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 What Are Guardian Beast

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PostSubject: What Are Guardian Beast    Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:27 pm

Most differences of the other races, Are that they Already have full control over their element once the Guardian beast, so to speak they are powerful enough to keep up with most shinigami and other races without releasing their sacred, releasing it simply mean's they are all that more powerful. But the Beast itself is a different story. An elemental spirit of legends that is considered a natural phenomenon in itself, they existed since before 14-15 Billions Years ago, making them the oldest race in terms of age. These are beings that accomplished great achievements such as saving the world and, after their death, became the object of worship and lore. As a result, they are placed outside the cycle of transmigration of the soul and ascend to an existence closer to what would one call "gods" in order to become a power that protects itself and Sugiura kind. Just as Elementals are able to adopt a physical form based on the image of humans, Guardian Beast create a container that allows them to materialize in the present era out of their own legends. Regardless of the authenticity, as long as the information about an individual is enough widespread among humans of any given age, a Guardian Beast can be materialized from them. Since heroes are known through their stories, information available about them is always composed by what is actually true, what was fictionally created in legends and what was omitted and is now forgotten. Hence,Guardian Beast can be influenced to a degree by what is known about them in the modern world.

The first Guardian Beasts where also beings of legends, but of legends from before even the first known life. Rumor has it that the precoursors of the Guardian Beasts themselves were true gods, and out of their dreams, the beasts formed. What happened to that race is unknown. For the longest time in their history, the Guardian Beasts have referred to a being called 'Morganna' as the 'Queen of Demise', and another being called 'Aura' as 'The Hope of Dawn' or 'Goddess of Life'. While those beasts seem to have vanished from the lands, the legends around them make them the gods the god-like Sovereign beasts believe in.

Despite being an existence close to the gods,Guardian Beast are still fundamentally normal spirit's, thus they cannot contend against the greater mysteries with their powers alone. However,all Guardian Beast's possess a single real power, which are unique relics or anecdotes that are connected to their legends, these are called "Masutōrī" are used as catalysts to reenact legendary feats and can pose a threat to even high-ranking beast. As Guardian Beast's ,they are able to consume the wild souls convert them into energy. Their basic abilities do not change from such nourishment, but they become tougher and their magical energy capacity increases.

The majority of those who became Guardian Beast's are individuals ranging from the most ancient times of humanity to the end of the 19th Century. Each Guardian Beast is a unique existence; they are those who stood out from the others of their time by performing deeds and possessing qualities that nobody else could have. It is almost impossible for someone of the present era to become a Heroic Spirit, for the great events of the past are now everyday occurrences. In an age when the destruction of the planet can be prevented all the time by simply preserving the Amazon forest from being plundered by industries, saving the world is not a big deal. Additionally, because modern armaments are widespread and gives instant power to anyone who wields them, it is hard for a beast who uses today’s firearms to be recognized as a unique being. Even the most outstanding modern gunslinger will be seen by the world as “an expert that everybody can become through training”, not as a “unique existence”. If the conditions for the creation of a beast are met for a user of modern armaments, what will ascend to the rank of Masutōrī will be the gun instead, under the terms of “the best weapon of its time”.

A Guardian Beast by itself with no master is called a "wild one" these are the most beast likes based on the many legends and dreams on monsters. They lack advance mindsets and powers, they are simply called wild ones due to how they act. Guardian Beast with no master but advance thoughts and powers are called "Deva" these are the many who on earth called animals of legend a example of which is the Phoenix, the ones that are recorded in religion, history, but due how they act, they can make more Guardian Beast by making more legends in a different take on there own. And then we got the strongest of the guardian beast that without a contact are called "Sovereigns"which are the strongest powers, and thoughts, these are recorded as gods, and are the hardest level to reach as a wild non contacted beast. Every Beast keeps to itself to avoid fights, or invoke other races wrath. It should be noted when it picks a contact, the powers that it unlocks in the master are on a similar nature, and when with a contact they themselves unlock a path to gain more power.

The world that a Guardian Beast calls home is there territory, in these areas, they can vary in size, one area can be the size of entire forest, while other call home in the mountains. While in these areas they can use there full power, and real form without limits. It is only out of these areas, and the lands themselves they have a time limit to be in other worlds which vary's.

Now all Guardian Beast have three forms they can have. The first is there sealed state, a form, where they have there powers at the weakest, and most limited, but can stay longer outside the lands without wasting power.. these depending on the beast, are the most humanoid. The second stage is mainly used to fight, while its more powerful than sealed it is akin to bankai level attacks and forms, the second state is highest a guardian beast can go without a contact, only those with contacts can go into the final stage, there real form, like Resurrección, returns the full essence of an legend back to the beast, these vary to each beast, but it slightly stronger than bankai, but outside there area it is very limiting

A final trick to there trade is when a Beast dies from another Beast, the Beast that was killed would break about into reaitsu forming Core Medals varying on number, depending on how many forms they have. 3 for a single stage, 6 for two, and 9 for all forms. Now as a core medal there powers are sealed in them, not only that there personalty, memory's everything that was them are sealed into the cores, when that happens the killer can take them in and gain there powers, memory's atop of there own. So in short the more a guardian beast kills other beast, the stronger they can become power wise.

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What Are Guardian Beast
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