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 Neith and Nephthys

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PostSubject: Neith and Nephthys   Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:32 pm

Conceptual Weapon

Current Holder: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz

Name: Neith/Nephthys

Release-States: 2

Concept: Bloodlust

Stage One:

Stage Two:


Stage One:
In stage one, the sword is heavier than usual to those who are not of similar makeup to the wielder (e.g. blood relatives). The sword appears to only be one large blade. However, this is nothing but an optical lapse. It is actually seven blades that are highly transparent. They have inscriptions that shine onto the center blade that gives it the one-blade appearance. Any blood or liquid that lands on the invisible blades will show the area of the blade covered.
Stage Two:
In stage two, the invisible blades and the main blade turn into 2 separate swords. The first, Neith, is a white katana at 74.5" and the other, Nephthys, is 75". The swords have a truly monstrous ability: massacre. This ability is only avaliable to Iai masters. It requires both swords to be swung at high speeds. This will cause the opponent to be a shower of nothing but blood and organic mush if it connects. It is a hand-held blender more or less.


Inhert is an odd Guardian Beast. It speaks not a word, nor makes any gestures. Its movements are unpredictable and its intentions still unknown. It has two blades in its hands that represent the original forms for Neith and Nephthys before they were released. Inhert does not engage in combat at all, seemingly he wills his own death. His history is known only that he was a great swordsmith in his time alive and created the two weapons for two beautiful twin women, Neith and Nephthys. Soon after, he went on a killing spree in order to please the women.


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Neith and Nephthys
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