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 History of the German Quincy Clan

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PostSubject: History of the German Quincy Clan   Thu May 27, 2010 7:33 pm

Creation of the Clan

After the first humans in Japan realized their Quincy Powers and build up their clan, they quickly realized one thing: Other humans around the world needed protection, too. And somewhere out there, others with the potential to become Quincy where sure to be found. Sending out multiple families of Quincy, new orders where founded in different parts of the world. One of these clans was the German Quincy Clan, though it's original name is no longer known.
After settling down in germany, the Quincy quickly found other humans with awakened powers who could become Quincy. Teachin them the ways of the Quincy, the Clan quickly grew, protecting a large portion of the area of europe from Hollow attacks. They where hidden in a large complex deep in the forest, protected by a barrier that repelled normal humans. The technique used for that barrier was lost in time later.

The Height of Power

According to the remains of the History, the German Quincy Clan was one of the biggest and strongest, but of course weaker than the original one in Japan. Seele Schneider was developed first in germany, as well as some Silver Tubes that never reached the other countries - the german clan was on it's height of power under the leadership of one single Quincy scientist, who never showed his face, always covering it with a white mask. His face was only known to his wife and children.
He wore this mask to inspire his followers. Everyone could become him, given he trained enough, so that his legend would never die. Forever, there would be a white masked man leading the clan.

The Last Stand

However, it never came to that. Shortly after reaching the height of inventional power, the Shinigami approached all of the Clans, telling them to stop destroying Hollow. However, the German Quincy Clan did not agree to stop their work for the greater good just because of a simple 'maybe'. But nobody thought the outbreaking war would be as terrible as it became.
The german clan was actually one of the first to fall. Being attacked by a huge force of Shinigami that attacked out of the night, the Omnitsukido, the Quincy died like flys. Not even children or old Quincy where spared. The white city deep in the forests ran red with the blood of the proud race - till a white figure, pure as snow, stopped them.
One man stood against the enemies. A man completely in white, wearing a white mask over his face. The leader of the clan managed to do the impossible: With the few that could still fight, he held of the whole Omnitsukido while the remaining Quincy Families escaped. He fought with two Seele Schneiders in hand, both green like the forest around them, and used spells long since forgotten, unleashing the full power of any Quincy in the end: The Final Form. Finally, he and all those who fought where killed in battle.
However, this made him a legend. In the end, the fearless leader was named: The Hero Without A Name. Shinigami called him 'Reapers Reaper', for he had killed more Shinigami than most known Vasto Lorde. However, he spared those who had doubt in their eyes about what they did to the Quincy, and only killed those who wanted his people eradicated.

Hiding in the Ashes

The escaped families decided to go into hiding till their numbers would grow again. Something that never happened. Clinging to their lost glory, most Quincy died in vain against Hollow or Shinigami, dwindling their numbers down. After a few generations, contact broke up between the families, and the German Quincy Clan is now nothing more than some descendants. However, the blood of the Hero Without A Name still runs through some of them, and makes them hold up their heads with pride - knowing to have lost the war, they still protect those who need protection. Even the Shinigami who once attacked them.

Known Descendants

Related to the Hero: James Walker (deceased), Johnathan Walker
normal German Quincy: Jessica Walker (deceased)

Role-Play Notes

Should someone decide to play a german Quincy, they have to take note of the following:
  • German Quincy don't generally hate Shinigami, they don't trust them, however
  • A German Quincy always uses green Seele Schneiders, should he use them at all
  • Most, if not all, Silver Tubes used by them also generate green energy attacks
  • Most German Quincy can build Seele Schneiders themselves, unless they are from a family that deserted their heritage a generation or more ago
  • Almost all Quincy have a high 'Quincy Pride', meaning that they don't take insults to their powers, race or artifacts lightly
  • They can enter Final Form through shattering their Quincy Cross and letting their right hand absorb the silver, turning it silver. After one use (multiple shots are possible) the silver dies down, and blockades any absorbtion of spiritual energy of the right side of the body, crippling the user into a state where they can no longer use their powers or artifacts. Healing this state is possible, but extremely painful and dangerous.
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History of the German Quincy Clan
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