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 Vineria De Louge Roi - Goddess of the Hurricane {DONE}

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PostSubject: Vineria De Louge Roi - Goddess of the Hurricane {DONE}   Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:50 am

Sugiura Template


Name: Vineria De Louge Roi
True Age: Somewhere close to 9000 years old, although where exactly her age lies has been lost to history.
Gender: Female

Vineria, as contrast to most of her family, isn't a very professional person. She doesn't take much of any duty or responsibility very seriously, and instead sees life and everything in it as something to have fun with. Her philosophy is that if you take life too seriously, you miss out on all the fun of it that you could have.

She is a generally nice person, forgiving and caring almost to a fault. She wasn't always like this, however, as during her younger years she was hot-headed and merciless towards those that would make fun of her or try to hurt her. She's a very free spirit, not allowing herself to be held down by anyone.

Vineria's fighting spirit is a lively one, if someone challenges her, she's likely to respond in kind. In battle is where she feels the most alive, and as such she takes on any challenge, no matter how impossible it seems, or how silly it is.

Vineria is a firm believer in "Do unto others as you would want them to do to you." She tries to treat every being, regardless of race or history, with kindness, fairness, and compassion. The only kind of person that Vineria acts hostile towards are those who have murdered in cold blood. She sees killing as sometimes necessary, but those who murder with no reason, those who kill for sport, are seen in her eyes as unforgivable.

General Appearance



Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: She doesn't look her age at all, her body representing that of a woman in her late teens/early 20s

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 129 lbs

Natural Abilities


Water Creation: The spawning point of all of Vineria's abilities. By concentrating her reiatsu into the palms of her hands and vibrating it at high speeds, she can mix the hydrogen and oxygen in the surrounding environment and make an unending supply of water from the air itself.

Water Bolts: An interesting ability, and also unpredictable unless you've fought Vineria before. Vineria creates about ten fist-sized orbs of water behind her, and then surrounds them with her reiatsu, making them razor-sharp around the surface. She then launches them at her opponent(s). Whenever the orbs come into contact with anything, they split into two, fly back ten feet, and then rush back at the opponent. So, if the opponent blocked all ten orbs, the next assault would consist of twenty, smaller, less powerful, but faster orbs. Same for the second time they hit something, and the third. Meaning the most orbs that could be in the air at any time would be 80. When it gets to that point, all 80 orbs rush in at once. After hitting any object, they disappear.

Water Thrust: By thrusting the palm of her hand forward, Vineria can send a concentrated bolt of water at her opponent. This action is much like throwing a dagger, as it is the same speed and stabs in the same way. Her reiatsu surrounding her water is the cause of this.

Drowning Assault: Vineria covers the ground with water, and then attempts to surround the enemy with a wall of water, if she succeeds, she will then attempt to cover the wall with a sheet of water acting as a roof of sorts. If this succeeds as well, she will compress all the water into an orb full of water, trapping the opponent instantly. After this, she will hold the orb above the ground, drowning the opponent if they can find no way out.

Crushing Tide: Vineria summons massive waves of water from her palms, each about the size of a four story building, and sends them both directly at the opponent. This has a duel effect of flooding the battleground, and potentially injuring the opponent with the crushing blow if they didn't dodge. However, this ability can turn against her if she's too close to the opponent when she uses it.

Magic: None, Vineria doesn't bother using the sugiura magics.

Sacred Weapon:


Other Weapons: None

Guardian Beast

Element: Storms/Hurricanes (Although, this is not made truly obvious until Kyuu Kyou)

Guardian Beast:


Name: Takanami {Tidal Wave}

Guardian Beast's World:


Sacred Unleashed


In Joushou, her appearance change is fairly simple. Her entire body begins glowing with a blue aura, and that's the only visible change, however, her powers undergo a more severe change, as she now possesses the ability to excite the molecules in her water to super-heat it, making it all the more deadly by making it boiling hot.

Zenou: ("Almighty")

In Zenou, Vineria's hair becomes a light-blue in coloration, and her aura grows more intense. Her existing abilities become twice as fast, and twice as strong. On top of this, the tip of her sacred now begins to crackle with electricity, and she can use this, along with her water, to create a deadly combination of extreme electrocution potential.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")

The most drastic change in Vineria's appearance. Her hair becomes a darker blue, her eyes change to the same shade, and any clothing she's wearing disappears in a flash of blue light, replaced by a flowing blue dress cut to resemble the ocean.


All around her it will begin to rain heavily and any winds surrounding her will pick up to a fierce gale. The rain and winds extend out to a total diameter of fourty yards. Vineria is at the epicenter of all these effects. Within the rain and winds the person will see and feel like they are at the very heart of a category five hurricane/typhoon. Around the outer perimeter if one could see through the cloud cover they would see a large metallic looking ring that surrounds the entirety of the rain and wind. This ring is what creates the constant winds and waterfall within its interior as its spinning causes friction in the atmosphere which creates the clouds for rain. The wind is a by product of the simple motion of the ring around the area.

Her powers in Kyuu Kyou change more drastically as well, as she gains several new abilities under her command.

Healing Wave: By concentrating small bolts of water into a wound, Vineria can close that wound over time. The size of the wound determines how many posts it will take and how many bolts are required to close the wound. (10 bolts and 1 post for a small wound, like a slash. 20 bolts and 2 posts for a deeper wound, like a stab. and 30 bolts and 3 posts for large, near-fatal wounds) Fatal wounds can not be closed, and major arteries cannot be repaired this way.

Flight of the Tsunami: Vineria can concentrate her water underneath herself, using it to life herself into the air, once airborne, she can wrap herself in a hollow bubble of water, and then manipulate the water to fly through the air.

Wave Blades: Utilizing the howling winds and driving rain around her and combining it with her own reiatsu she creates blades of driving rain and wind. Each of the blades are twenty five feet in length and are two feet wide. She utilizes her dull sword to guide and direct these blades through the air toward her target. These blades most quite fast but can be dodged by those skilled with shunpo/sonido. Also people who also have cutting waves identical to hers can cause her blades to deflect away by using their attack in defense.

Lightning Bolt: Vineria can fire concentrated bolts of electricity from the end of her trident directly at the opponent. Each bolt carries roughly two-point-five million volts of electricity, enough to instantly hospitalize most extremely weak opponents. Stronger opponents, however, would be able to handle the blasts with minimal damage.

Hurricane: Vineria's most powerful ability. By concentrating her reiatsu to gather all the swirling winds, rain, and the electricity from her trident into one singular, spinning, location, she can create a massive (100 feet tall by 15 feet in diameter) whirlwind of Lightning, Wind, and Water. She can then guide the hurricane's path by directing it with either her hand or her sacred. She can keep this attack up for two posts straight, but on the third post, she must stop or else risk her arm being torn off by the force necessary to keep the attack going. After this, she has a 8 post cooldown before she can use the ability again.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Vineria was born to the western sugiura clan, sibling of the renown Gilgamesh, King of Heroes. Her early life could be chronicled as one big "trial and error" as she tried in vain to live up to her brother's great talents, while she couldn't seem to grasp exactly where her talents were. She harbored no animalistic traits, and so the others in the clan could only guess at what kind of guardian beast she harbored. After around a hundred years of living, training, and trying her hardest to impress her family, Vineria felt she was ready to take on the training to control her guardian beast. Since she had yet to learn any sugiura magic, and had shown no interest or talent in it whatsoever, her request was greeted with apprehension and skepticism. However, after quite a bit of begging and pleading, her request was granted, and she was allowed to go into a special, sealed temple to train. As they didn't know what kind of power she would have, they didn't want the village, or any training grounds, destroyed.

After little under half a year, Vineria emerged. She had barely scratched the surface of her powers, but her guardian beast had been tamed. A record time if there ever was one. In little over a year after that, Vineria had all but perfected all forms up to Kyuu Kyou, which she had yet to attain, but did so in about three months afterward. With her lack of magic prowess, but exceptional skill with her sacred, forms, and techniques, it was obvious where Vineria's talents were. After demonstrating her powers to the clan leaders, she was dubbed "Goddess of the Hurricane", and given her own grounds to train on. The next five thousand years or so were spent just training, perfecting every last nuance of her combat style and abilities, before going out into the world to explore and train on her own time.

Never really straying from her original path, Vineria continued training all over the human world, keeping to herself and away from any and all members of other clans. She didn't want anyone finding out about her abilities, so she only trained in the most secluded of areas. Until recently, that had been her routine, although, only a year before present day, Vineria returned to her homeland, and her clan, choosing to live within the western clan, and keep traveling and training as hobbies.


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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PostSubject: Re: Vineria De Louge Roi - Goddess of the Hurricane {DONE}   Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:39 am

Changes made, drastically edited, awaiting re-approval. Agito only. =w=


I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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PostSubject: Re: Vineria De Louge Roi - Goddess of the Hurricane {DONE}   Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:41 am

Re-Aprpoved. =w=


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PostSubject: Re: Vineria De Louge Roi - Goddess of the Hurricane {DONE}   

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Vineria De Louge Roi - Goddess of the Hurricane {DONE}
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