watched his mouth descend, biting her lip hard and leaning her face out of his view, clenching her eyes shut to hold back the moans that rose at the back of her throat as he toyed with her breasts, sucking on the nipple of one and playing with and moving the other. She could feel the skin on her lip begin to break from the effort...

W..when would he stop...?


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PostSubject: Re: Friends with Benefits?(PRIVATE)   

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Friends with Benefits?(PRIVATE)
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