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 Satoru Kazuhiko {The Hidden Prince: Knight of Circumstance} {W.I.P}

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PostSubject: Satoru Kazuhiko {The Hidden Prince: Knight of Circumstance} {W.I.P}   Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:29 am

Sugiura Template


Name: Satoru Kazuhiko
True Age: 7500 years old.
Gender: Male

Satoru has a typical brave and heroic personality, meaning he'll willingly risk his life, even for people he doesn't even know yet. He's extremely loyal to his friends (those who can get close to him through his facade.) He constantly thinks negative and is therefore highly pessimistic. His history contributes largely to this, as well as the circumstances of his life in general. However, a good friend or lover could bring out that part of him that he keeps hidden. The positive/happy one. Satoru seems to have a remarkable capacity to forgive, even to his sworn enemies. This might be because his programming keeps him unable to feel fear or anger, so if he hates someone, it becomes baseless, and eventually fades, no matter how much he WANTS to hate them. On the other hand, Satoru shows little tolerance for cowardice and selfishness, his own morals preventing him from feeling anything but contempt for people who run, hide, or "look out for number one" so to speak. He can also be seen as quite impulsive, as he tends to jump into things without thinking them through beforehand. While simple-minded and naive at times, Satoru has a strong sense of justice. On occasion, Satoru seems to unintentionally show somewhat of a disrespect towards people of higher authority than himself upon meeting them.

General Appearance



Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: Somewhere mid-20s
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 158 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Natural Abilities


Firaga: A blast of fire shot from Satoru's palm that splits into three, each roughly the size of Satoru's head, and swirls around Satoru's body at about three hundred miles per hour, creating a small bodily shield around him to prevent enemies from getting too close for two posts. (After being cast) Cooldown: 3 posts.

Blizzaga: Shot from either Satoru's palm, or his finger, this attack shoots a dart of ice forward that strikes with about 80% the strength of your average bala, but is twice as fast and will cool off the target's body temperature by 5 degrees (Farenheit) per hit, causing potential long-term damage if too many hit. He can fire 100 over the course of two posts, and then must wait two posts to fire more.

Thundaga: Raising his hand to the sky, Satoru can summon bolts of lightning from the sky to cascade to the ground, striking down towards enemies, elements of the battlefield, etc. He can use this ability twice per two posts.

Curaga: Satoru can place a hand over any wound on his body, creating a swirling vortex of green energy around it that'll slowly heal it over the course of several posts, adding a post per two inches deep of the wound. Fatal wounds, however, cannot be cured this way.

Aeroga: A powerful gust of wind Satoru can create by thrusting his palms forward. This can cause problems for enemies trying to approach him, or it can knock back weaker enemies.

Graviga: Satoru has the power to increase the gravity in a 100 foot diameter around Satoru, doubling it, tripling it, multiplying it by five, ten, twenty, and then finally a hundred in a slow development. His own person is not effected by this, however.

Magnega: An invisible orb of energy that Satoru can form above his head that slowly draws in all non-living objects in a 50 foot diameter of him. This can take away cover, trip up enemies, etc.

Reflega: A dome-shaped shield around Satoru that will pop up, reflect one energy attack of any strength back at the opponent, and then dissipate. Or, if it's hit by a melee attack, it will fire a wall of energy directly at the opponent like a boxing glove, which, if it hits, will hit with the strength of the attack that hit it, before dissipating. Cooldown: 6 posts

Holy: An explosion of light from Satoru's chest that carries a one-post disorienting "flashbang" effect.

Esuna: An internal technique that's always active. It makes Satoru immune to all poisons, viruses, bacterium, etc.

Warp Step: A flash-step type technique developed by Satoru. Its speed is somewhere between the quincy steps technique and the shinigami's Shunpo.

Magic: N/A

Sacred Weapon:

His sacred takes the form of two, oddly-shaped blades, that serve different functions and are used differently throughout his three forms.


(They are named as follows:

Black Blade: Oblivion
White Blade: Oathkeeper)

The nature of his sacred allows for him to basically "re-cycle" 50% of the reiatsu that he puts out, allowing for longer use of any of his forms and more use of his abilities, before getting worn out, than most other sugiura.

Other Weapons: N/A

Guardian Beast

Element: His element is, put simply, "The Heart", or rather, his own heart, as his forms represent different parts of him. However, Satoru refuses to recognize the forms as such, as his jaded outlook on life prevents him from really acknowledging that he even has a heart anymore.

Guardian Beast:

Name: Ou [King]


Guardian Beast's World:


Sacred Unleashed


His Jushou is a unique form to him that actually changes back and forth between two different forms depending on what he needs.

He will take on Form One (Valor) if he needs a lot of attack power at close range. (This form represents his Inner Strength.)

Form One (Valor) Appearance:


Form One (Valor) Abilities:

It drastically increases Satoru's strength (30x), as well as increasing his running and jumping ability, at the cost of him

Brave Shot: An uppercut-type attack with Satoru's sacred that sends a huge wave of red electric energy upwards with his strike. This attack has the capability of knocking an enemy skyward and/or electrocuting them with about a million volts.

Sonic Strike: Satoru launches himself forward, stabbing both blades towards the opponent. If they connect, they impact with the force of a fifty ton landslide, possibly sending the enemy flying depending on their endurance.

Sonic End: Satoru unleashes a furious combo of slashes that end in a powerful "X" slash towards the opponent that hits with twice the strength of Sonic Strike.

Over the Horizon: A crescent wave attack of red energy that carries a two million volt charge.

Retaliating Slash: If knocked back by any sort of energy, Satoru can capture that energy on the end of his blades and throw it back at the opponent.


Satoru will take on his Form Two (Wisdom) appearance if he needs range, speed, and energy. (This form represents his mental power)

Form Two (Wisdom) Appearance:


Form Two (Wisdom) Abilities:

In Wisdom Form, Satoru glides along the ground, moves 40% faster and becoming a lot more maneuverable. He also loses a lot of physical strength, but it becomes converted into pure energy.

One of his blades (the black one) disappears. Satoru will wield the other in his right hand, holding it backhand and spinning it around his hand casually if he's simply standing still. In this form, instead of actually using his blade like a blade, he fires lasers from the end of it composed of his own reiatsu. The strength of the shot depends on how much reiatsu he channels into his blade, but the speed remains the same, about double the speed of a bala.

Kido Use: In wisdom form, his increased and enhanced energy output, and the form of his reiatsu, gives him access to the use of all shinigami kido (besides the forbidden ones). He can use them proficiently, as if they're natural to him, and they retain the same strength they would have if uttered by a shinigami captain. However, they drain his energy rather quickly, so he has to be conservative.

Zenou: ("Almighty")

In Zenou, Satoru enters a new form. This form is known as "Master" form, and is the representation of his strength and mental power working harmoniously.

Form Three (Master) Appearance:


Form Three (Master) Abilities:

In Master form, his strength is increased by the same amount it is in valor. On top of that, he retains both blades, which can be used for melee attacks like in valor, or for shooting reiatsu like in wisdom. In this form, he can glide along the ground like in wisdom, as well. Except from both blades this time. He can also use all abilities from valor form with his blades, and mix them with the lasers from wisdom seamlessly for more powerful combos. He can also channel the reiatsu lasers around his blades for augmented strikes.


A devastating aerial attack in which Satoru lifts one blade above him while airborne, and points the other blade at the ground. A large flurry of wind begins swirling around him, drawing in nearby enemies and objects with a powerful suction. Anything that touches the end of the wind barrier (which surrounds him with a ten foot radius) will get sucked in, spinning around him for the duration of it before he spins the keyblades in his hands, pointing the tips both towards his person and clashing them together as the wind explodes outward, sending anything caught in the wind outward in a powerful blast that causes massive damage. This post can be used twice per fight with an 8 post cooldown between uses, and takes 2 posts to use. One post to charge and suck up anything that will be caught in it, another post to do the grinding damage of being spun, and the explosive wind damage of being shot outward.

Aerial Reversal: While in the air, Satoru can use the energy that he uses to glide, along with his reiatsu, to push himself around the enemy in a flash of light, avoiding most attacks. This can be used 4 times per fight, with a 2 post cooldown between uses.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")

In Kyuu Kyou, Satoru goes a step even higher. Into "Final" Form. This form represents his completion.

Form Four (Final) Appearance:


Form Four (Final) Abilities:

When in Final Form, Satoru constantly hovers above the ground. Similar to Satoru's Master Form and Valor Form, his Final Form wields two blades, though, unlike other forms, these blades float behind him, while he manipulates them through telekinesis.

While in this form, Satoru displays much more skill than in the others, as well. The blades act as though they have minds of their own; Satoru effortlessly sends them slicing into enemies with a flick of his wrist, and launches into long combos, engulfed in energy, that can pierce right through enemies' defenses. Satoru can also fly through the air, able to continue manipulating his blades around him as he does so.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance:


(Known as "Anti-Form")

Alter Personality:

Satoru's anti-form is the embodiment of the darkness that still resides in his heart. It is also the opposite of Satoru himself, being that all it feels is anger and fear (translated into sheer insanity). Satoru's anti form also doesn't speak at all, save talking telepathically with Satoru in his head at any given time. When he does talk, it's in a dark and snake-like voice (with the prolonged, hissing S's). He can also talk telepathically to the people around him while he has Satoru's body. Whenever Satoru would feel overwhelmed by anger or fear (emotions that Satoru cannot feel), his Anti-Form (who can ONLY feel these emotions, except the fear translates into baseless insanity) will come out.

Alter Powers:

Satoru's Anti-Form has more feral behavior in which it runs about on all fours, and instead of using the blade in this form, Satoru attacks with claws on his hands. Furthermore, he constantly emits Darkness from his arms and back in the form of misty black and violet wisps.

In Anti-Form, Satoru's speed multiples about twenty-fold, but his strength decreases by half. His attacks come in the form of quick combos and obscenely long strings of attacks, instead of raw power, allowing him to fight for much longer than your average sugiura.

Scratch: On the ground, Satoru scratches, rolls forwards and attacks with both hands clasped together.

Kick: On the ground, when the enemy is at long range, Satoru scratches and attempts to repel the enemy with a kick.

Dark Dance: On the ground, when numerous enemies are nearby, Satoru spin kicks repeatedly.

Chaos Finale: During a combo on the ground, Satoru blazes in a circle around the enemy, slashing with claws and dark magic that burns like fire while preventing the slashing wounds from healing by normal means.

Wild Dance : Combo finish on the ground: Satoru moves around the enemy and scratches repeatedly. Impact attack to end.

Dark Arts: Moving from a ground combo, Satoru can basically transform into a whirling mass of dark energy that swirls toward and rips at the opponent for a post's length.

Air Dance: In the air: uppercut, three kicks, forward moving punch at the end.

Air Wheel: During a combo in the air: knee, 8x kicks, somersault kick, scratch.

Anti-Strike Combo: Finish in the air: Satoru kicks at high speeds and dives down to the ground at the end, creating a large shockwave of dark energy that has the possibility of blowing away enemies caught in the blast.

Dark Void: Combo finish in the air when numerous enemies are nearby. Dark element magic blasts outward from his hands like a shotgun in all directions, causing burning damage to all it hits.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Satoru Kazuhiko {The Hidden Prince: Knight of Circumstance} {W.I.P}
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