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 Rule Breaker (Conceptual Weapon)

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PostSubject: Rule Breaker (Conceptual Weapon)   Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:57 pm

Conceptual Weapon

Current Holder: Medea

Name: Rule Breaker - All Spells Must Be Broken

Release-States: Rule Breaker only has one form with a constantly active power.

Concept: Nullification


Powers: Rule Breaker, on first glance, is a ceremonial dagger. While it enhances the wielders ability to do those, it is actually a tool to destroy all magic - and that is what it does. Once a spell touches it, it simply loses all bindings to existance, and disappears into thin air. Kido, Cero, Sugiura Magic, Guardian Beast magic - they all simply stop existing once cut with this dagger. It is powerful enough to negate the magic binding of things, and can thus cut through magical contracts that some Magi-type Sugiura can create. Even more, it can reverse the flow of those contracts and bind the stabbed person to the wielder instead.
The nullification is even stronger, though. It goes far enough to 'cancel' abilities of Zanpakuto and Sacreds as well, as long as they're not a physical blade striking at Toja. Windblades, crackling fires from hell, never seen before energy, it all evaporates infront of the enchanted blade.
However, this is also the weakness. The dagger has to pierce or cut the magic, the user itself is not immune. Also, in direct combat, the dagger is nearly dull, able to only inflict minimal cuts on anything not magical. Close combat is the greatest enemy of this Conceptual Weapon.

Guardian: Medea. It is unknown if she is a Guardian Beast or Sugiura, but what is known is that she is an 'evil witch' who was forced into her role and became bitter and cruel because of it. She is known for taking those captive that lose against her insanely powerful elemental, energy and spiritual magics, and to break them slowly but steadily, before either disposing of them or keeping them as pets.

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Rule Breaker (Conceptual Weapon)
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