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 [WIP] Lily Chip

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PostSubject: [WIP] Lily Chip   Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:08 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Lily Chip

Alias: Chip

Age: 15


More Pics

Lily looks like a little girl no older than 15. Her basic appearance however matches that of maybe even a 12 year old depending on the attire she chooses to wear. It's not often that Lily is found in adult based areas nor can she be simply spotted in a crowd. Main reason for this is because she is also pretty damn short. Standing at 5'5, Lily is a very small girl with little body maturity. She looks very youthful and certainly acts that way, but she will never be capable of renting DvD's with that kiddy appearance.

The most noted point of her appearance is that brilliant hair. It stretches down to just above ground level making her princess style around 5ft long in itself. this of course doesn't go without reason as she uses her hair in ways most hairstylists would only dream of doing. On the front of her head, the blonde hair grows down to parts of her shoulders, not too long but surely noticeable from the front. She makes sure she can have some fringe covering her eyes if need be, but it's hard to distract people from those pearls. Her eyes are almost pink but more of a violet colour that appears brighter when she is angry.

The attire usually worn by Lily is her black dress with long sleeves and choker

Height: 5'5

Weight: 7 Stone

Hair Color: Bright Blonde

Eye Color: Violet

Personality: [2 Paragraphs minimum.]

History: [2 paragraph or 10 sentences minimum.]

Birthplace: [If your character is 16 years old or younger, make them born in one of the 7 cities.]

Powers: [Powers cannot be god mod or anything like that, and most humans use Ki instead of reaitsu, some only use reaitsu.]

Extra Abilities: [This means if your character has any sort of like gifts, enhanced intelligence or something of that sort, that would go here.]

Ki Usage: [Some humans use Ki, some do not, when thinking about Ki Usage, how good would your character be at controlling their inner Ki?]

RP Sample: [Only do this if this is your first application for a character, if it is not then OMIT this.]
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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Lily Chip   Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:48 am

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My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}


{Chosokabe Motochika}

TIER 1-1+


TIER 2-1+

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[WIP] Lily Chip
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