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 Sambaro Doku

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Join date : 2010-06-10
Age : 26
Location : Hueco Mundo

PostSubject: Sambaro Doku   Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:58 pm

Name: Sambaro Doku
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Orientation: freelancing

Appearance: Sambaro had short brown that is spiked and easily wave with the wind. He has two eyes were a human would have them, they are both blue. Over his right eye, he has three scars. He recieved these scars after peeping on Sen Sen. He wears a white short sleeve shirt over his torso, his bone is on his right hand. It is a skeletal bone that not only covers but replaces his hand al together. His pants are mostly white bit with black lines going down the outside of the pant leg. He lets his Zanpakutô rest on his right side so that he withdraws it with his left hand. He uses his right bone hand in hand to hand combat. Sambaro sharpens his right hand to a claw, making it sharo to slice to his opponent. His Hole is in the center right of his chest.

Personality: Sambaro has a pretty laid back personality. He would watch a Hollow fight another Hollow to the death for amusment. He isn't in keen favor of fighting but he loves to watch people fight. Something about death thrills his soul. He even sometimes goes out to Hueco Mundo and starts fights with hollows and menos just to kill them. And even makes them fight eachother. He enjoys a good fight to death.

Abilities: He has all the basic abilities. Cero, Bala, Hierro, Sonido, Gonzui, and Pesquisa.

Sealed Zanpakutô: Malaculilos, The sword has a short slightly curved blade. The clolr of the blade is dark red, and the hilt is black

Release: "Malaculilos, help me kill!" He takes his bone hand and runs his fingers over the blade.

Sambaro's form is a wolf like creature. His arms turn into a stell like blone, with spikes coming out of the shoulder. His hole is moved to his adbomen. He gains a white cape the drops down to his feet. He also gains a bone tail that is five feet lone. His mouth stretches out to a muzzle. His teeth are also bone. His hair stretches down to his back.

Sambaro has increases speed when he uses his Resurreccion. His speed increases by 200% but his stregth doesn't increase at all. Sambaro brags about how fast he becomes when he transforms.

History: Sambaro use to be human at one point. He was a kind a gentle man, until he saw his daughter murdered in cold blood. He turned viloent and killed the killers and many innocent people. He was caught by the polce and sentenced to death. He knew of one people that killed his daughter was still alive. this angered him as he got the 10,000 volts through his body.

His soul was twisted into a hollow, he was filled with the anger of injustice. He hunted the man down a killed him, while eating his sould. He returned to Hueco Mundo. There he was bored, he found other hollows fighting each for survival. So Sambaro did the same. He killed and ate many other hollow until he was in a pile of which thousands formed to gether to make a menos. Sambaro was the one hollow's mond who ruled over the others, thus making in the menos itself. A gillain to be exact. He had the hunger for other gillains. He killed some and ate the rest, he later became a Adjuches. He was in a dead lock fight with another Adjuches and after he won he was so depressed that he pulled off his head, but by his power, he removed his mask and became a Arrancar.

As an Arrancar he mostly roams the Hueco Mundo seraching for power and watching hollows and menos die. He is laid back now, with no former memory of his human life.

RP Sample: Sambaro moved with the spiritual energy. He wasn't impressed by the power. After all, his enemy may have power but it was usless agaisnt Sambaro. You can't kill what you can't touch. His enemy was of course a sould reaper. As Sambaro beleived he was a 4th or 3rd seat. It was a sad fight. Not only did the man not have the speed needed to keep up with Sambaro but he hadn't the power to even compete.

The soul reaper had unsealed his own Zanpakutô, it was an ax like weapon. Sambaro was having fun in this fight, he moved around like a hot potato, jumping up and down as the soul reaper attacked him before. It was actually quite comical.

Sambaro was through playing now though. He was to find someone and he couldn't waste his time with the soul reaper. He lifted his right and under his breathe he said the word that would make most reapers scared, "Cero"
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PostSubject: Re: Sambaro Doku   Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:52 pm

IMO, this is approved, but as seeing as in i wanna help you cause this is something i would do. Basically i would add more techniques or abilities, just doing speed is decent at best. But the fact is that when you come up against someone that is like you, on this site and any other bleach site they would have more then just speed. I suggest that you take maybe 5-10 minutes and come up with some good techniques that would help you out. If you need help i have some powers that i will give you that i have used on my other characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Sambaro Doku   Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:00 am

Oh yeh I knew it! he's a perv and he deserved what Sen sen did to him!
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PostSubject: Re: Sambaro Doku   Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:17 am

Sen, please do not reply to other people's apps.


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PostSubject: Re: Sambaro Doku   

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Sambaro Doku
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