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 Tsukiko Adachi

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PostSubject: Tsukiko Adachi   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:13 pm



Adachi, Tsukiko; Shiromeki (White Flash)


2,175; looks like she's in her early twenties.

Tsukiko is a woman who will act kind and outwardly act like a caring individual who retains little to no grudges or any otherwise negative emotion. One would never associate words such as 'melancholy' and 'anger' with her persona. Every now and then she will have quite the monotonous tone, or an apathetic face, but never will she raise her voice or seem to grow annoyed. She takes care of her fellow squad members; acting like their mother, and treating them like her own pups.

7/10 times one will see Tsukiko with a face that doesn't bring about a happy word to mind, she will be in the heat of battle. If offered even a remote challenge, she will lose her happy-go-lucky attitude and grow consistent with a serious mood, nonchalant, or even emotionless. The other 3/10 times one will see Tsukiko's non-happy face will be when people address her as "Adachi", or make any reference to that name. She scorns such actions, without giving a reason as to why - that is, besides "jamming my foot where the sun don't shine". Inversely, when is confronted by pet names such as "Kiki", "Tsuki", "Tsu", "Kiko", she welcomes them with warm giggles or other compassionate gestures.

If one were to peel back the multiple layers of persona that Tsukiko holds, they would see a rotting corpse; malignant by nature, warped and bent over time despite the abomination already bore from the get-go. The woman puts on an outwardly playful and joyful nature, but the only emotions she honestly feels are enmity, disgust, spite, pity, envy, and contempt. She is truly a sinful being. She is extremely selfish inwardly and highly conceited. She will never show nor admit it, but she has heinous thoughts that reflect the blackness of her soul. She is a woman who has mastered her 'Poker Face', and is truly a plotter and schemer. The downfall of life as it is is her goal in life, which is another small reflection of her true self. Although, to this day, no one alive knows about her true self.

She has never necessarily been pushed to her breaking point emotionally, but a few certain things set her off to the point where she has to vent, or some key word(s) that will make her plot the death of that person in particular meticulously for weeks, all just for one person. Namely, Tsukiko doesn't like Takaharu being brought up - no one to the day knows they were sisters, all but the aunt and uncle, but nonetheless Takaharu Adachi is sore subject for her. Especially when favoritism for either side occurs - yes, even herself. She hates Takaharu that much. She also hates to see things like sibling rivalry, and more than anything spoiled people. She will twinge at the thought.



5 feet, 11 inches.


Eye Color:
Faint Blue

Hair Color:
Snow White

Shinigami Techniques





Technique History





Zanpakutô Spirit: Tenshi-ki (Angel Tree)

Zanpakutô Appearance:
Tenshi-ki takes the appearance of a young man, no older than 16. He is tall and wears radiant silver armor that covers his legs, waist, arms, and shoulders. The shoulder pieces have fake silver wings connected to them. The boy has a gymnastic body suit underneath that. He has blue eyes and extremely pale, almost sickly skin.

Zanpakutô Personality:
Similar to Tsukiko, Tenshi-ki is a friendly, but quiet being. Although, Tenshi-ki grows bonds very quickly, gets attached to people that Tsukiko interacts with, and will cry if his feelings are hurt. Despite this all, he is a cynical being above all.

Zanpakutô Realm:
Tenshi-ki's realm is an endless stretch of a heavenly city. It takes the appearance of Rukongai; where Serireitei would be, there is simply an empty crater. Everything there, instead of wood and other miscellaneous items, the Tenshi-ki-Rukongai is made out of clouds, thus giving it no definition almost at all. The sun is always overhead, staring down directly at the center of where Seireitei would be.

Sealed Zanpakutô :
A simplistic and regular looking katana. The tsuba is pure golden, and the hilt is twined in a white fabric. The sheathe itself is pure white with a golden piece twirling around thrice near the top.

Shikai Description:
Tenshi-ki's blade will simply absorb its sheathe and start glowing a radiant white.
"Kai, Katayoku no Tenshi":

Shikai Abilities:
Jouka (Purification)
A single touch by her katana will create a burning sensation, but no burn will surface. The burning sensation is as strong as the victim; thus making it feel even hotter the more reiatsu the person has. The burning sensation will remain until Tsukiko leaves Shikai, whether that's through Bankai or resealing. If "Kai, Katayoku no Tenshi" is used before she enters Bankai or reseals, the burn will leave, but it will tear open the wound even more.
[Cannot be used with "Kai, Katayoku no Tenshi"]

Kai, Katayoku no Tenshi (Release, One-Winged Angel)
Upon the commands "Kai", Tenshi-ki's abilities will manifest. A white flame will emit from Tenshi-ki's blade, then twirl viciously up Tsukiko's arm and tear away her sleeve and form an angelic looking wing out of those same white flames. A weaker, almost nonexistent white flamed wing will appear on her opposing shoulder. Tsukiko grows a plethora times quicker; similar to the Shunko technique, but it does not give her any more boons. (As seen above)

- Hisaki no Tenshi (Flames of the Angel)
Once One-Winged Angel is released, Hisaki no Tenshi can be used. In this, Tsukiko can merely swing her katana and the white flames will manifest and excel forward in an arc of pure reishi. When the white flames hit their victim, it will be a purely physical force. The more reiatsu put into the swing, the bigger the arc, the stronger the "force" is. She can create Arcs as big as trees at the sake of width, or giant balls of white flames as wide as she is tall. These flames hardly cost any reiatsu, but have low accuracy.
[Can only be used while Katayoku no Tenshi is active; can be used in conjunction with Chikara no Tenshi]

- Chikara no Tenshi (Force of the Angel)
Once One-Winged Angel is released, Chikara no Tenshi can be used. In this, Tsukiko can have the white flames manifest on her empty arm or legs. When she does, every kick and punch, even a push or flick, will be greatly amplified.
[Can only be used while Katayoku no Tenshi is active; can be used in conjunction with Hisako no Tenshi]

- Shugotenshi (Guardian Angel)
Tsukiko will gain control of her wing and shroud herself in it when a reiatsu based attack is threatening to hit her. When the reiatsu attack hits the wing, nearly half of the reiatsu will be absorbed and can be thrown back at the user, but the halfway powered down reiatsu attack will hit Tsukiko.
[Can only be used while Katayoku no Tenshi is active; effect moves up to 3/4 in Bankai]

"Bless the Fallen, Tenshi-ki."

Bankai Description: Niou-ki (Guardian Deva Kings Tree)
"Kai, Shugotenshi":

Bankai Abilities:
[All abilities from Shikai carry over, stronger]

Souzou (Imagination)
Tsukiko's offense and defense is limited solely to her surroundings and her mind. Simply by willing it so, she can instantaneously conjure any weapon of any sorts by drawing in reishi from her surroundings, giving it as much weight or as little weight as she feels necessarily. All she has to do is be aware of her attacker, and in that instance a defense can be conjured; she doesn't even need to be holding it. The larger the creation, the more reiatsu it spends. When she attacks with the weapons, they will have the same affect as the weapons they were modeled after. She can conjure at maximum two at once.

Zenkou (Benevolence)
While able to conjure weapons, Tsukiko usually sticks to hand-to-hand combat. The radiant silver platelets on her arms and legs can manifest flames, which were dubbed benevolence merely because of the holy nature it possesses. When simply touched by the radiant white hands Adachi has, one will be plagued by one of three effects (only one can be used at a time):
- Light Tunnel
While the touch does not affect the victim physically, it tampers with their psyche, allowing for Tsukiko to tamper with their coordination. This makes whoever Tsukiko touches see a sudden flash of extremely bright light that is not actually there at the exact moment of the physical contact. In this, it will allow for a short moment of confusion on their part. Afterward, the person becomes partially blind as long as Light Tunnel is being used.
- Light Scold
The white flames that manifest, upon choosing to, if Tsukiko touches somebody it will give the feeling of a temporary burning sensation. The pain lasts only a few moments, but it is as painful as the user can imagine pain to be - making it, literally, the worst pain of their life. Despite this, there is no actual burn. Her actual attacks are completely physical, and can only hurt her victim depending on how strong she hit them.The usage of Light Scold with singe Tsukiko's hands more and more every use along with drain a reiatsu rapidly.
- Light Impact
This is a complete physical domination of sorts. Upon simply hitting the victim, an extremely strong force will be compelled outward instantly, making each blow from her seem like an elephant tackle.

Tenshi (Angel)
Tsukiko can literally fly at shunpo speeds using her reiatsu wings.


Human; Two Peas In A Pod:

Human; Setting The Stage For Murder:

Spirit Citizen; Wash, Rebirth, & Repeat?:

Spirit Citizen - Shinigami; Integration and Annihilation:

Shinigami; All The Kings Horses and All The Kings Men:

Extra Abilites:
has dealt with thieves, liars, and over all villains all of her life, so she can sniff out a lie easily.

Roleplay Sample: - - -

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PostSubject: Re: Tsukiko Adachi   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:32 am

Alright, I think I'm done for real real now.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsukiko Adachi   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:50 am

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [omit]

Comments/Notes: approved, and i saw the changes you have done, everything fine in my books

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PostSubject: Re: Tsukiko Adachi   Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:36 am

moved to inactive

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PostSubject: Re: Tsukiko Adachi   

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Tsukiko Adachi
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