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 KamikazeRyuu - Misaiko's Martial Principle - A work in progress

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Shirou Emiya

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PostSubject: KamikazeRyuu - Misaiko's Martial Principle - A work in progress    Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:09 am

Kamikazeryuu – The Martial principle of Misaiko Sugiura

Principle: To begin, in order to understand the laws and techniques of Kamikazeryuu, one must be able to act according to complete calmness, peace of mind, and good intent. The techniques that this style entails must not be used to exact revenge or cause harm to others, but to protect everyone equally. Once this simple step is achieved, the user will already find themselves one step closer to perfecting the techniques and principles that this martial art possesses. To obtain complete mastery of the art in question, peace of mind is especially crucial. To this end, new students will be put through vigorous training all based on how to react to the situation accordingly, rather than acting of one’s own impulses. This is remarkably useful and allows you to force the opponent into your flow during confrontation. You must not allow yourself to be boggled down by anything; the mind must be one with the body, clear and fluid, elegant and precise. Another aspect one must be willing to learn is that, there is no perfection to strive towards. One must be willing to accept failure at any given point. For if you fail; you will become stronger by learning from these unfortunate events, aiming to rectify and improve upon them with a solid spirit and a pure heart. The last and most important part as a whole is that one must be willing to be disciplined and to hone not only their body but their spirit and their mind. The art is not something one should pursue to look ‘cool” to their peers, but a mindset, a moral, and above all, a oath to follow throughout their entire life. Once these steps are achieved in full, you have become not only a master of the art, but a better person because of it as well.

Battle procedures and concepts: in this next stage, the student will go through a step by step list of techniques built on various situations; Aerial Techniques, Countering Techniques, Precision Techniques, and last but not least Fluidity. Aerial techniques in the Kamikazeryuu are said to be the most difficult and is only built for the lean, lanky, and agile rather than the muscular and brawny. The latter techniques however, are built just for that exact group, since techniques in martial arts exist where physical strength and mighty brawn are an absolute key to achieving martial prowess, and above all, victory. In other words, each concept is built for a variety of people, including human beings themselves. No one is excluded from learning the endless knowledge that this particular martial art holds.

Aerial: To perform techniques from an aerial standpoint, the user must be ready to act quick and accordingly, and must be ready to rely on their speed and their momentum in lieu of physical strength. Of course, physical strength is a key to how powerful the sword strike can become, but to execute a strike using momentum and speed combined into one powerful leap can be as equally lethal. Footwork and the ability to jump from a straight out charge is what are most important here, however. One should not force the charge; one must allow themselves to be in complete sync with the flow of the battle and with the flow of their environment. If one is able to articulate these steps correctly, it is highly unlikely to see them fail in mastering the art of aerial combat in the Kamikazeryuu.


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KamikazeRyuu - Misaiko's Martial Principle - A work in progress
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