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 The Syndicate Of Souls Base

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PostSubject: The Syndicate Of Souls Base   Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:01 am

|T H E | R E V I V E D | D E S I R E|

Located at a former US Army facility located approximately 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah in southern Tooele County and just north of Juab County. It encompasses 801,505 acres of the Great Salt Lake Desert, an area the size of the state of Rhode Island, and is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges. It now has ia large pyramid at its center, with four large pillars on each side, these pillars are a special Dimensional Gate, which, when charged with sufficient reiatsu, can open either a Senkaimon or a Garganta. It can also open a portal directly to the Dangai Precipice World or any other location on Earth, however all portals are only one way, so thus someone else has to ether open another portal in order to get back to the base. The entrance to the base is on outside wall of the west side. Once inside most shall notice the 30 floors , and devoid of life. The base is actually much larger than it seems as there exists a large system of rooms and catacombs beneath the surface. The walls of the fortress are made out of special gem like rock forged into a black metal, that prevent's outsiders from being able to float or fly in and around the fortress unless they are given a talisman. There are seven floors that are really large rooms, built to the taste of each Jashin, for each lesser desire, they get a simple smaller room in the catacombs. Dhaos Throne room is located on the bottom most floor, doubles as where he stays, it is built to be surroud by quartz trees which serve no spiecal purpose, and holds the Syndicate Of Souls symbol over his throne. In the case of a attack on the Base Dhaos and the others can use the hidden tunnels to escape without a trace.

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The Syndicate Of Souls Base
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