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 Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Away Baby Before I Put My Spell On You~ (Mason & Mama Ama - WIP)

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Ama Yariman


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PostSubject: Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Away Baby Before I Put My Spell On You~ (Mason & Mama Ama - WIP)   Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:49 pm

Tia Tomasa
Hatred fuels my blood. I'll burn you down (You can't help me)
I'll fight 'til the end (I won't help you). I can't trust anyone
(Witness and see it in my eyes)
Run from me before I tear you down (Be afraid)
You chose the wrong side
I won't help you, let you rot away (Despise what you say)

Las Noches... The last place any arrancar would consider 'beautiful'. To Tia, this was an amazing, and downright gorgeous place. Because all of the arrancar would hung around here were fight-crazed, arrogant bastards, no one ever truely got to appreciate how magnificent it all was, which made Tia sad a bit. She was walking down the hallways silently before getting a sudden burst of energy. She all of a sudden felt like running. With a small smile, she stretched her arms and took off running down the halls. Without really looking, since not many hung about the halls, Tia picked up her pace and ran even faster. Her heart pounded in her chest, and at this point, she wasn't even focusing on anyone ahead. Right now, all she cared about was releasing a little steam. And, since no one would be able to immediately figure out she was a girl, she always had to be ready to fight. Arrancars were often violent and arrogant creatures, Tia sometimes was ashamed of their reactions to things at times. Being very violent herself, she always knew just WHEN it was actually APPROPRIATE to use it. She never would kill or maim without cause. She gazed at the sights around her, though they went by quickly with how fast she was going, they still meant a lot to her. Her heart pumped faster and faster, her breath quickened. How Tia loved the feel of a good run... There was nothing quite like it.

Blood pumps faster for oxygen, your heart feels like it will escape at any moment from the very cage inside. She grinned widely before lifting her headphones over her ears, placing them just right so they would not shift during her run. Normally, this would be for music, but the way they were built, they tend to block out anything and everything around her. She did not feel like listening to music... Just the simple sounds of her heart, her breathing, and her feet hitting the ground with an excellent force. Tia grinned widely, not knowing where her feet would even take her now, she just ran down the hallways, grinning and occaisionally laughing sinisterly. Where would her feet take her? And what lay ahead in her course?
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Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Away Baby Before I Put My Spell On You~ (Mason & Mama Ama - WIP)
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