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 Gray Fullbuster WiP

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PostSubject: Gray Fullbuster WiP   Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:14 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Gray Fullbuster

Alias: Gray

Age: 18


Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 158 pounds

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Personality: [2 Paragraphs minimum.]

History: [2 paragraph or 10 sentences minimum.]

Birthplace: Florence, Italy.

Ice-Make: A form of maker Magic that creates shapes or objects out of ice. In Gray's case, he uses Static Ice Make, meaning he can shape his ice into weapons or attacks.[187] Gray's skill in Ice Make is skillful enough to completely freeze Juvia when she was in a state of boiling water, as well as freeze an object faster than Sugarboy's Rosa Espada could soften it.[188][189] After the fight with Sugarboy, Gray also demonstrated the ability to manufacture an exact replica of objects using his ice as the primary material, as seen when he produced a flawless copy of the Dragon Chain Cannon Key.

Ice Make: Lance (ランスRansu): User creates ice lances that he shoots toward his enemy from the ground, impaling them.

Ice Make: Shield (シールドShīrudo): User creates a large shield in front of him that shields everything behind it.

Ice Make: Hammer (ハンマーHanmā): User creates a large hammer that floats above his opponent and drops it with great force. The first time Gray used this against Lyon, he was blocked.

Ice Make: Floor (フロアFuroa): User simply freezes the floor, which makes anyone in the area slip. User can also freeze oceans with this spell and slide on the resultant floor.
Ice Make: Bow: User creates a large bow, and then shoots one powerful arrow at his target.

Ice Make: Arrows: User releases multiple arrows by his/her with both hands, and shoots them with high speed to enemies.

Ice Make: Super Freeze Arrow: Using Ice Make: Geyser, the user can reach to a high point to shoot his/her arrow; after the shot, speed of arrow increases with gravity and air pressure. The arrow can deadly wound one enemy. The first time Gray used this was to defeat Racer.

Ice Make: Battle Axe (バトルアックスBatoru Akkusu): User creates an axe out of ice for melee combat and swings it around him/her. The first time Gray used this was against Juvia, but it was ineffective.

Ice Make: Sword: User creates a sword of ice for melee combat. Strength of sword is enough to fight normal swords.

Ice Make: Geyser: Freezing the ground in front of the user, he/she creates a tower of ice spikes that impales opponents. The first time Gray used this was to attack Lyon, but he failed.[

Ice Make: Cannon: Creating a large hand-held cannon, the user fires a cannonball made of ice to deal massive damage to his opponent. The first time he used this was to defeat Lyon.

Ice Make: Prison (プリズンPurizun): User creates a large square cage out of ice. The first time Gray used this was to capture Lyon's ice animals.

Ice Make: Grappling Hook: User creates two four-pointed grappling hooks with chains that connect with the Ice Make aura around his/her hands, allowing him to lift himself/herself.

Ice Make: Death Scythe: User creates a giant scythe made out of ice and jumps into the air. When he/she is in the air, he/she swings it at his/her opponent.

Ice Make: Dummy: User creates a copy of himself/herself made out of ice. This spell can be used to avoid attacks or to create a distraction for a surprise attack.

Ice Make: Stairs: User makes stairs of ice so he/she can get to previously unreachable places.

Ice Make: Slide: User creates a slide from ice.

Ice Make: Rampart (ランパードRanpādo): User creates a massive wall of ice that can stop his/her opponents in their tracks, but uses up a lot of Magic. The first time Gray used this was to stop Racer.

Ice Make: Wall: Improved version of Ice Make: Geyser, but freezes the opponent instead of impaling them.

Ice Make: Knuckle: Freezing the ground under his/her opponent, user creates a tower with an ice fist that strikes his opponent.

Ice Make: Saucer: User creates a giant spinning ice disk that he/she launches at his/her target, cutting through like a buzz-saw.

Ice Make: Fishnet: User releases an icy wind from his/her hands like a fishnet shape to freeze his opponent.

Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance: After making a sword of ice, Gray rapidly slashes his enemy with it seven times.

Extra Abilities:

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Gray has been shown to have some skill in hand to hand combat, as he managed to overwhelm Lyon when the latter angered him in battle. He is also skilled in swordsmanship with his constructed ice sword.

Enhanced Endurance: Gray also has shown tremendous endurance during battle. Gray managed to continue fighting after being hit by boiling water, he survived Fukurou's stolen fire attacks, and endured several dozen energy blasts from Bickslow's dolls before passing out. He also took the blasts from four lightning Lacrima from the Hall of Thunder, despite having just recovered from previous injuries.

Ki Usage: [Some humans use Ki, some do not, when thinking about Ki Usage, how good would your character be at controlling their inner Ki?]

RP Sample: [Only do this if this is your first application for a character, if it is not then OMIT this.]
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PostSubject: Re: Gray Fullbuster WiP   Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:08 am


My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}


{Chosokabe Motochika}

TIER 1-1+


TIER 2-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Gray Fullbuster WiP   Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:29 pm

This looks cool
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PostSubject: Re: Gray Fullbuster WiP   

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Gray Fullbuster WiP
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