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 Dark Kabuto (Souji Kusakabe) WIP

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PostSubject: Dark Kabuto (Souji Kusakabe) WIP   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:38 pm


Name: Dark Kabuto (Souji Kusakabe)
Age: 700
Gender: Male

Orientation: Zefonse's Fraccion

Appearance: Souji looks quite handsome. Shoulder long, silver-grey hair, pale, but not sick-looking skin without any flaws, together with a well formed, but not overly beautiful face seemingly lacks all emotion, as his only known expressions are neutral and a slightly impressed one whenever someone exceeds his expectations. Should he ever show real emotion on his face, something major has happened.
His eyes have the for Hollow rather strange color of deep green, with a slight tint of blue when direct sunlight falls into them, making them shine like emeralds spiked with saphires. His Hollow Hole is actually located on his head, in the center of his forehead - a rather small hole that is mostly hid by hair, and the visible outlines look like a third eye.
His Arrancar Uniform consists of a white garment for the upper body without any sleeves, with a somewhat chinese resembling design. The outlines of the piece of clothing and the buttons that go from upper left to power right over the clothing are black. His pants are rather wide-looking, but still allow for flexible movement - a thin line between fashion and fighting ability. On his feet, Heroism wears two black sandals with white socks, similliar to the normal Shinigami sandals of his arch enemies.
Also, on both hands, Dark Kabuto wears gloves without fingers, both in the typical Arrancar white.
The rests of Souji's mask are on his ears - they are encased in a white-silver like bone structure, looking similliar to small wings, only adding to his quite wondrous and kind look.

Personality: (how they act)

Abilities: Souji is able to 'mold' his appearance into a shadow, move in perfect unity with it, and disappear nearly completely. Apart from a small, lingering aura, nothing tells of his existance until he steps out of the shadow. He can even unleash his Resurreccion while hidden in the shadows before walking out. He's not able to mold into shadows while fighting.

Sealed Zanpakutô: (Describe.)

Release: (What you have to say in order to release.)

Resurrección: (Describe their transformation including abilities and appearance.)

History: (Life, death, and and progression to the Arrancar state .)

RP Sample: (Show us what you got)

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Dark Kabuto (Souji Kusakabe) WIP
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