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 Adric Watanabe(WIP)

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PostSubject: Adric Watanabe(WIP)   Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:52 am



Name: Adric Wantanbe


Age:Two-hundered. Looks to be early twenties.

Personality: Pretty laid back. Mostly lazy. Adric isn't one to get excited for much of anything. He's outspoken and sometimes harsh. He could care less what people think as long as he's content with himself.


Appearance: Durarara!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Height: (Make it in Feet) 6 foot even.

Weight: A slender 175 Lbs.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair Color: Blond.


Zanpakutô Spirit: A lion made of light. The body of the beast is a sheer black. The mane,teeth,eyes,and tip of the tail glows a very bright white. As well as the claws. When the beats walks it leaves a trail of light behind it.

Zanpakutô Realm: The realm in witch it resides is much like what one would think to be purgatory. Just a empty void of nothing,just sheer darkness for as far as the eyes can see.

Sealed Zanpakutô : The hilt of the blade is unique as it has two colors weaved into the grip. A mixture of red and white in the traditional diamond pattern. The blade is average in length. The hand guard is a simple square but hollowed out with the four corners having a single piece of steel running to the hilt.

Shikai Description: The Shikai for the blade is very unique. It has the ability to copy any other Zanpakutô that it has come into contact with. The appearance changes to an identical copy of the opponents with three fourths of the power unless Adric has practiced and knows the release command of the opponents blade aswell.

Shikai Abilities: Being a copy cat blade it can duplicate any attacks that it has received and can return the attack at three fourths power. And aswell as copying the structure of the others blade for the melee types.

Release: Imitate,Moho Suru

Bankai Description: When in Bankai,it takes a completely different direction. The blade changes into a set of gauntlets and boots. The boots resemble lion claws,and the gauntlets are forearm length. The area around the fists is the head of a lion the mouth slightly open. Both are a dark sliver color and have numerous cracks in them with bright light coming from the said cracks.

Bankai Abilities:
The power of the Bankai stage is nothing special. Adric's rudimentary skills are highly enhanced. His speed,strength,agility,among many others are over quadrupled. The light that the Bankai radiates is like tiny shards of glass. They can spread in a large dynamiter around Adric,the light serves two functions one is to cause more damage to the enemy and the other is to replicate what Adric wishes them two. Such as make exact copy's of what the user wishes.


History/Background: During Adric's time in the world of the living he was a typical man. He was a simple wine maker,with a small farm and a family. He worked from dusk to dawn and then some. But in a tragic fire he lost his life and and his family. When coming too in the spirit
world he had no memory of his past life. When he became of age he entered the Academy. Squeezing by with just average grades due to his new found lazy manner. Apon graduation he is still waiting for a Squad to accept him into the ranks.

Extra Abilites: Aside from breathing,Adric's has acute almost mathematical brainpower. This gives him the Ability to access whats going on around him in a timely manner and break them down. Able to react with more speed and accuracy than most of his counterparts.

Roleplay Sample:
{First time on a Forum.bare with me.}
As the condensation of the dark clouds above began to release,Adric's figure began a slow and lazy walk to the Barracks. The clear water falling from the sky making contact with the area below the said clouds. His figure became quickly wet from the rain,the figured moved ever so closer to his destination.

"This rain is bloody freezing."

He murmured under his breath about the bad weather. As the being reached the door to the Barracks he slid in the opening and ventured into his room. Removing the wet uniforms from his body,Adric threw them aside into a near by wicker basket. Still moving very slow he managed to make his way into the cot closing his eyes Adric's mind wandered about untill sleep took over. He tossed and turned due to his bodys odd bone structure. Adric simply couldn't get comfortable but slept anyway. Upon waking up the next day his bones simply hurt. It took every bit of his Will power to get out of bed and redressed. Heading back to his post still yawning,with every step his body made the bones began to crack loosing up for the day ahead. His slumped demeanor and his head low as usual as he carried forth.

"I'm too old for this."

Adric jsut went this way for his life. Letting it come to him rather than going to it. Not really living as much as just taking up space. He continued the same routine day after day not caring what was going on around him. Quite the simple man he is he does his duty and at the end of the day goes home and sleeps like most others people.

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PostSubject: Re: Adric Watanabe(WIP)   Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:46 am

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Adric Watanabe(WIP)
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